Hillary Mann Leverett – Biography

Hillary Mann Leverett is a Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University, a Senior Fellow at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, and a Visiting Scholar at Peking University.  She has taught U.S. foreign policy and international relations at Yale University, where she was an inaugural Senior Fellow at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, and at American University.  She is also CEO of Strategic Energy and Global Analysis (STRATEGA), a political risk consultancy.   She is co-author of the ground-breaking book, Going to Tehran: Why America Must Accept the Islamic Republic of Iran, which made the case that Washington should renounce more than thirty years of failed strategy and, instead, seek rapprochement with the Islamic Republic as an essential step toward more balanced and constructive U.S. policy in the Middle East, and the blog, www.GoingToTehran.com.

Mrs. Leverett has more than 25 years of diplomatic, policy, academic, legal, and business experience working on Middle Eastern issues.   She started working for the State Department in 1990, during the first Gulf War, and served at U.S. embassies across the Middle East, as Associate Director for Near Eastern Affairs on the Clinton National Security Council staff, as Director for Iran, Afghanistan and Persian Gulf Affairs on the George W. Bush National Security Council staff, as Middle East specialist on then Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Policy Planning Staff, and as Political Advisor for the Middle East and Central Asia to both the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Ambassador John Negroponte at the U.S. Mission to the UN in New York.  From 2001-2003, she helped start and lead an official U.S. dialogue with Iran over Afghanistan, al-Qa’ida and Iraq.

Mrs. Leverett has published extensively on the Middle East, U.S. policy toward the Middle East, and China’s relations with Iran.  Her articles have appeared in Harper’sThe New York TimesForeign PolicyThe National InterestPolitico, the Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs, the Washington Monthly, and The International Spectator.  She has been featured on Charlie Rose, Conversations with History, Democracy Now!, PBS Frontline, Washington Journal, the BBC, CCTV, and by Glenn Greenwald in the Guardian; she has also been profiled in Esquire.  She is a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, al Jazeera, and RT. She has spoken at Harvard, MIT, NYU, Yale, University of Tehran, U.S. National Defense University, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, and major research centers in China.  She has provided expert testimony to the U.S. House Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

Mrs. Leverett holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in Near Eastern Studies from Brandeis University.