Leveretts on International Law and the Gaza Crisis—and U.S. Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine, and the Iran Nuclear Talks


Photo by Ezz al-Zanoun, APA Images

Photo by Ezz al-Zanoun, APA Images

As the human toll of Israeli military action in Gaza mounts, the Obama Administration continues its cynical endorsement of Israel’s “absolute right” of “self-defense.”

Earlier this week, Flynt appeared on RT’s CrossTalk to discuss the Gaza crisis; see here or here (YouTube).  Over the weekend, Hillary went on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Parry (on both Saturday and Sunday) to discuss the Gaza crisis (see here, here, and here), as well as the West’s mounting tensions with Russia over Ukraine (see here, here, here, here, here, and here) and the extension of the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran (see here).  We highlight below some themes discussed.

The Gaza Crisis, International Law, and the Road to a One-State Solution

Among various substantive points in the CrossTalk episode on which Flynt appeared, the discussion was distinguished by one of the other guests—Martin van Creveld, a well-known Israeli military historian at Hebrew University—yelling at Flynt to “shut up” and then storming off the set, all within the first nine minutes of the program.  Flynt’s apparent offense was to challenge Prof. van Creveld’s assertion that Israel is no longer occupying Gaza.

Flynt noted that, while Israel withdrew soldiers and settlers  from inside Gaza in 2005, it continues to control—strictly and severely—Gaza’s air, land, and sea access to the world; thus, “under international law, Israel is still occupying Gaza.”  (For analyses on this important point, see—for starters—here, here, and here.)  For Prof. van Creveld or anyone else to claim otherwise is, literally, to “reinvent international law”—and not in a positive or legitimate way.

As Hillary explains on Melissa Harris-Parry, international law has much broader relevance to the Gaza crisis:

There is a legal solution, which [the United States] has repeatedly blocked at the United Nations, and that is to allow the state of Palestine to sign up to, to adhere to the International Criminal Court.  Samantha Power, our ambassador there, has said publicly, she has made it her number one priority, every month, to meet with international institutions to block the entry of the state of Palestine to get legal protection.  Legal protection would constrain American power, would constrain Israeli power, and that’s why we oppose it…

There is this body of international law that came out of World War II, came out of the persecution of the Jewish people.  There is a body of international law that was instituted, that was created with the U.S. hand, with Europeans, so that this would never happen to another people again.  Th[e Palestinians] are a protected civilian population under occupation; that’s the law.  The United States should get out of the way.

Politically, too, there is a way forward, as Hillary lays out:

“We don’t talk about it because we demonize [HAMAS] as a terrorist organization that can’t possibly have a sane idea, but what they have put on the table is a ten-year ceasefire with Israel, in exchange for Israel lifting the siege of the civilian population in Gaza, with an internationally supervised airport and seaport…That is a critically important contribution to conflict resolution.”

However, as Hillary underlines, this runs up against both Israeli and American strategic preferences:

“The Israelis want to manage occupation, they want to manage a siege.  The Palestinians don’t want that.  It’s as simple as that.  I’ve been to Gaza several times, as a student, as a U.S. official, as a U.S. diplomat.  It is, under the best of circumstances, a horrific place to live.  No one wants to live there.  The vast majority of the population are refugees, without clean water, without health care, without basic necessities.  They don’t want a siege.  What HAMAS is offering is to change that situation, to change that dynamic.

The problem is that, for the United States and Israel, we would prefer to have the management of conflict, to have the management of an occupation.  We don’t really want to see a resolution of this.  That’s why the Middle East peace process has always failed—because we don’t really want a two-state solution, we don’t want the constraint of Israeli and American power in the Middle East.”

And that, Flynt argues, puts the parties and the rest of the world on the road toward a one-state solution to the Palestinian conflict:

“Israel essentially has no strategy for dealing with the Palestinian problem.  It is committed to open-ended occupation.  We are already at a point where the number of Arabs living under Israeli control exceeds the population of Israeli Jews, which means that what we call the state of Israel is already a minority regime in the areas that it controls.  And as long as Israel continues this open-ended occupation of Arab populations, it is going to face resistance, it is going to face violence.  HAMAS is not some foreign force imposed on Israel; it is a home-grown resistance movement.  Until Israel—and I think this would require, basically, an utter recasting of the Israeli state—until Israel is prepared to stop being an occupying power, this is what it is going to suffer, and it is increasingly going to delegitimate itself in the process

That is what Israel has brought on itself.  The two-state solution is, at this point, in my view, effectively dead, and we are on what is going to turn out, I think, to be a very, very slow, very, very bloody, very painful but ultimately inevitable trajectory toward a one-state solution.”

In this context, it may be worth noting that, this year, July 25 will be Qods Day.

Ukraine and American Policy Toward Russia

Hillary linked the current debate over how to deal with Russia to the American political class’s eager embrace of the George W. Bush administration’s “fraudulent case” for invading Iraq just over a decade ago:

“This is the bipartisan failure of our political class, that we buy into over and over again, based on assumptions of who we deem to be the bad guy…The foreign policy elite in the United States have acted, from day one after the collapse of the Soviet Union, like we defeated Russia, and we’ve acted that way ever since.  What Putin represents is a rise to that attitude, that we defeated them.  We have basically no response—there is no endgame in trying to bring Putin down, to bring Russia down.  We’ve tried that in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, and it has failed.  And now we’re taking it to the doorsteps of one of the world’s historic superpowers, a power with nuclear weapons, a cyber army, dollars, and oil.  This is not going to turn out well for us…

This is about Russia’s reemergence to power and its challenge to the United States.  It really does need to be dealt with on a Russian-American level, where there is an assurance that we will not encourage, support, or in any way facilitate—for Ukraine or any of these other countries close to Russia—their entrance into NATO.  That is the red line for Putin, and if we could do that, that opens the door to conflict resolution.  Everything else is noise.”

–Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett


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  1. James Canning says:

    In my judgment, the primary problem is Israel’s insane attempt to keep most of the West Bank permanently, thus blocking the emergence of a viable independent Palestine.

  2. Karl.. says:

    Good job even though there was no debate because of the angry guy. I almost looks like cleveland had had his nose sewed onto his mouth.

  3. Smith says:

    One wishes there were more people like Leveretts in the darkness of US. But then even a couple of light flames is all one needs to shatter the dark. Keep up the good job.

  4. James Canning says:

    The Financial Times noted today that Ukraine for years now has not been a likely candidate for membership in Nato.

    I too see the foolishness of those in America who make loud noises about having “won” the Cold War.

  5. Karl.. says:

    Moron Cameron want more sanctions on Russia, calling Russia nazis
    What a pathetic man.

  6. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    July 22, 2014 at 11:08 am

    I have no reason to disagree with your contention regarding the need for adaption of European lessons before attempting their application. Each culture, and each society has unique needs and backgrounds that must be taken into account in order to improve the odds for success. When I have considered European development of thought, I have reasoned to myself that a unique aspect of this period has been the addition of a “layer of abstraction”. Although the layer of abstraction broadens the reach of the ideas, their applicability requires the piercing of this layer – a deeper understanding is required. I take no issue with your examples or the need for learning, studying, and a deeper understanding.

    It seems to me, however, that this uniqueness you speak of is transient, is a product of circumstances, and is not European, per se. It occurred in Europe because the conditions were suitable. The next ground zero for an intellectual leap may be China, or Iran. And, when it happens, and people study this decades later, they will speak about it as “unique” – it is almost by definition.

    Perhaps you are not disagreeing! Rather, you are lamenting the conditions of understanding and development. However, I take issue with the word “accept” in reference to European development. One must consider that the contemporaneous record of events during the European development seem to indicate a chaotic period – many contradictions, persecution of science, and short-sighted developments. “Human conditions” has not evolved sufficiently in this short period of time. Most endeavors in human societies, despite technological advances, continue to operate on a relatively primitive scale. Criticism can be applied fairly broadly across the board. Studying and understanding the abstractions – yes! Accepting, I don’t agree with.

  7. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    July 22, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I think European history has been unique since at least the Fall of the Seljuks – about 12-th century.

    So, Europeans (and now North Americans) have been advancing and innovating for over 800 years.

    This is a longer time interval than the entire period of China’s classical civilization.

    I am not stating that this feat is impossible for non-European people.

    I am saying that so far we have no example of a non-Western country that has been able to match Euro-Americans in their productivity across many many fields of human endeavor- Japan is a distant second.

  8. Ataune says:


    Claiming that history for such or such region is unique is a kind of tautology: it is always true, since History is unique for all and every region in the world. it reminds me of people claiming that America is exceptional or that Israel is “Eretz”. The problem with those statements are that they are either rhetorical tools in a discussion forum or a slogan to please the mass.

    Knowledge was used by humans for the control of the nature, to improve access to more resources or to fight each others. What distinguishes part of the northern Europe, four to five hundred years ago, with maybe the rest of the planet was the unlimited degree with which knowledge was exploited as a tool to conquer nature and subjugate all and every aspect of it. The ingredients for a technological leap were present in Muslim, Hindi, Asian, African or Mezoamerican centers of civilization in a variety of ways and degrees, but the “jump” happened in Northern Europe, and spread to the rest of the continent -Maybe people there weren’t in control of their limitless desires for power or most likely thinking of themselves as “gods” destined to be in control of everything. Scientific progress, rational philosophy, and the more efficient way of governing their societies now aimed towards an endless path, all came afterwards, when technology to fight had already put these people way ahead of others in their conquest of all and everything.

    Now, one can understand this historical reality in a distorted way: thinking that the technological and scientific progress, and not the way they looked at nature, has been the initiator of the European ascendency. And , from here infer that the only way to resist the “successful” Western conquest of the world is to accept, and copy “without condition” I guess, this process. Armed with this erroneous view on history it’s not hard to imagine that one can also be driven to recommend, the ultimate technological weapon of mass annihilation as the only way to resist this march for the conquest.

  9. James Canning says:

    Richard Ford had an interesting piece in The Times (London) July 15th, on immigration/emigration globally. “The US was home to the most immigrants . . wit 45.8 million people, followed by Russia (11 million), Germany (9.8 million), Saudi Arabia (9.1 million) and the United Arab Emirates (7.8 million).” The UK also has 7.8 million immigrants, while France has 7.4 million.

  10. Ghost says:

    Assume you were sitting in the highest circles of power in China looking at the United States shift its strategic activism to contain China’s global economic rise displace US global power. Of course, the leaders of China would pursue “all possible paths” of neutralizing and defeating American “pivot” policy. One primary “path” or policy of China would be to agitate to subvert American focus from China and basically “paralyze” US and its allies from China to allow a path for China’s exponential rise to displace US as global economic power. China has enormous “leverage” within American and western business “elite” who are conducting a mutually beneficial policy that aims to defeat US “pivot” policy like defeating Obamacare as a domestic policy. For example, China “hands” out lucrative business licenses worth hundreds of billions of dollars to American business circles who share “mutual” tactical outcomes with China. Clearly, shifting focus to Ukraine, and fueling the ethnic wars from Gaza, Libya, Syria, Iraq to India is one of the most important tactical goals to “Paralyze” American strategic goals targeting China and it is succeeding beyond imagination. While the United States is “paralyzed” on fighting the “ghosts of cold war” enemies in Russia, you see China is going around Central Asia in 2013 and handing out tens of billions of dollars to pry out Central Asia from Russian influence and open the region for joint China-(US partners) while China’s allies are attacking Russia on Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Libya, and Gaza front. Again, in 2014 China goes to South America and hands out tens of billions in trade deals , funds a $100 billion international bank while the US is paralyzed chasing a ghost in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan.

    If tragically this American self-“paralyzing” trend may continue for two decades, the United States will emerge in a world that is fundamentally changed where China successfully has turned America into a “GIANT DETROIT”. China has a brilliant tactical game to target Russia through a “fifth column” US “business ties” operation to steer US to chase a “ghost” , steer and influence US to continue with devastating and senseless wars all to benefit China’s global power.

    China played this tactical game to a great advantage during the cold war and benefited tremendously from the collapse of the Soviet Union. There is no doubt that China is again aiming for the “Yugoslavization” of Russia.

  11. James Canning says:

    In the New Statesman July 16t, Mehdi Hasan has a strong piece on Gaza: “We single Israel out because we in the west are shamefully complicit in its crimes”.

  12. Smith says:

    Yet another mystery solved. As always in the West: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140717142003.htm

  13. Jay says:

    Smith says:
    July 22, 2014 at 5:46 pm
    “No research is being done on this disorder.”

    You are incorrect!

    I am personally aware of active research on Thalassaemia in Shiraz and Tehran.

  14. Jay says:

    Ataune says:
    July 22, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    Any event can be made unique by sufficiently layering it with specific properties – that is tautalogical!

    Perhaps one should not confuse “unique” as meaning something that could not have occurred under differing circumstances. No event in history is isolated. Moreover, the abstract value of an “event”, when there is such a value, is independent of the place, time or person.

    There is value in the ascendency of local culture and promotion of thought processes that lead to the betterment of life. Resistance without ascendency is of limited value. At a basal level, resistance for survival is a necessity. It is my opinion that effective methods of resistance without the need for nuclear annihilation exist. Others may disagree.

  15. Smith says:

    Lies and lies and lies.

    Ignorance and ignorance and ignorance.


    اگر واقعا چیزی علم باشد، دارای نفع است، و وقتی از خداوند می خواهیم دانشی به ما عطا کند که سودمند باشد، معنایش این است که باید در پی علم حقیقی و واقعی باشیم نه جهلی که به اسم علم به ما عرضه می شود. اللهم ارزقنی علما تنفعنی به. و مهم تر از اینها آن سخن که فرمود: اللهم ارنا الاشیاء کما هی. خداوندا! به من اشیاء را چنان بنما که هست. صد البته مقصودم از حقیقی باز، بازی های فکری صوفیانه نیست که به اسم حقیقت یابی، قرنها ما را به دنبال نخود سیاه فرستادند و از علم و دانش دور کردند و میلیونها طالب حقیقت را در خانقاه ها با اوراد و اذکار ساختگی، به انحطاط کشاندند.
    برای معلمان و استادان و نویسندگان و رسانه ها این مهم است که وقتی مطلبی عرضه می کنند، حقیقت امر است یا سرهم بندی مشتی اصطلاح و جدل به هدف کشاندن مردم به سوی چیزی که واقعی نیست. این خطر همان طور که در منطق قدیم هم آمده، برای خطیبان و شاعران و کسانی که سروکار با این امور دارند، بیش از دیگران است.

    A cornerstone of long term management of beta-thalassemia major is iron chelation.

    The most ubiquitous medicine for this purpose used to be deferoxamine (in Iran going by the name of desferal) injections [It was not discovered in Iran or Afghanistan if you are wondering].

    There has always been shortage of this medicine in Iran since it has to be imported. Iran still can not manufacture it.

    But one big problem with iron chelation therapy is the deferoxamine infustions which can take up 12 hours. Specially among children and active adults it is very unpleasant.

    Then came deferasirox and deferiprone, tablet iron chelators [No, these were not invented in Iran or Afghanistan either].

    Now it is very difficult to find deferiprone in Iran and exceedingly impossible to find the smuggled in deferasirox.

    Patients continue to suffer.

    A research that does not produce science capable of helping people, and its only product is ignorance, should be regarded as useless and even harmful.

    Now this is the most basic level of research for immediate problem of Iran’s rather large thalassemic society. Any hematological research in Iran for artificial production of blood? Any gene therapy research? Any compassion?

    We know the answer. Cargo cult is waiting for new therapies to emerge from amongst European people. Such is the story of cargo cult people and their self ridiculing notion of “we are doing research too”. Well, they do not have the creative brain to do research. This is the problem.

  16. Smith says:

    Cargo cult doing research on aviation technology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmlYe2KS0-Y

    It is just that they do not follow scientific model. It is just that their research never produces a functioning plane.

    A nation that does the research but produces exactly zilch, is a cargo cult nation.

  17. Castellio says:


    So it has come to this. Difficult, but necessary. The “isolation” of the “Iran Crisis” is torn away. The search for hegemony, the cruel and willing role of Israel within it. The collapse of public information, the self-delusion of policy makers, the willful mis-stating of historical fact, the eager breaking of one’s own laws, in a land where those “sworn to justice” work to ensure that there is no access to it.

    Thank you for following the descent. It is the only way to begin the climb.

  18. Rehmat says:

    In spite of Jewish media drum-beating for the last three weeks in favor of the so-called “world’s fourth most powerful army”, now the Israeli media have started admitting that Netanyahu has failed to accomplish a victory in his bloody coup against Hamas in Gaza.

    On July 22, Israel’s military propaganda site, DEBKA File, could not hide Jewish military’s frustration in failing to securing a single victory over Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters.

    “The battle for Shejaiya, Hamas stronghold on Gaza City’s outskirts, was still unresolved on Tuesday, July 22, indicating that the Islamists were not giving up,” admitted DEBKA File.

    On July 21, the Jewish army in its bid to capture Shejaiya, killed 66 Palestinians including 17 children. Hamas fighters in return killed four Israeli soldiers, while seriously wounding another nine including Israeli Golan Height Brigade commanding officer Col. Alian .

    Alian is the highest Druze official of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Druze community in the Zionist entity is recognized as an independent and separate religious group from Arab Muslims and Christians. Historically, Druze like Iranian Bahais, are Crypto Jews prtending to be non-practicing Shi’ites.

    Traditionally, Druze, Ahmedia, African, Christians and Bedouin soldiers killed in battle are not accounted as IOF casualties. For example, in 2007, an independent Israeli source had claimed that nearly 2,100 Israeli soldiers died during the 34-day war with Hizbullah in 2006 (Mondoweiss, September 12, 2009). However, Israeli military command insisted that only 160 Jew soldiers died as compared to 49 Hizbullah fighters.

    Shejaiya, which means the ‘Neighborhood of Braves’ in Arabic. It is named after the Muslims who died fighting the Crusaders in 1239 CE.

    On July 21, Armin Rosen reported at the Jewish Business Insider that 25 Israeli soldiers were killed during the first four days of Israeli invasion of Gaza. Israeli army has claimed that a large numbers of Gaza tunnels have been destroyed, but there is no sign of a military victory over Islamist fighters. This bode bad news for Netanyahu. On Monday, four Jewish soldiers were killed in tunnel leading to Israeli occupied territory.

    “If Netanyahu doesn’t pocket some kind of strategic deliverable, it could cripple or doom his premiership, just as the Lebanon War (with Hizbullah) greatly diminished Ehud Olmert, Netanyahu’s predecessor,” wrote Rosen.

    Professor Khaled Haroub (Northwestern University, Qatar) and author of several books on Hamas, in an interview with the pro-Israel Al-Jazeera predicted that in a future war with Hamas, Israelis could kill thousands of Palestinian civilians – but cannot defeat Hamas.

    On Tuesday, both John Kerry and Ban Ki-moon arrived in Cairo to save Netanyahu from a military humiliation. They intend to hold talks with Egyptian military dictator, Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a Crypto Jew.

    In conclusion the Jewish army is doomed to suffer another defeat as it suffered in 2000, 2006, 2008-2009, and 2012 wars with Hizbullah


  19. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    You hide behind “empirical data” to hide your racism. I’m sure you think “The Bell Curve” was a fine book.

    You can impress the mentally unstable with this but not people who actually understand scientific methods and statistics. Pathetic.

    “I think European history has been unique since at least the Fall of the Seljuks – about 12-th century.

    So, Europeans (and now North Americans) have been advancing and innovating for over 800 years.

    This is a longer time interval than the entire period of China’s classical civilization.

    I am not stating that this feat is impossible for non-European people.

    I am saying that so far we have no example of a non-Western country that has been able to match Euro-Americans in their productivity across many many fields of human endeavor- Japan is a distant second.”

    You “forget” to mention a very important fact in this matter.

    And the western demi-gods are most “productive” in the field of murdering other peoples, stealing them, stealing their resources and destroying their cultures.

    Want “empirical” evidence? Read the works of historian Michael Mann.


    “Thus the association of liberalism, constitutionalism or democracy with pacifism is a complete and utter fabrication…Indeed and most disconcertingly, the more domestically liberal the nastier the record…I have been driven to reject the benign, liberal view of itself which Western civilization has enjoyed since at least the Enlightenment…liberals can continue to deplore the atrocities of their historic opponents [while omitting the issue of Western racism]…This is the most disturbing omission of all. That the great modern ideologies of nationalism, of liberalism and- including the Soviet experience- of socialism- should have committed such systematic near-genocidal atrocities exactly as they were achieving their greatest successes seems more than bad luck…Universalism and comradeship within, militarism and near genocide without. Is this the essential paradox of Western civilization?”

    You don’t and you can’t address this essential paradox because you have committed to this western civilization as a blind follower commits to a “cargo cult”.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are a “moqaled” through and through. Probably because you are an Iranian. Can take the boy out of Iran, but can’t the Iran out of the boy. I know, it hurts to hear this.

    Let me be more precise:

    It is unfortunately clear from you rantings that for you this “unique” “productivity” and “innovative drive” that “has to be accepted” justifies anything and everything that the west did/does in lieu of that.

    Well the inferior cultures and civilizations had/have it coming, right? It’s their own fault, right?

    That is essentially your view and I’m happy that you have laid it out open on the table in so many words.

    And yes Ataune is right this is why you see no other option- more precisely, you cannot even conceive any other option- but nuclear armament to avoid annihilation.

    You know why? Because you initially have rationalized “annihilation” of other peoples, cultures who only have themselves to blame and probably deserved it anyway.

    All of it neatly packaged under the heading “empirical lessons of the unique history of western civilization”.

    History without direction, fallen nature of man, no “ethical code” other than kill or be killed, no place for Divine mercy and guidance.

    That is why it totally burns your ass that somebody would chose not to annihilate others on moral grounds. As I said, “inconceivable” to you.

    It seems you stopped thinking 40 years ago and missed all the debates as it related to this essential paradox of Western civilization.

    More precisely as usual when certain “facts” starting challenging your religiously beliefs about the “uniqueness” of western civilization to which you whole-heartedly committed abandoning your “inferior” roots- (and here maybe your use of the word “unique” in the same way we use “unique” to describe God)- instead of trying to honestly grapple with this paradox as any honest intellectual or scholar would do, you circled the wagons and as Mann says began to “deplore the atrocities of your historic opponents”. And as a good self-hating Iranian, putting most effort deploring your own roots which at this time you had attempted to completely detach yourself from.

    I guess you believed the American bullshit about shedding the old identity becoming a “new man” in the “new world”. Well, it was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit now. You’re born an Iranian and you will die an Iranian- whatever good or bad being an Iranian is.

    The “facts” are that you’re not an honest intellectual and not a particularly good scholar. You are an arrogant elitist racist hiding behind verbosity and the veneer academic language. Worse than that you have no ethics other than kill or be killed and you have nothing positive to offer us because you “can’t be bothered” to challenge and purify the lazy and bad habits of your own nafs. Instead you claim that you are only reflecting “reality”.

    All those alleged benefits that you claim were bestowed on humanity by western civilization turn into a pile of shit when put next to the genocidal orgy that was concomitant with it.

    The two are inseparable and your moral apparatus does not have the capability to understand and process this tragedy. Thus you are only left with basically “ends justify the means”, “state of fall” “history without direction” and of course an inactive, irrelevant, impotent God.

    Well it was worth it that the Native Americans were nearly annihilated and millions of Africans were enslaved if the result is the USA today, right?

    Based on what you have written, you have to agree with this statement.

    Unfortunately you don’t have the capacity to understand how morally decrepit this way of thinking is.

  20. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    Hey bitch,

    Well nice to see that you think that “culture” is the problem. That’s an improvement because you are now attempting to form what’s called an “original idea”.

    Next step: Please define “culture”.

    Unfortunately you have now driven the cart into the shit pile because defining culture is notoriously difficult, even for freakin’ geniuses like you.

    You see the difference between mental jerking off (your usual modus operandi) and “forming an original idea” is that you have now committed yourself to rigorous definitions that others have the right to contest without being called names by you.

    I know it’s all very new and difficult for you. Jerking off was so much easier.

    Your thesis: “Iran’s main problem is ‘culture’.”

    Examiner: “Great Mr. bitch, please define ‘culture’.”

    Remember no cut and paste jobs allowed and if your gonna “borrow” somebody elses ideas you need to state that it is there idea and not your idea.

  21. Castellio says:


    I can’t see how its worth your time with FYI and Smith. I know they misrepresent the west with admirable certainty and consistency, I believe they must do the same to Iran.

    At one time, long ago, there was a living edge in this comment section. Another venue is needed for conversation.

  22. Jay says:

    Smith says:
    July 22, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    Your original post stated: “no research is being done on this disorder”. As I stated, this is not correct!

    Your new post goes a different direction discussing the shortage of medicine. There are shortages of certain medicines due to the illegal sanction regime imposed on Iran. And, initiating certain manufacturing processes for internal production has been facing challenges due to other illegal sanctions. Replacement of these drugs may take some time – which regrettably will harm innocent patients. I do not see the negligence and lack of initiative you are suggesting.

    It seems as though you are blaming Iran for the illegal sanctions! Are you?

  23. masoud says:

    Castellio says:
    July 22, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    Well said.

  24. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    When one uses concepts like “western civilization” assuming a unitary thing without understanding that these are contested concepts, the level of one’s intellectual honesty is clear.

    It could be that after a nice debate I conclude that there really is something such as a a unitary western civilization stretching over 1,000 years which is the conscious active acting agent of all the miracles I attribute to it.

    But first get off the high horse and engage in an intellectually honest debate.

    On a brighter note and in the spirit of keeping the living edge, there a few matters that have become clear for me in these few years on this and the former site:

    1. The efforts by well meaning elites in the US such as our hosts deliberately/unintentionally is to/results in keep(ing) Iran within western corporate hegemony versus Iranian strategic/economic alignment with BRICS and/or an Iranian industrial revolution.

    Of course there are those in Iran who support this result for their own interests.

    I’m not attributing evil intentions to our hosts in doing this and as American elites it is the “hegemonic default” they live in. Considering where they have come from, they’ve come pretty far and have to be commended for challenging the imperial hubris and Zionist group think among US elites. It’s childish to want them to advocate an Iranian “nationalist” position.

    2. It is clear that there is no such as the “American republic” left. It’s no longer even worth the paper it was once written on. All indicators that would indicate a democratic republic/republican democracy are in the negative. The American republic is dead.

    What’s worse is that Americans no longer are capable of getting off their asses and “reconstituting” themselves. The fact that elites completely corrupted and wrecked the republic is something Ben Franklin could have told you. The fact that the American people are such lame asses is something that would have surprised and disappointed him. It is sad and disappointing and I wish it wasn’t the case.

    So I think that there will be no national “climb” after this “descent”. The only way forward is something other than this federal framework something along the lines that I mentioned to Jay.

  25. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    Regarding dealing with fyi, when Iranian parents argue and the children protest the parents say to the kids “…this argument began before you were born”.

    My “argument” with him is a very old and personal one. I actually think it helps those not familiar with Iran and Islam to understand the depth of the matters that led to the Islamic revolution in Iran.

    We overthrew his like in the revolution and that was the best thing that happened to Iran in centuries.

    I don’t think most so-called experts truly appreciate and understand the deep significance the of the Islamic revolution in the course of human political and cultural history.

    One could argue that what the Iranian people did in the Islamic revolution was politically, socially, strategically, economically, intellectually and morally more significant than everything that happened in all of human history the one hundred years prior to it.

    I’m simply suggesting, not insisting unlike the way others do.

    I think that future historians and thinkers will analyze the impact of the Islamic revolution the way they evaluate the impact of the American revolution or the French or Chinese Communist revolution in human history.

    Those formerly privileged and currently embittered and those mentally unstable currently exploited by Zionists, want to avoid a rational evaluation of the Islamic revolution and the Islamic republic by rational free-thinkers- at all costs and by any dirty trick available.

    Our “debate” is a small battle in this old and ongoing war.

  26. Rehmat says:

    Israel-born Italian anchorwoman, author and scriptwriter Rula Jebreal used her appearance at the pro-Israel MSNBC on Monday to blast Western media’s biased coverage of Israel-Hamas conflict; calling it “ridiculous”.

    Jebreal was interviewed by Ronan Farrow (son of Hollywood’s Jewish actress Mia Farrow) on his Ronan Farrow Daily show. During the interview she blasted Jewish-controlled Western media including MSNBC for obeying Israel and its lobby groups when reporting on Israel-Palestine conflict.

    “Because of AIPAC, and because of money behind it, and because of Sheldon Adelson, and because all of us in the media. We are ridiculous. We are disgustingly biased when it comes to this (Israel-Palestine conflict) issue,” said Jebreal.

    “Look at how many airtimes Netanyahu and his folks have on air on daily basis like Andrea Mitchell (Jewish) and others. I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on the same issue,” added Jebreal. Watch the interview below.

    Since her political wrong statement, all her future US media appearances have been cancelled according to a message on her tweet.

    In 2012, MSNBC fired American Catholic political analyst and author Patrick J. Buchanan as result of Israel lobby group ADL’s campaign against Buchanan for nearly two decades. Buchanan’s downfall began with the publication of his book, ‘Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2015?‘ in 2011. In the book Buchanan questioned the enormous power of the Jew Lobby.

    Earlier, MSNBC removed its correspondent, Egypt-born Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza for showing “pro-Palestinian emotion” on the air.

    Dr. Rula Jebreal was born into a Israeli-Palestinian Christian family in City of Haifa, Israel. Her mother died when she was 5-year-old. Unable to raise the child alone, her father left her at Dar Al Tifel orphanage where she remained until she received a scholarship from Italy to study medicine. She received a degree in physiotherapy from Bologna University. Later she went back to the university and received a Master degree in Journalism.

    Rula Jebreal, who holds dual citizenship of Israel and Italy, has worked for a number of Italian media outlets, covering mostly Israel-Palestine conflict. In 2004, Jebreal started her own talk-show at Italian TV Ominibus. where she has interviewed several Italian scholars and political personalities, and even a French government minister.


  27. James Canning says:

    In the Financial Times today, David Gardner has an excellent piece on the Israeli rampage in Gaza.

  28. James Canning says:


    Do you think the problem is Israel’s failure to get out of the West Bank, or instead the problem is the existence of Israel?

  29. James Canning says:


    US economic policy does a great deal to facilitate the rapid growth of China’s economy. This situation is not likely to change in coming years.

  30. Empty says:


    It appears you’re twisting things to turn the spotlight from where it belongs to where it does not. US and Company ARE criminal and corrupt entities that have followed a policy of ruthless aggression in all corners of the world and this policy precedes Chinese rise as an economic power. In fact, China was, at one time, one of the recipients of those ruthless aggressions. The fact is that the said criminal entity has reached the end of the line and must begin to pay for the crimes it has committed. Shifting the blame is not going to work.

  31. James Canning says:

    Eli Clifton has a great piece on the rich Americans and elements of Israel lobby trying to block a deal with Iran:

  32. James Canning says:


    Are you suggesting the North Korean effort to conquer South Korea was “US aggression” against China?

  33. fyi says:

    Amir says:

    July 23, 2014 at 3:42 am

    I had dental implants and 3-rd generation stents in mind and not limb prosthetics.

    I am, nevertheless, pleased by your post; that research is being done at least in the medical sciences.

    I cannot furnish you with the reference on arsenic and cigarettes and cancer; I read it in an essay in which the author – a reliable source in my opinion – was not providing any references.

    The politics of US and EU and Iran cannot be separated from the issues of Development as well as Political Organization – which – in turn – squarely rest on the claims of Western Social Sciences to have discovered the Laws of Motion of human societies.

    Those claims, themselves, are based on the unquestioned assumption of Normativeness of the West as well as on the strength and power of the Western empirical sciences.

    Communists and Capitalists and Anarchists and Socialists and Democrats etc. all believe that they have discovered the Laws of Human Development.

    Significantly, the most successful constitutional state in the world – the English state – is constructed on Custom & Tradition (i.e. “orf”) and not on a theory of governance developed by Western Thinkers.

    A Sinic Social Science, if such a thing ever is created, might claim that society always exists as the main occupation of men is the maintenance of balance – or restoration thereof if such balance is lost. Such a non-Western social science might also fault Western Civilization with the absence of Tao – balance – which will ultimately result in its implosion.

    Development and Political Reorganization of the polity has been the salient features and the major thrust vectors of the non-Western societies over the last 150 years.

    And all they had to go with was the Western models – from the late Muhammad Ali in Egypt to the late Yen Fu. The only people who successfully charted their own response to the Western Civilization have been the Japanese; starting with the Meiji Restoration.

  34. fyi says:



    The day will not come that Turks would do anything for the Shia – Turkic-speaking or not!

  35. Amir says:

    fyi says:
    July 23, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    Dear Sir,
    I’m thankful that you took the time to read my comment and respond back.
    Our general perception in the medical community in Iran is that we have a long way to go, but we are on the right path. We are excited about the many possibilities in the inter-disciplinary fields and news we hear about scientific movement in other fields (nanotechnology, electronics, nuclear physics, chemistry, etc) is heartwarming indeed. I can not speak on behalf of others, but I am personally awed and inspired by the achievements in nuclear science; I believe if we could muster such a complex thing from [almost] scratch, there should be no limits to what we might achieve in the future. It would certainly take “national determination” and “jihadic management” and I am optimistic.
    About the rest of your comments, that falls squarely in humanities where I don’t see myself qualified [to argue or make statements].

  36. kooshy says:

    From Saker watch this CNN Pressstitute

    “Peter Lavelle vs a typical CNN Presstitute

    We have already seen Mark Sleboda vs a typical BBC Presstitute, today I bring you Peter Lavelle vs a typical CNN Presstitute. I have to admit that I have been loathing the Ziomedia for many years and it has been close to 20 years since I tossed away my TV, stopped reading the papers, stopped listening to Neocon Public Radio and basically fully switched to the Internet for news and entertainment. I never regretted this decision and I still think that this is *the* necessary and unavoidable first step towards personal liberation from system of mind control the plutocrats have imposed everywhere they had a chance to.

    I sincerely admire both Mark Sleboda and Peter Lavelle for their courage to try to get at least a tiny little bit of truth across in their interviews, but I have to say that I also think that their efforts are futile. I think that the zombies who watch the Idiot Tube in 2014 are simply beyond hope, they have lost any capability to think, reason, analyze, or question. As Roger Waters put it so well: “But it was only a fantasy, The wall was too high as you can see, No matter how he tried he could not break free, And the worms ate into his brain”. We might as well call them Cerebrum Numbing Network. See for yourself in the video below.”


  37. fyi says:

    Amir says:

    July 23, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    I am gratified to learn that you and your colleagues are inspired and doing research.

    I urge you to pose questions, even if you cannot answer them yet. I think the ability to pose questions is much more significant than the ability to answer them.

  38. Dan Cooper says:

    Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel


    The biggest theft in history


  39. James Canning says:

    Great maps, Dan. One might note that Israel is trying to steal large portions of the West Bank. That theft is not an accomplished fact.

  40. Karl.. says:

    Watching on Al Jazeera, how Israel bombed a UN-RWA school, some 20 killed. In total its 60-70 killed palestinians today.

    What drives people to do stuff like that?

    I can only come up with “racism” but there seems to be something more, something mentally in Israel that is rotten?

  41. Smith says:

    Karl.. says:
    July 24, 2014 at 11:50 am

    It happens when one side of the conflict is dehumanized and the other side believes in hubris of being “perfect” humans.

    This has happened throughout history. For instance, Nazi believed they are perfect and dehumanized their victims.

  42. Smith says:

    Mr Khamenei: Through a referendum, the people living and belonging in the region would select their desired government. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/07/23/372517/leader-urges-resistance-in-palestine/

    Will the mad king respond?

  43. Rehmat says:


    Nazis were not the only ones who claimed to be the “superior race”, Zionists too believe in that evil racist dogma and so most of Western and Hindu leaders of the White Race.

    Let us not forget, many of these leaders like Indian prime minister Modi still admire Adolf Hitler.

    Take the case of French-born Christian Maximine Portaz (Savitri Devi), who idolized Adolf Hitler and Nazis’ belief in the superiority of the Aryan race.


  44. Smith says:

    Why Iran’s research output is useless for the country: http://ayaronline.ir/1393/05/67338.html

  45. Rehmat says:

    @fyi – Your “Turkophobia” is admirable especially your Israel source Al-Monitor.

    Yes, Turk hated Arabs for their alliance with British and French colonialists which ended up in destruction of Ottoman Empire – and allowed the Crypto-Jew leaders of the Young Turk Movement to rule the country.

  46. Smith says:

    Rehmat says:
    July 24, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    That is pretty much the case. Though in case of Indian prime minister, I have the institution that some day secret documents of how the fascist RSS was made by British in India will be published.

  47. Rehmat says:

    On Wednesday, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal rejected the latest cease-fire proposal offered by two Crypto Jews, US secretary of state John Kerry and Egyptian military dictator Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Meshaal said that Gaza resistance will not accept a cease-fire now or in the future until the Zionist entity lift Gaza blockade effective since 2006.

    On July 15, in an Op-Ed at Israel National News, deputy Speaker of Israeli Knesset, Moshe Feiglin called for mass killing of all members of resistance groups including their families and children. He also claimed that the only solution to the “Gaza Problem” would be to populate Gaza Strip with militant Jew settlers.

    On July 21, Israeli professor Mordechai Keider ( Bar Ilan University) in an interview with the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said that only rapping sisters and mothers of the members of Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas and Islamic Jihad by Israeli soldiers will deter them to fight the Zionist entity.

    Chief Rabbi of the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Dov Lior recently posted fatwa that killing of Palestinian civilian and the destruction of Gaza Strip by Jewish soldiers is allowed by Jewish Bible.


  48. Smith says:

    Rehmat says:
    July 24, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    Typo correction: I have the intuition….

  49. nico says:

    Rehmat says:
    July 24, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    “On Wednesday, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal rejected the latest cease-fire proposal offered by two Crypto Jews, US secretary of state John Kerry and Egyptian military dictator Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Meshaal said that Gaza resistance will not accept a cease-fire now or in the future until the Zionist entity lift Gaza blockade effective since 2006.”

    Israel truly is in a dead end.
    What is Israel war goal in Gaza ?
    The more the war last the more Israel will lose public opinion support. And the more it will be difficult for the western zionist to hold their position.
    Anyway, does Israel think they can bllckade gaza indifinitely ?
    If not, then maybe Israel will absorb or occupate Gaza (offshore gaz wells ?). Then what about the 2 states peace plan ?

    The pelestinian interest is for the war keep going to impose the one state solution sometime in the future.
    By then the “jewish state” will only be long past memory.

  50. James Canning says:


    Do you think Turkey could have kept its Arabic-speaking provinces, if the Ottoman Empire had stayed out of the First World War?

  51. James Canning says:


    Is Egypt acting in a “racist” manner, when it keeps its border crossing with Gaza closed?

  52. Smith says:

    Isis issues orders for FGM on all girls and women living in Mosul. This while a war is going on in Gaza: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-28466434

    If there was any doubt in any body’s mind that Isis is a black op run by UK, that doubt should now be gone.

  53. Smith says:

    So much so for Turkishness: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/07/daloglu-turkmen-syria-iraq-isis-ogan-erdogan-mosul-ihsanoglu.html

    I guess Shia Turkmen are not considered as enough Turkish to enter Turkey. But Sunni British are.

  54. Smith says:

    Slaves have to keep working even when under fire (not every one is entitled to shelter): http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/07/foreign-workers-thailand-africa-refugees-rockets-open-spaces.html

  55. James Canning says:

    Spiegel.de online today has an interview with Yuval Diskin, a former head of Shin Bet. Quote: “It was a mistake by Netanyahu to attack the unity government between Hamas and Fatah under the leadership of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. . . We should have supported the Palestinians. . . ”

    I agree with Diskin.

  56. James Canning says:


    Are you claiming the UK is using Isis to attempt an overthrow of the Iraqi government?

  57. Karl.. says:

    Racism in Israel

    I guess this is the reason why the israeli regime could murder palestinians everyday.

  58. fyi says:

    James Canning says:

    July 24, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    No doubt about that.

    There are 3 motives:

    1- Remove Mr. Maliki from his position as PM.
    2- Cause Iranians to directly intervene in Iraq – a trap for Iran
    3- Weaken the Shia control of Iraq to weaken Iran and assuage Saudi Arabia as well as Turkey and Israel

    US, UK, and France have military assets in the Persian Gulf that they are not using against ISIS since those assets are needed for the future war against Iran.

    ISIS is not a threat to EU, the undesirable elements from EU can be sent to Iraq and Syria to die – and the few who will be back would be under surveillance well into their dotage – I should assume.

    3 countries have helped the legal and duly elected government of Iraq:


    That is all we need to know.

  59. James Canning says:

    The Financial Times today has a disturbing report on the volume of heavy weapons being supplied by Russia to the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

  60. James Canning says:


    Obama supports the Iraqi central government and opposes its overthrow. Full stop.

  61. James Canning says:


    What is the “racial” distinction between Israelis and Palestinians?

  62. fyi says:

    James Canning says:

    July 24, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    He has done nothing…

    Waiting for Iranians to intervene so that he or the next president can pounce on them…

  63. Jay says:

    The West is using ISIS to destabilize non-client states into submission.

    Only a fool cannot see that, and only a tool would deny that!

  64. James Canning says:


    I would be amazed if Obama attacked forces engaged in preventing Isis from capturing Baghdad.

  65. James Canning says:


    Submission to whom?

  66. fyi says:

    James Canning says:

    July 24, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    I would not; or his successor.

    I am no longer amazed at a polity that seeks to sell geopolitical protection by creating crisis that, at times, flirt with WWIII.

  67. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    July 24, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Yes, they are waiting for the Shia to dissipate themselves against ISIS – which are the Sunni undesirables.

    As long as the Shia and the Sunni extremists are killing one another. Axis Powers and their local dependencies will be ecstatic.

    I am still waiting for US to attack the ISIS forces from the air – using drones and other assets in the Persian Gulf.

    Fat chance of that…

    They need those assets for war against Iran….

  68. fyi says:


    Iran has cut off trade with Iraqi Kurdistan – trade has plunge by 80% since July 10.

  69. kooshy says:

    fyi says:
    July 24, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Now days that’s the only way to get a new speaker of parliament and a new president, as the god old Clint used to say ” man got to know his limitations”

  70. Rehmat says:

    fyi: That’s more good news for the Zionist entity which would receive more 50% of its oil needs from KRG. No wonder Shimon Peres told Barack Obama:”Israeli Jews love the idea of an independent state of Kurdistan”.


  71. Rehmat says:

    On Wednesday, during his inauguration speech, President Bashar al-Assad thanked both Iran and Hizbullah for supporting Syrian people.


  72. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    July 24, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Whether or not they succeed at this game is to be seen, but the fact that the game is afoot is clear.

    ISIS is now serving a dual purpose. On the domestic front Western politicians are scaring the folks by saying “ISIS is coming”. This helps sell the surveillance state and war spending domestically. On the war front ISIS serves to soften up the embattled states for future war.

    The wisdom of Iran’s leadership not to set foot in the ISIS trap is worthy of notice.

  73. Rehmat says:

    Netanyahu has admitted that ISIS is doing Israel’s dirty work.

    Last month, Netanyahu in his first comment on ISIS victory in Iraq, said that Washington should stay out of the Iraqi conflict – and let the Sunni militants defeat the Shia-dominated government of prime minister al-Maliki and break-up Iraq. “This will weaken Iranian influence in the Arab region,” said Netanyahu during his address at Tel Aviv University’s INSS think-tank.

    Canadian Jewish professor Michel Chossudovsky says that the so-called “US-Iran” collaboration against ISIS in Iraq is a media scam. Tehran has rejected western claim saying there were no negotiations.


  74. James Canning says:


    US policy is to support territorial integrity of Iraq. Neocons and other elements of Israel lobby want Iraq broken up.

  75. James Canning says:


    You appear to argue that Germany, Britain, France and the US welcome the Isis-backed civil war in Iraq. Not true. Silly, in fact.

  76. Rehmat says:

    On Friday (July 25), the leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, made a rare public appearance to address the annual Al-Quds Day rally at Sayyed Shuhadaa Complex in Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh).

    Nasrallah first offered his sincerest condolences to the families of the victims on the recent Algerian Air plane, which crashed in Mali with 116 people including a Lebanese family aboard. He then addressed the current events in Palestine, and condemned the Israeli aggression. Sayed Nasrallah made comparisons between the July 2006 war against Lebanon, and the current July 2014 war against the besieged Gaza strip. He also spoke about how weak the Israeli defense forces have become, since they haven’t been able to achieve any of their war goals.

    Nasrallah stressed that Hizbullah was and will always stay beside the armed resistance in Palestine against the Zionist entity despite some political differences (like Syria, Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar). He voiced readiness to offer support at all levels to the caged brothers in Gaza, if needed. But he voiced his confidence that the Islamic resistance has already given the Zionist army a military and moral defeat by not allowing the so-called “invincible army” to gain a single victory since its air and ground invasion of Gaza Strip over two weeks ago.

    “When we reach day 18 of the war amid Israeli and international failure to achieve goals in Gaza, this means the resistance has triumphed,” Nasrallah said.

    Following are some other points raised by Sheikh Nasrallah during his speech.

    The US, the West, and the UN Council cover the war, some Arab regimes are also conspirators, yet on the other hand, the people pf Gaza held tight onto the resistance, there has been political steadfastness to the stances of the resistance movements,” noting “I tell you all, that what will determine the situation is the tripartite equation of the battle on field, the popular steadfastness, and the political determination.

    As the Zionist regime failed in achieving its goals and felt helpless before the resistance, it resorted to killing innocent children and targeting civilians and inhabited areas, in order to exert pressure on the incubating environment of the resistance, exactly what it had tried to do in the 2006 July war.

    In order to cover military humiliation, Israeli propagandists have claimed that Netanyahu ordered the attack on Gaza because Washington wanted Mahmoud Abbas put into power in Gaza.

    Listen to Sayyed Nasrallah speech in Arabic below, and its English translation here.


  77. Rehmat says:

    James Canning – Being “self-declared expert” on United States, Middle East and the Muslim world at large, could you explain to the readers of this website: “Why every US Christian presidential candidate make pilgrimage to the Zionist entity and not to the Vatican before presidential election?

    In case you don’t know the answer, here is some clues:


  78. Pouya says:

    The US policy toward Europe is the same as it is everywhere else:
    Divide and rule
    United States has been worried about the rise of Russia and particularly Putin’s keen interest to cultivate and connect Russian economy to the rest of Europe. A Europe united would further reduce US role in that region and bring about the largest US geopolitical loss of American foreign policy in history. Seeking a manufactured conflict in Ukraine as a pretext to reduce Russian-European trade would enhance US influence in Europe vis-a-vis NATO.

    In ME, perpetuating civil conflicts has brought new breath to US military presence in Iraq while it has engaged Iran in yet another major conflict in one its allies.

    In Asia, making China the big bad wolf will assure continued US presence in the region.

    The problem with divide and rule is that it may have run its course as the world is emerging from a colonialist past. America may be swimming against the tide of history.

    I suspect the US is tapping Merkle’s phone, an East German woman, to find out more about her Russian dealings than anything else. German-French relationship brought about the Euro and the European Union, and they are the nations that most want to integrate Russia into Europe thus reducing US leverage over the European Union.

    In light of the world Balkanizing the internet in the aftermath of the Stuxnet virus, and the BRICS forming a new international banking system as a direct consequence of blackmailing Iran’s central bank, American needs fresh thinking and fast. Don’t hold your breath anytime soon, I am sad to say. This will have direct economic effects we all will suffer its consequences.

  79. Pouya says:

    Has anyone noticed ISIS has not position on Israel-Hamas war? They seem to be more concerned about capturing Bagdad and going on to Tehran.