What the Sino-Russian Gas Deal Says about American Foreign Policy’s Self-Damaging Trajectory

The National Interest just published our latest piece, “The Sino-Russian Hydrocarbon Axis Grows Up,” see here.

Eight years ago, Flynt and a French co-author, Pierre Noël, published an article in The National Interest (Summer 2006) titled “A New Axis of Oil.”  It identified a “shifting coalition of both energy exporting and energy importing states” that was increasingly “acting as a counterweight to American hegemony on a widening range” of international issues.  “At the center of this undeclared but increasingly assertive axis is a growing geopolitical partnership between Russia (a major energy producer) and China (the paradigmatic rising consumer) against what both perceive as excessive U.S. unilateralism.”  Looking ahead, they projected that Russian hydrocarbons would become “a major factor buttressing closer Sino-Russian strategic collaboration” against an America that continued to double down on its abusively hubristic foreign policy.

A year after its initial publication, The National Interest highlighted “The New Axis of Oil” as analysis that had proven to be truly “Ahead of the Curve.”  Eight years on, the conclusion of the new Sino-Russian gas deal underscores the undeniable—and still rising—strategic significance of Russia and China’s evolving relationship.  It is against this backdrop that we wrote “The Sino-Russian Hydrocarbon Axis Grows Up.”  For those who may not have access, we append the piece below.   As always, we encourage readers to post comments, Facebook likes, etc. both on this site and on The National Interest Web site.

The Sino-Russian Hydrocarbon Axis Grows Up 

Eight years ago, in the pages of The National Interest, Flynt Leverett and Pierre Noël identified a “new axis of oil”—a “shifting coalition of both energy exporting and energy importing states centered in ongoing Sino-Russian collaboration”—that was emerging as an increasingly important counterweight to the United States on a widening range of international issues.  While, at the time, Russian oil and gas exports to China were negligible, Leverett and Noël projected that Russian hydrocarbons would become “a major factor buttressing closer Sino-Russian strategic collaboration” in the future.

Western analysts have long been skeptical of the prospects for sustained Sino-Russian cooperation—but over the last eight years, the new axis of oil has become undeniable market and geopolitical reality.  Russia is now one of China’s top three oil suppliers (with Saudi Arabia and Angola) and is set to grow its oil exports to China significantly in coming years.  While some analysts cite Chinese firms’ acquisition of upstream positions in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and the opening of a Turkmen-Chinese gas pipeline as signs of Sino-Russian competition in Central Asia, these moves supported Moscow’s interest in keeping Central Asian hydrocarbons from flowing west and undermining Russia’s market dominance in Europe.  And this week—just hours after Foreign Policy headlined “the deal that wasn’t”—Russia and China concluded a $400 billion gas agreement, marking a major step in the maturation of the (let’s now call it) Sino-Russian “hydrocarbon axis.”

Geopolitically, too, this axis has assumed ever greater importance.  Moscow has been profoundly disappointed with what many Russian political elites see as the Obama administration’s fundamentally disingenuous “reset” of U.S. relations with Russia. Beijing, for its part, has been alienated by a series of U.S. military and political initiatives that, in the eyes of Chinese elites, are meant to contain China’s rise as a legitimately influential player in Asian affairs.  In this context, the deepening of Sino-Russian energy ties has indeed buttressed closer cooperation against what both Moscow and Beijing view as a declining, yet dangerously flailing and over-reactive American hegemon.

One observes this clearly in the Middle East.  After the Arab Awakening began in late 2010, the Obama administration’s ambition to co-opt it as a tool for remaking the regional balance in ways that would revive America’s regional dominance prompted more determined (and coordinated) Russian and Chinese resistance to U.S. policies than the world has witnessed since the Cold War’s end.  In March 2011, Russia and China abstained on a UN Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force to protect civilians in Libya.  Washington and its partners quickly distorted this resolution to turn civilian protection into a campaign of coercive regime change in Libya—with predictably and, by now, glaringly evident destructive consequences.  Within weeks, Russian and Chinese officials were openly acknowledging their acquiescence to the Libya resolution as a “mistake”—one they would not repeat in Syria.  Since then, Moscow and Beijing have vetoed three U.S.-backed resolutions seeking Security Council legitimation for intervention in Syria—and will veto more, if need be, until Washington accepts reality and supports a negotiated settlement between parts of the Syrian opposition and a Syrian government still headed by President Bashar al-Assad.

Likewise, over the last four years, Russia and China have refused to support Security Council authorization of further multilateral sanctions against Iran, and have become ever more resentful of what they consider Washington’s illegal and unilaterally imposed secondary sanctions regime.  Their opposition to new multilateral sanctions intersected with increasing incentives for them to defy existing U.S. sanctions to push Washington’s sanctions policy to the limit.  This reality—combined with President Obama’s inability to act on his declared intention to attack Syria after chemical weapons were used there in August 2013, which made clear that Washington can no longer credibly threaten the effective use of force in the region—has compelled the Obama administration to take a more serious approach to nuclear diplomacy with Tehran.  If, in the end, the United States proves unwilling to conclude a final nuclear deal with Iran, Russia and China are likely to become far less accommodating of U.S. demands for compliance with Washington’s illegitimate secondary sanctions.  Moscow, for example, could conclude a $20 billion deal it is currently negotiating with Iran, whereby Iran would swap oil volumes for Russian industrial goods and equipment.

More recently, the deterioration of Russia’s relations with the United States and Europe over Ukraine helped Moscow and Beijing close their new gas deal.  Over the last several years, Russia’s national oil company, Rosneft, has given Chinese energy companies equity stakes in joint oil projects in Russia, an approach that has facilitated the expansion of Russian oil exports to China.  Gazprom, in contrast, has resisted taking Chinese companies as partners in its upstream gas projects.  However, under pressure from U.S. and European reaction to Russian policy toward Ukraine, Gazprom is reconsidering its opposition to giving Chinese companies equity stakes in Russia’s upstream gas sector.  Last year, Novatek—Russia’s largest independent gas producer—gave China’s biggest state-owned energy firm a stake in the Yamal LNG project.  In the context of the new Sino-Russian gas deal, it seems likely that Chinese capital will help finance development of gas supplies from new eastern Siberian fields which Gazprom will use to meet its new export commitments to China, as well as any future commitments to other Asian markets.

More broadly, the Sino-Russian hydrocarbon axis has become a foundational pillar for efforts to turn a post-Cold War world defined by overwhelming U.S. hegemony into a more genuinely multipolar order.  At the Asian security summit in Shanghai where the gas agreement was signed, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a joint statement calling on all nations to “give up the language of unilateral sanctions” and stop aiding forces seeking “a change in the constitutional system of another country.”  While the Putin-Xi message was not addressed to any specific capital, its primary intended audience undoubtedly resides in Washington.

–Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett


180 Responses to “What the Sino-Russian Gas Deal Says about American Foreign Policy’s Self-Damaging Trajectory”

  1. Pirouz says:

    “Self-Damaging Trajectory.”

    I’ve been thinking along those lines since reading the newswire earlier today, reporting that a deal had been struck.

    Before that, I’d been reading newswire reports that mocked the chances of a deal, inaccurately depicting Putin as diplomatically isolated and weak as a result of Russia defending its interests over Crimea and Ukraine.

    Unlike some here, I don’t cheerlead a weakened America. This “self-damaging trajectory” disappoints me.

    For example, in my opinion, it would much better serve American interests to export Westinghouse AP 1000 reactors to Iran, rather than trying to coerce the country out of a civilian nuclear program. Likewise it much better serves American interests to export Boeing jetliners to Iran, rather than by coercion deny them state of the art civilian passenger aircraft. As I’ve said all along, American interests also take a hit with these sanctions policies.

    Changing the subject of this comment, I confess I’ve a weakness for viewing military parades. Every year I watch on YouTube the May 9 Victory Parade in Moscow. This year there was even one at the Sevastopol naval base. Putin gave speeches at both locations. After the parades, which included an awesome air force flypast, he shook hands with military leaders and local civilian spectators. I have to say, this year I was struck by the very obvious and sincere admiration the Russian leader received from everyone in attendance.

  2. Rehmat says:

    United States have been trying to sabotage the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline for nearly two decades. It bribed India to pull out of the project by opening nuclear technology transfer to India. Iran has already build pipeline to Pakistani border. However, under American pressure, Islamabad is delaying its part of pipeline under various excuses.

    Last year foreign minister John Baird put his two Canadian cents in Israeli donation box against the I-P pipeline.

    John Baird, who was one of speakers at the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) conference in Washington DC on March 3, told Islamabad on March 1 that Canadian government was very much disappointed by Pakistan’s decision to go ahead with the $7.5 billion Iran-Pakistan (I-P) gas pipeline project to buy Iranian oil.


  3. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    As long as AIPAC (favors sanctions) is more powerful than the US Chamber of Commerce (opposes sanctions) in DC, jack-shit is gonna change.

    Yep, the lobby of Israel is more powerful in DC than the lobby of US corporations and industry.

    The “almighty” corporations- Boeing, Westinghouse, GE, etc.- can’t challenge Israel in DC.

    Think about that for a moment.

    George Washington is shitting himself in his grave.

  4. BiBiJon says:

    James Canning says:
    May 21, 2014 at 7:03 pm (from previous thread)

    “You should know that Russian was not in fact “banned” in any area of Ukraine.”

    James, people should know that contrary to your dissembling play on words, the Guardian reported that:

    “One of the first issues the parliament tackled this weekend was that of the language, annulling a bill that provided for Russian to be used as a second official language in regions with large Russian-speaking populations.”


    “I understand that Putin himself saw the Pew poll results as significant. You disagree?”

    James, I understand that with your grasp of facts such as they are, then you do need to resort to voyeuristic insights to inform the rest of us. I cannot agree or disagree as I tend not to peep in keyholes.

    “Do you favour the new law coming in next year in Russia, requiring immigrants to learn Russian? I can see the merits.”

    Hopefully folks you intended to deceive with a non-existent parallel easily distinguish “immigrants into Russia,” from “citizens of Ukraine.”

  5. Rehmat says:

    On May 18, Indian newspaper, the Economic Times, reported Israeli prime minister telling his cabinet members that Narendra Modi is “keen to deepen ties with Israel.”

    “On Friday, I spoke with prime minister-elect of India. There too is a clear expression of desire to deepen and develop economic ties with the State of Israel,” said Netanyahu.


  6. Jay says:

    BiBiJon says:
    May 21, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    BiBiJon says:
    May 22, 2014 at 8:09 am

    I admire your sense of duty!

    I do believe that everyone here, including the person who attempted to draw the non-existent parallel between immigrants and citizens, recognizes the “slippery” play on words. It used to be cute, but no more!

  7. thecelticwithinme says:

    Something about this deal leads me to wonder whether IRI might wish to join this energy juggernaut across the central Asian landmass. They could easily connect via Caspian region. What say you oh great Brzezinski?

  8. BiBiJon says:

    An imaginary line about which a body rotates


    From the perspective of international trade, there could be nothing more natural/intuitive than Russia piping hydrocarbons to a neighboring China or Canada trucking tar sand to a neighboring US.

    The only reason why Russia-China deal makes foreign policy knitting ladies drop a stitch, is usefully explained by CLIFFORD KRAUSS and KEITH BRADSHER of NY Times:


    China’s reliance on imports poses the same kind of foreign policy challenges that the United States has faced in recent decades. That is, the country must look to unstable areas of the world to meet its needs.

    China imports much of its oil from the Persian Gulf region and through the Strait of Hormuz, where security is dependent on the United States Navy. China relies on roughly a half-million barrels a day from Iran.
    But American sanctions on Iran have made that country a less reliable source of oil.

    End Quote http://nyti.ms/1ha8ueg

    This has to be the closest thing to putting yourself in China’s shoes I have ever read in the NY Times. Relying on Persian Gulf/MENA oil curtsey of US provided security, which paradoxically includes humanitarian bombing of Libya into a failed state, and all but blockading Iran and Iraq from supplying their long-time oil customers for almost 2 decades, recognizing an anti-Chavez coup in Venezuela etc. has forced China to look for energy source as far away from US alleged ability/desire to provide stability in the oil producing countries/regions.

    Whereas most of humanity wants bread on the table, and gas in their tanks, the USG prioritizes all manner of thingymebobs before anybody is allowed to eat, heat their home, or drive a car.

    The countervailing forces make a lot of things spin around an imaginary line, we call “axis.” As Pirouz says there need not be a spin, or an axis. If Boeing has planes to sell, and Iran has money to buy, what is trumping passenger safety, and lots of jobs in Everett?

    Here’s the best answer: _http://www.theonion.com/video/breaking-news-some-bullshit-happening-somewhere,16928/

  9. nico says:

    “Hot On The Heels Of Its China Breakthrough, Russia Set To Build Eight Nuclear Power Plants In Iran”


  10. James Canning says:

    Russia’s Gazprom has already let some contracts regarding construction of the South Stream gas pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria (and on to other parts of the EU).

    It will be interesting to see if South Stream is completed before the new line to China.

  11. Sammy says:

    A nice view by view by Dr. F.Izadi, who I like more and more.
    A comment to below article :

    “Jim in ZOG Amerika
    May 22, 2014 12:36 PM
    A nightmare for Washington but, such an alliance would be a three-pointed star. Giving light and hope to a world groaning to be liberated from the Devil’s own black Trident! Washington, London, and Tel Aviv.
    Click to Rate ReplyRating36 ”


    A prospective security alliance between Iran, China and Russia will give the cash-strapped United States a nightmare, an Iranian academic tells Press TV.

    Foad Izadi, a professor at the University of Tehran, made the comment in an interview with Press TV after Chinese President Xi Jinping called for the creation of a new Asian organization for security cooperation with the participation of Iran and Russia.

    “I think the Chinese-Iranian-Russian alliance is a nightmare for the United States,” he said.
    Izadi also stated that the current state of relations between Iran, China and Russia enables these “three partners” to “form an alliance with other Asian countries and basically defend their national interests against the United States and a number of European countries.”

    He said US President Barack Obama is showing inclination for Asia in light of his understanding that the “hegemony of the United States is coming to an end.”

  12. fyi says:

    Sammy says:

    May 22, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    I think the more important consequences of Axis Powers actions has been that they went about creating enemies; countries that wanted to have good relations with US and EU were forced into targeting Axis Powers.

  13. kooshy says:

    Apparently the Obama regime can’t understand others in UNSC have the veto power.
    My man El president Barack there is an Iranian proverb which means: “re trying a tried failure is stupidity”
    And Samantha AH can you tell if the Bahraini, Libyans, Egyptian and Saudi people are seeing justice or even can come close to it?
    This current American regime is just out of it, they have nothing to offer to their friends or foes, they must go.

    Russia, China block Syria from facing International Criminal Court

    (CNN) — Russia and China vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday that would have asked the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes in Syria.
    They were the only two of 15 countries to vote against the resolution.
    The move came as no surprise. Throughout the conflict in Syria, Russia and China — both permanent council members — have repeatedly used their veto power to block resolutions tough on the Syrian regime.
    The United States and other countries slammed the action Thursday.
    “Because of the decision of the Russian Federation to back the Syrian regime no matter what it does, the Syrian people will not see justice today. They will see crime but not punishment,” Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the council after the vote.

  14. Jay says:

    kooshy says:
    May 22, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Just in case someone does not see the irony here, consider the parallel statement to the following:

    “Because of the decision of the Russian Federation to back the Syrian regime no matter what it does, the Syrian people will not see justice today. They will see crime but not punishment,” Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the council after the vote.

    Practice a proper modification of the sentence that replace “Syrian” with any of the countries you mentioned (and there is more). For example:

    “Because of the decision of the US to back the Bahraini regime no matter what it does, the Bahraini people will not see justice today. They will see crime but not punishment,” Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the council after the vote.

    Ms. Power?!

  15. James Canning says:


    The foolish legislation in Ukraine never went into effect. I assume you know this. Ergo, no “banning” of Russian in Ukraine took place.

    The law requiring immigrants into Russia to learn Russian is aimed at migrants from Central Asia. Nothing to do with Ukraine.

  16. Karl.. says:


    Americans but also europeans are so full of their own propaganda today that they are unable to see the truth/facts.

  17. James Canning says:


    Do we know whether Iran has been willing to pay the costs of the gas pipeline to major Pakistani cities (with reimbursement from gas sales)?

  18. Jay says:

    Karl.. says:
    May 22, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    I am sorry but I am a bit more cynical.

    I think this behavior of “not be able to see” is “pretend”. It is designed to absolve them in case they were ever subjected to Article 33 of the Rome Statute (or something similar). Ms. Power is not unintelligent.

  19. nico says:

    Karl.. says:
    May 22, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    “Americans but also europeans are so full of their own propaganda today that they are unable to see the truth/facts.”

    Yes that is pretty amazing.
    A nice quote from a post on ZH translates well the spirit. Sigh.

    “The post-modern world is all about decontextualization – human brains floating in a sea of fear and desire, with no anchor to history or place.
    I sometimes wonder if guys like Orwell were time travellers.”

  20. Karl.. says:


    YEs they pretend too but American and european politicians know much about the world at all.
    Thats why they fail every time they try to do something. This article by Leverett’s says it all.

  21. Karl.. says:

    ^ should be: but American and european politicians DONT know much about the world at all.

  22. BiBiJon says:

    James Canning says:
    May 21, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Reposted and modified to cater to James’ diversions.

    “Reliable polls show that even a majority of Ukrainians speaking Russian as their first language, support territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

    James, against Jay’s advice, and Karl’s admonitions, with my nose firmly held between my thum and index finger, I have to …

    The fallacy, the myth, and with-us-or-against-us BS about “pro-Russia Ukranians” and a revanchist Russia, and Putin=Hitler MSM narrative is for idiots like you know who, if you know thyself.

    That the poll has now “revealed” what was always obvious, namely that so long as minority rights are respected through decentralization of power in a federal system, most Ukrainians would love to eat from the western and the eastern sides of the trough.

    But the subservient MSM kept calling anti-Kiev protesters as being pro-Russia. But, that did not make it true.

    The article you are quoting wants to say that Russia (who never supported anyone other than Crimeans to secede) was lying about Ukrainians being pro-Russia. The original sin/lie was the western MSM’s meme of anybody protesting the legitimacy of a pusch regime in Kiev whose very first act in power was to ban Russian as a second official language in eastern regions, and whose backtracking came way after the damage was done, is pro-Russian.

    We get enough of this garbage from MSM, and even loblog. Can we please be spared here.

  23. kooshy says:

    Jay says:
    May 22, 2014 at 4:35 pm
    Yes true they know exactly what they are suppose to say ( in 2007 a French working diplomat said so to me) or they were not suppose to take the job If they had their own ideas and emotions. Now days in most countries national security councils make the state’s foreign policy, the rest of the government including the presidents just read from the NSC directives.

  24. James Canning says:


    Vladimir Putin apparently accepts the Pew poll results as being reasonably accurate. You don’t?

  25. James Canning says:

    “2.7 million people moved to Russia from Uzbekistan last year, the largest number from any single country. Only 1.1 million people moved to Russia from the entire EU.”
    – – New York Times May 21, 2014

  26. BiBiJon says:

    James Canning says:
    May 22, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    May be it will sink in if I say it like this:

    I think, and have always thought most Ukranians want a unfied federal country.
    I think Putin has always understood most Ukranians want a unified federal country
    I think Putin/Russia realized they were in danger of losing Sevastopol to NATO so they moved on it, legitimized by a referendum.
    I think only western MSM, and you keep thinking demonstrators in eastern Ukrain are pro-Russia.
    I think the pew poll established what everybody knew except western MSM and people like you who swallow whetever they say.

  27. kooshy says:

    BiBiJon says:
    May 22, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I think Putin very much likes 400 billion deals
    I think Putin likes to veto western UNSC resolutions he don’t see right
    I think Putin don’t much care what PEW pull says
    I think Putin is a very bad “putty cat”
    I think Putin didn’t give shit to even respond to his highness the Brit royal crown wide ass.
    I think like his hero Obama, Gav James is much isolated
    I think very soon the duck of Edinburgh will have to be retitled unless one can be duke of another independent country

  28. Rehmat says:

    kooshy – if you want to learn the truth – just replace Putin woth Israel. Try the following for fun….


  29. Rehmat says:

    James Canning

    Saddam Hussien has WMDs which pose a great threat to the world – The Jew York Times, February 2003.

    And you know Canning – I did find one of those WMDs in my backyard in Toronto.

  30. Jay says:

    Karl, your guess was correct. The second country was Afghanistan


  31. Smith says:

    The world is a cruel place. Russia is trying to corner the gas market with Iran being unable to export its gas via pipelines. One strategy that Iran can follow is to enter spot LNG market which is much more lucrative than the pipelines. But as always, the weak science and technology sector of Iran means that Iran is not able to develop the technologies necessary for this business.

    Just like the fact that Qatar is emptying the biggest natural gas field in the world, which is shared between Iran and Qatar, while Iran has not been able to draw its share of the gas (the irony is that Iran had discovered this field and Qatar is reaping the huge benefits). No tears necessary. Suffer Iranians must. It is their own fault. A nation of corrupt cargo cults.

  32. fyi says:

    Smith says:

    May 23, 2014 at 8:56 am

    I agree; both for oil and gas Iranians should rely on the spot market and phase out long term contracts that cannot be fulfilled during long periods of economic warfare.

  33. BiBiJon says:

    Iran’s LNG, and self reliance

    No one in their right minds, other than professional demonizers, would expect any nation to develop any and every technology known to man. Every nation on the planet relys upon outside technology and expertise for various things. Iran has been under sanctions for 35+ years. What they have acheived despite sanctions and imposed wars is point of pride; valiant efforts are being made and they are to be commended. The future is bright. The cargo cult have left or are leaving applying their skills as a diaspora contributing to humdrum projects such as a slightly quieter dish washer designs. On the home side, folks are working on revolutionizing Iranian industrial/technological sectors from the ground up; a far more satisfying use of skills in a legacy-free situation where innovation is unencumbered.

    From http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-09/iran-s-lng-dreams-vanish-as-u-s-shale-gas-looms.html

    Tombak Project

    “There are some obstacles because of sanctions,” said Abbas Araghchi, the foreign ministry spokesman, referring to Iran’s gas strategy at a June 25 news conference in Tehran. “We can’t deny them, but the Oil Ministry has tried to overcome these issues.”

    Of the four LNG projects Iran originally envisioned, it’s pushing ahead with one, a 10.5 million-ton-a-year facility known as Iran LNG, at Tombak near the Gulf port of Assaluyeh. The government is working alone on the $3.3 billion project after suspending a contract with its Chinese partner, Mehr news agency reported in September.

    The size of Iran’s gas reserves and rising global energy demand suggest the Islamic republic may yet have a role to play as a future supplier.

    “If Iran gets itself sorted out with Western powers and gets itself back into alignment with the rest of the world, the sky is the limit for them,” said Zach Allen, president of PanEurasian Enterprises Ltd., a Raleigh, North Carolina-based tracker of LNG shipments. “The high cost of entering that market comes from the need to build all new infrastructure. They don’t have the skills to build that on their own.”

  34. Karl.. says:


    Yes I saw that too, but I dont get it why this was such a big thing to censor, that US spy and especially on Afghanistan isnt “news” at all.

  35. Fiorangela says:

    Karl.. says:
    May 23, 2014 at 11:38 am

    It may have more with GG keeping his brand fresh his revenue stream flowing.

  36. BiBiJon says:

    don’t miss http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2014/05/23/u-s-may-use-secret-team-to-cinch-iran-nuclear-deal/

    It makes sense that a deal that was as good as done before Rouhani got into office is getting derailed by overconscientious bureaucrats negotiating the details. This is very much the case of the fine print does not matter at all to either side. Recognition of Iran’s rights under NPT, and lifting of sanctions coupled to implementation of transparency measures, caps in level of enrichment and inventory will be sellable for both parties to their hardline factions.

    Recent news about “gaps” is only to make the nearly ready agreement sound like an achievement, while in reality it is pre-agreed, otherwise it would not have made any sense for either party to engage in negotiating details in the first place.

    Obama/US needs this agreement to balance off the lopsided ledger of friends-enemies in the region. Iran needs this for a more rapid development to satisfy a burgeoning highly-educated young population. Everything else is just theatrics.

  37. Karl.. says:


    Might be true, glenn have been quite silent about any new leaks lately. Hmm.

  38. BiBiJon says:

    reinforce a warped narrative of Iran that is all too familiar in the West


  39. Jay says:

    Karl.. says:
    May 23, 2014 at 11:38 am

    I am only guessing here… From what I have read, the current technology requires cooperation by local authorities at lots of levels. In the case of Bahamas, it was centralized. In the case of Afghanistan, it is not and it would not be too hard to figure out who the collaborators are – that is why Greenwald claimed that life and lim would be at stake.

  40. Jay says:

    off topic but interesting…

    A brief review of Royals’ love and interest with Nazi Germany in case you have not read the full history!

    “Prince Charles strikes another blow for the British republic

    His father Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was educated for a time in Nazi Germany and his four sisters married black-uniformed SS officers (three of them, Sophie, Cecile and Margarita, joining the Nazi party). Philip admitted to then having ‘inhibitions about the Jews’ to an American academic and feeling ‘jealousy of their success.’ Charles’ great uncle, the abdicated ex-King Edward VIII, was such a swastika-waver that MI6 had to banish him to Bermuda for the duration of World War Two, thwarting his and his Nazi wife Mrs Simpson’s attempts to join Hitler by crossing into occupied Europe.”


  41. James Canning says:


    Do you trust news provided by Rossiya Gazeta, Russia? “Immigrants face language test”, in NYT May 21, 2014, was story provided by Rossiya Gazeta.

  42. James Canning says:


    Where do you get the idea Obama is my “hero”? Nonsense.

  43. James Canning says:


    I tend to doubt Putin thought Ukraine would join Nato and block Russia’s access to naval bases in Crimea. I think it more likely he saw the issue as providing a pretext for taking Crimea from Ukraine.

  44. James Canning says:

    “The vast majority of immigrants to Russia are from former Soviet republics, primarily the countries of Central Asia. Last year, only 2.5 million of Russia’s approximately 11 million foreign residents came from countries that had not been part of the Soviet Union.”
    Rossiya Gazeta, May 21, 2014 (printed in New York Times)

  45. kooshy says:

    “Where do you get the idea Obama is my “hero”? Nonsense’

    Gav James, are you sure you don’t fancy the leader of the freak (oh sorry meant to say free) world, leader of all whole free people, senior el presidente Obama. You must, No.

  46. James Canning says:


    I think Mitt Romney would have been very dangerous, had he gained the White House in 2012 elcection.

    Obama has made a number of large mistakes, and one of those obviously was accepting Victoria Nuland as part of State Dept. team involved in dealing with Russia.

  47. Smith says:

    fyi says:
    May 23, 2014 at 10:47 am

    For that cargo cult management must be replaced by scientific management. In such conditions, how can one expect things to improve: http://www.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=13930228000569

    A country that has the world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves, having been dependent on this income for over a century you would expect it to have a vibrant R&D sector in this regard from reserve prospecting to extraction and from refinery to internal combustion engines and what not. But because of sanctions, now we know that Iran is as dependent on foreigners in this sector as it was during Qajar if not more, when the first oil contracts were signed. Iran can not even extract its shared reserves with Qatar because of non-cooperation of foreign firms and the cargo cult mentality of the people inside the country who think that instead of pouring money into R&D, they should wait for the cargo to be delivered by the foreigners.

    A cargo cult nation that does not want to believe in science and technology and put innovation and R&D labs at the center of the every project instead of the private commissions for their daughters living in Vegas, has only itself to blame for its miseries. Specifically LNG trains need very specialized technologies and Iran needed to have invested heavily in R&D sectors in this regard, long ago.

    One good thing about spot LNG is the fact that as per terminology of economics it falls into the category of commodities that are perfect substitutes, unlike oil, there fore it is even a better product for spot markets than oil. You see oil has so many different varieties (heavy/light/sweet/sour/etc degree variations) that the oil refineries it feeds have to be designed for that particular blend. Retrofitting an oil refinery to take another blend is an expensive, time consuming and technically intensive work. Therefore one type of oil can not substitute another. But LNG is a perfect substitute. The Indian/Japanese/South Korean/etc etc final consumer would not see any difference whether its LNG is coming from Iran, Qatar or Indonesia.

  48. fyi says:

    Smith says:

    May 23, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Many people in South America are just like what you describe.

    Please see the following:


  49. fyi says:

    Smith says:

    May 23, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    17.06.11 | آرامش دوستدار

    برای آنکه شاید ما از خواب خرگوشی در بن‌بستی که من آن را نزدیک به سه دهه‌ی پیش در فرهنگ خودمان دیده و نشان داده‌ام بیدار شویم، برای آنکه شاید در جست‌وجوی راهی به خارج برآییم و به این منظور عللی را بیابیم و بشناسیم که ما را از دیرباز به این بن‌بست کشانده‌اند، می‌خواهم و باید آنچه در این‌باره مکرر گفته‌ام، در آغاز این مقاله‌ی کوتاه برای آخرین بار به تصریح و تأکید بیشتری بگویم. و آن این است: در نقطه‌ی مقابل فرهنگ غربی که تنها شاگرد استقلال‌یافته‌ی یونانیان و مآلاً تنها فرهنگ ‌پرسنده و اندیشنده باشد، فرهنگ ما فرهنگی‌ست ناپرسنده و نیندیشنده و هرگز جز این نبوده‌ است. یعنی از بدو تبلور خود از زمان زرتشت تاکنون در کلیتش که شامل جنبش‌ها، فرقه‌ها، مکتب‌ها، موضع‌ها، نگرش‌ها و دیدگاه‌ها بشود، هیچگاه نه ‌پرسیده و نه مآلاً اندیشیده‌ است، مگر در دو مورد استثنایی، یعنی عبدالله روزبه و رازی که من در امتناع تفکر در فرهنگ دینی مشروحا به آنان پرداخته‌ام و قهراً مؤید رویداد این کلیت‌اند. این دعوی بسیار جسورانه را نمی‌توان به صرف چنین خصوصیتی نادرست خواند. در عوض، امکان درست بودنش می‌تواند آدم پرسنده و جوینده را کاملاً نگران نماید. و این نشانه‌ی خوبی‌ست، اگر از حوزه‌ی خصوصی و شخصی خارج شود و هر چه بیشتر خود را در بخش‌های گوناگون فرهنگی بگستراند. چون برای نجات از هر مهلکه‌ای نخست باید آن را دید و شناخت. چنین تشخیص، سنجش و برآوردی در مورد این پدیده‌ی دوهزار و پانسد ساله، آن را از داشتن هرگونه وجه اشتراکی با موضوع و موضع‌های دیگر محروم می‌سازد. بنابراین به من با یک چنین موضوع و موضعی نباید این افتخار را داد که از زمره‌ی اندیشمندان و پژوهشگران به‌شمار آیم. من خودم را نه اندیشمند احساس می‌کنم، نه «فرهیخته» که امروزه از در و دیوار فرهنگ ما می‌ریزد، و نه هرگز پژوهشگر، و سرانجام نه پیشوا و راهنمای مردم به سوی آینده‌ای نویدبخش. کلیدی هم نه دارم و نه می‌توانم بسازم که با آن بشود درهای بسته‌ی آینده را، که نخبگان ما چهارطاق یافته و دیده‌اند، گشود. بنابراین باید به من اجازه داده‌ شود که از همسری با هرگونه «انسان فرهیخته» معاف بمانم. این درخواست ناشی از تمیزی‌ست مبتنی بر ادعای جسورانه‌ای که من می‌کنم و تاکنون، منفی یا مثبت، سابقه نداشته‌ است. چنین ادعایی با تمام نتایج مترتب بر آن شامل حال همه‌ی فرهنگسازان کنونی ما نیز می‌شود. عیناً به همین سبب بسیاری از آنان لااقل در دلشان به من چپ‌چپ نگاه می‌کنند. چنین واکنشی از جانب آنها طبیعتاً بچگانه است و از کسی سرمی‌زند که خود را بیش از حد نصابِ مجاز در میانمایگی کنونی فرهنگی‌مان جدی می‌گیرد. هدف تز من در وهله‌ی اول بنیادگذاران فرهنگ ما هستند که ما در برابر استعدادها و توانایی‌های آنان انصافاً چیزی به‌شمار نمی‌آییم. نمونه‌هایی از توانایی آنان را من در چند مورد نشان داده‌ام: در نمونه‌ی ناصر خسرو، فردوسی، ابن‌سینا.

    به‌ این‌ ترتیب تز امتناع تفکر در فرهنگ دینی که در پرتو مستقیم یا غیرمستقیمش نوشته‌های من را باید فهمید، تزی نیست در کنار یا در برابر اغراض و نتایجی که بررسی‌ها و جستارهای ممکن دنبال می‌کنند و به آنها می‌رسند یا نمی‌رسند. مثلاً درباره‌ی تحولات و تأثیر شعر نزد ما، درباره‌ی گوناگونی‌های نقش‌های قالی و ارتباط آنها با زندگی یا تصورات ما از زندگی، یا درباره‌ی جامعه‌ی مدنی، مدرنیته، درباره‌ی عشق و درک ما از آن در متن مناسبات زن و مرد، چه در ادبیات و چه در واقعیت روزمره، درباره‌ی آموزش و پرورش کودکان و عواقب آن در جامعه‌ی اسلامی ما. تز امتناع تفکر در فرهنگ دینی وقتی مطرح می‌شود که ما از چهارچوب اینگونه پدیده‌ها که به جای خود هم مهم‌اند و هم پژوهیدنی خارج شویم و خود را با این مسئله مواجه ببینیم که آیا فرهنگ ما در بستری از پرسیدن و اندیشیدن پدید آمده و نضج گرفته یا نه. و این مسئله‌ای‌ست به همان اندازه کانونی که منحصربه‌فرد، چون با بنیاد و بنیادگذاری فرهنگ ما سروکار دارد.

    یک نشانه و نتیجه‌ی ریشه‌یی پرسیدن و اندیشیدن ضرورتاً بیرون آوردن تمام وجوه زندگی از یکنواختی و تکرار، پدید آوردن گوناگونی در آنها و دادن چهره‌ها و جلوه‌های نو به آنهاست، همراه و هماهنگ با نظامی که پرسیدن و اندیشیدن به‌وجود می‌آورند. نشانه‌ی دیگر در پیوند با آن اولی، کوشش در کشف و فهم مشکلات خودمان و در یافتن راه‌های ممکن برای رفع آنهاست، بدون کپی کردن از فرهنگ غربی و به کار بردن کپی‌ها برای موارد موازی در فرهنگ خودمان. منظور من از «موارد موازی»، مابه‌ازاهای آنگونه پدیده‌هایی‌اند که درونیِ دو یا چند فرهنگ هستند و مشابه هم‌اند بی‌آنکه همانه باشند. طرز مواجه شدن با این پدیده‌های «مشابه» و «ناهمانه» طبیعتاً نمی‌تواند یکی باشد. مسیحیت و اسلام یکی از این موازی‌ها هستند، موازی‌های دینی. اینگونه موازی‌ها مشابهت صوری دارند اما از نظر مادی ناهمانه‌اند. به همین جهت باید روال‌های ناهمانه در مقابله با آن دو را جدی و ضروری گرفت. هراندازه موازی‌های فرهنگی دیرین‌تر و درونی‌تر باشند ناهمانه‌تراند. تمام ارزش‌های مختص به یک قوم معین از همین نوع‌اند. اگر ما به ناهمانگی موازی‌ها توجه نکنیم و آن را در ژرفایش نبینیم و نشناسیم، شکست ما در یافتن راه‌حلی برای مشکلات ناشی از آنها از پیش محتوم است. کشف، بررسی و شناختن اینگونه مشکلات، چنانکه بارها توضیح کرده‌ام، نه با عاریه گرفتن اُلگوها و ابزارهای غربی، بلکه با آموختن شیوه‌ی کشف و بررسی از غربی‌ها می‌تواند میسر گردد.

    برخلاف ظاهر، نپرسیدن و نیندیشیدن به‌مراتب بیش از بزرگان ما درباره‌ی ما کنونی‌ها صدق می‌کند. ما کنونی‌ها فقط در صورتی مجازیم داعیه‌ی پرسیدن و اندیشیدن داشته ‌باشیم که با اساسی‌ترین هنجارهای تعبدی و خدشه‌ناپذیرمانده و حکومت آنها بر فرهنگمان رویارو شویم، تجاوز مخرب و سرکوبنده‌ی آنها را برملأ سازیم. هیج حاصلی ندارد که در کنج و دنج خانه به یاری و یاوری هم‌سلکانمان مثلاً از دین روگردانیم، یا حتا احساس اته‌ایستی کنیم، و در نوشته‌هامان جار بزنیم که همه اهل گفت‌وگو، بخوانید مماشات، هستیم. در برابر هزاروچهارسد سال جهل و خرافات دینی سکوت کنیم، و مسائل را با دُزاژی از انسان‌دوستی آقامعلمانه چنان در عرصه‌ی ادب و «فلسفه» با ابزارهای مربوط رتق و فتق کنیم که بیش از یک بند انگشت از رویین‌ترین قشر آنها فروتر نرویم، تا خواننده در کنار ما به راه‌حل‌ها رسیده‌ باشد، پیش از آنکه مسائل را بشناسد. مثلاً درباره‌ی برابری حقوقی زن و آزادی او از بندهای جامعه‌ی مردانه و مردپسند در دل اسلام، حرف‌هایی بزنیم که نه درست‌اند و نه حتا سرگرم‌کننده. در حالی‌که هرگونه آزادی زن در جامعه‌ی ما، چون زن در اسلام فقط حکم متاع جنسی و دستگاه تولید نسل برای مرد دارد، تابع روشن کردن تکلیف اصولی و قطعی اسلام با انسان باقی می‌ماند. نخست از طریق درهم کوبیدن کل ارزش‌های اسلامی که از انسان بنده می‌سازد و زن را به دوجنبه‌ی بنده‌ی خدا و بنده‌ی مرد تقلیل می‌دهد و در آن متعین می‌نماید، می‌توان زمینه را برای آزادی زن چون تابعی از متغیر مرد که خودش تابعی از متغیر اسلام است، مهیا ساخت. فقط برای آنکه از یک حیث معین موقع و موجودیت زن را بدانگونه که در مسیحیت به آن برمی‌خوریم با موقع و موجودیت تعین‌یافته‌ی زن در اسلام بسنجیم و یکی از سدها موازی فرهنگی را در این دو دین نشان دهیم: برخلاف مسیحیت که از همان آغاز تشکلش بنیاد زناشویی را یکسان بر موافقت و تمایل هر دو طرف مبتنی می‌دانسته و می‌کرده، مرد در اسلام بر طبق قراردادی که حق فسخ یکجانبه‌اش پیوسته از آنِ اوست، مالک زن می‌شود و تا وقتی که بخواهد مالک او می‌ماند، بویژه مالک واژَن و زهدان زن. نخست و پیش از هر چیز باید کمر ارزش‌های حقوقی، اخلاقی، اجتماعی و فردی اسلام را، سربه‌سر و از هر نوع مقوله‌ای چنان شکست که دیگر نتواند از جایش برخیزد. در غیر اینصورت آنچه درباره‌ی استیفای حقوق زن بگوییم و بکنیم دروغ و ترفند است یا ساده‌دلی و ساده‌بینی.

    این مقاله، به‌صرف آنکه به پدیده‌ها و بعدهایی از فرهنگ غرب اشاره می‌کند، نه در دفاع از آن در برابر فرهنگ‌های دیگر و نه در مقایسه‌اش با آنها نوشته‌ شده. علتش در مورد اول این است که فرهنگ غربی در دفاع از خود نیازی به دیگری ندارد، چون در کشمکش دائمی با خودش می‌زیید، و از همین زورآزمایی درونی است که زنده و متحول می‌ماند. علت مورد دوم این است که فرهنگ غربی از هیچ لحاظی مقایسه‌پذیر نیست. در همه‌ی زمینه‌ها بدینگونه خودساخته بوده که به آنچه از خارج نیز گرفته صورت و ارزشی کلی داده‌ است، آنچنان که به مواد خام می‌دهند و آنها را از جزئیتِ بی‌شکلی و بی‌ارزشی درمی‌آورند. جزئیات را در مخرجی کلی از قانون‌مداری گردآوردن یعنی از آنها علم ساختن. این جنبش پس از هزارسال سرکوبش توسط کلیسای کاتولیک، از نو انگیخته و پویا می‌شود تا همچنان در حیات جدیدش ببالد و بپاید. غرب با چنین خصوصیتی کانون و محور تمام روش‌ها و ابزارهای لازم برای بقای تمدن و فرهنگ در سراسر جهان است. هیچ جامعه‌ای نیست که از آنها برخوردار نباشد یا نشود، یا از تأثیر آنها مصون بماند. هیچ جامعه‌ای، به‌محض آنکه نخواهد در پوسته‌ی رکودش بپوسد، نمی‌تواند خود را از فرهنگ غربی بی‌نیاز بداند. قطع نظر از آسیب‌های نابخشودنی و جبران‌ناپذیری که در طی تاریخش به اقوام دیگر وارد آورده، غرب از همه حیث نمونه‌ای منحصر به‌فرد بوده‌است. پایه‌یی‌ترین، مهمترین و بهترین اثرها را در هر زمینه‌ای، تمدن و فرهنگ غربی پدید آورده‌ است و همچنان می‌آورد. انکار نمی‌توان کرد که فرهنگ غربی همه جا حضور دارد: با علمش با موزیکش، با هنرش، با ادبش، با فلسفه‌اش، و پابه‌پای اینها، و چه بسا بیشتر از اینها با تکنیک و صنعتش در هرزمینه‌ی ممکن. اما حضور همه‌جایی غرب دال بر غربی‌شدن فرهنگهای دیگر نیست. در غیر اینصورت آنچه برشمردیم نمی‌توانست به فرهنگ غربی اختصاص داشته‌ باشد. معنای همه جا بودن غرب این است که هم در تمدن و هم در فرهنگ بر همه جا احاطه دارد و خودش عیناً به این دلیل محاط نمی‌شود، تسخیرناپذیر می‌ماند.

    جوامعی که با آموختن از غربی‌ها خود را به‌گونه‌ای در کنار آنان جای می‌دهند، یا در مواردی از تکنولوژی رقیب آنها می‌شوند و گاه نیز بر آنان پیشی می‌جویند، همه شاگردان جدی و استثنایی آنها بوده‌اند، یعنی دارای خواصی که ما خاورمیانه‌یی‌ها و مآلاً ما ایرانیان فاقد آنها هستیم: هوشمندی، کوشایی، پشتکار و بی‌ادعایی. نوع موفقیت ایرانیانی که پس از روی کار آمدن جمهوری اسلامی در خارج کشور، بویژه در آمریکا میهن دومی یافته‌اند یا آن را چون میهن دومی گزیده‌اند و آشکارا لودهنده‌ی روح، استعداد و بی‌گوهری فرهنگی ماست، عموماً منحصر می‌شود به: کسب، سرمایه‌گذاری، معاملات املاک، صرافی، کارهای حقوقی مربوط به پناهندگی، پزشکی و خاصه در جراحی که نوعی کار دستی در مراحل عالی است. میان آنهایی که از این مقوله‌ها هستند کمتر کسی می‌توان یافت که افق ذهنی‌اش از حوزه‌ی حرفه و کاربرد ثروتش فراتر رود. تازه آنوقت میان این دو سه میلیون ایرانی ساکن یا زاده و پرورش‌یافته در غرب ـ از استثناآت که نمی‌توانند نموداری از ارزش فرهنگی ما باشند بلکه نوعاً یکی از هزاران هزار دستاورد فرهنگی و جوامع غربی هستند بگذریم ـ ده‌ تن نمی‌توان یافت که ویولونیست، ساکسوفونیست، پیانیست، چلیست، آهنگ‌ساز باشند یا آکروبات، جانورشناس، جهانگرد، کوه‌نورد؛ یا تاریخ‌شناس به معنای علمی و جدی آن، تا بتوانند تاریخی از ایران باستان، یا ایران اسلامی بنویسند. هر دو کوشش درخور در این دو زمینه را اروپاییان کرده‌اند. هنوز که هنوز است واقع‌بینانه‌ترین تاریخ اسلام به زبان فارسی همان است که علی‌اکبر فیاض بیش از نیم قرن پیش نوشته‌است. در حالیکه در هر پستویی از دانشگاه‌های آمریکایی چند ایرانی «سر به جیب تفکر» فرو برده‌اند و در ارتباطات زیرزمینی‌شان با همدیگر و بر ضد هم آثاری می‌نویسند که به ندرت قابل اعتماد و موضوعاً به‌درد بخورند.

    همه جا تسخیرکننده و تسخیرناپذیر بودن غرب را در هر موردی کاملاً به معنای واقعی آن باید گرفت از هرجهت: در پژوهش از هر نوعش، در کشف، اختراع، در پیشبرد همه‌ی رشته‌های علمی و ایجاد تکنیک برای کاربرد آنها، در ساختن تئوری برای توضیح مسائل ممکن و واقع، در آتش‌فشان‌شناسی، در اقیانوس‌شناسی و اقیانوس‌کاوی، در تسخیر قله‌های مرتفع، در صعود از تیغه‌های خطرناک، در همه‌ی ورزش‌های ممکن. مختصر در هرچه کارآیی آدمی به نهایت ممکنش برسد. هزاران بچه‌ی جنگ‌زده، بی‌خانمان‌شده، قحطی‌زده را غربی‌ها از مناطق گوناگون دنیا آورده‌اند و فرزند خود ساخته‌اند. اینگونه امداد و اقدام همچنان ادامه دارد. پزشکی بی‌مرز در سراسر جهان پدیده‌ای‌ست غربی. مراکز خصوصی غربی برای کمک در کشورهای آفریقایی، سازمان‌های نیکوکاری و تیمار، سازمان‌های حفاظت از کودکان از جانب غربی‌ها و به سرپرستی و به خرج آنها در سراسر جهان بیش و گوناگون‌تر از آنند که اینجا برشمرده شوند. تمام این کارها دشوارند. از خود گذشتگی، انسان‌دوستی و مسئولیت می‌خواهند و کمترین پاداشی جز التیام دردها و رنج‌ها ندارند. مؤکداً بگویم: من از ابتکارها و فعالیت‌های شخصی و گروه‌های فردی در جوامع غربی حرف می‌زنم، که نمونه‌هایی‌اند از سدها نوع دیگر از دیگرگونی‌پذیری فرهنگی و تمدنی آنها. زبان حال ما در مقابل این است: وقتی چنین انتظاراتی دیگران از ما ندارند، چرا ما از خودمان داشته‌باشیم!؟ چرا کارهای بامسئولیت و بی‌پاداش بکنیم!؟ چرا وجدان ما ـ اگر چنین چیزی داشته‌باشیم‌ ـ از اینهمه بیداد که شبانه‌روز در کشورمان روی می‌دهد ناراحت شود؟ ما که خودمان عامل آن نیستیم. مگر نه این است که در دل این فاجعه‌ی بزرگ، و حالا که دیگر به ما مدال قهرمانی صلح هم داده‌اند، دل به دریا زده‌ایم و به اعتبار این افتخاری که نصیبمان شده سازگاری اسلام و دموکراسی را برای چندمین بار اعلام می‌کنیم، شاهکاری که فقط از ما ایرانیان اسلامی‌منش ساخته‌است؟ تقصیر ما این میان چیست که اسلام رسماً دختربچه را برای رفع شهوت مردان کلان‌سال به عقد آنها در می‌آورد تا هرآن که بخواهند و شهوتی شوند شب و روز به او تجاوز کنند، و خونش را دین مبین حلال شمارد، به محض آنکه «خطایی فاحش» از او سرزند. ما آدم‌های مجلسی، با نزاکت و آداب‌دان از فرط «فعالیت‌های سنجیده»، «معقول» و حساب‌شده دیگر وقت نداریم به سبب این چیزهای دیگر عادی‌شده با اسلام سرشاخ شویم، بگذریم از اینکه به صلاحمان هم نمی‌بود. مگر ما کلود لویِ استروس هستیم که هشت سال از عمرش را «تلف کرد» برای آنکه می‌خواست در زندگی با قبیله‌های مختلف بومی در برزیل، احساس آنها را در خود به‌وجود آورد تا بتواند از اینطریق آنها را بفهمد؟ و تازه پس از این هشت‌سال لمس و فهم زندگی پرمشقت آنها و شرم ناشی از آسیب‌هایی که آنها از جهان متمدن دیده‌اند، بیش از یک دهه‌ونیم نتوانست و به خود اجازه نداد دست به قلم برد تا از رنج و سیه‌روزی این «همنوعان» خود «گزارشی علمی» فراهم آورد. این کارهای عجیب و غریب به ما نیامده. در عوض، ما در اولین فرصتی که پیش آمد از او نیز در آثارمان نام خواهیم برد، اگر تا کنون نبرده‌باشیم تا در اینگونه لاف و گزاف‌های «انسانی ـ علمی» نیز از همکاران خرد و درشتمان در رقابت بر سر فریب و تحمیق هر چه بیشتر خود و خواننده عقب نمانیم. الان سی سال است که این سرزمین با جامعه و افرادش چنان زیر و زبر شده که بازشناختن دوره‌ی پیشین آن در وضع کنونی‌اش و به عکس غیرممکن گشته‌ است. این وضع را که دیگر نمی‌شود درست کرد و آن را به آنچه پیش از این بوده بازگرداند. چه کاری‌ست که ما بجای شعرگویی‌ها و قصه‌نویسی‌های همه‌پسند که خواننده را محظوظ و ما را مشهور و مخمور می‌سازد بخواهیم با چشم‌های وق‌زده و بی‌نور در اعماق این رویداد، که هیچکس در برابر اثر مخرب آن مصونیت ندارد، بنگریم و از چنین اعماق سیاهی رمان‌هایی درآوریم و بنویسیم که بلد نیستیم!

    برای آنکه واقعیتی در مورد سرآمدان کنونی ما محسوس و ملموس شود، فرض را این می‌گیریم که ایرانیان به سه صنف تقسیم ‌شوند. این فرض طبیعتاً مانند هر فرض دیگر بازتاب واقعیت نیست، اما در حدی که خصوصیاتی واقعی را از همدیگر متمایز و در مقوله‌هایی جداگانه گرد می‌آورد و مآلاً آنها را چشم‌گیر می‌سازد، می‌تواند بعنوان الگو و ابزار کار چهر‌ه‌ای از واقعیت را بشناساند. اینگونه فرض را می‌توان اصطلاحاً فرض راهنما یا فرض روشنگر نامید: در حدی که ما ایرانیان بخصوص در مبادرت به اموری که برایمان پرسود و بی‌دردسر باشند کارکشته و پیشتازیم ـ این را پس از ۲۸ مرداد توده‌ای‌های زرنگ و باهوش نیز بخوبی ثابت کردند ـ متعلق به صنفی‌ هستیم که در اصل یا نهایتاً با اقتصادیات سروکار دارد. شرایط مکانی ـ زمانی برای این صنف بی‌اهمیت است. نشان داده که همه جا و در همه حال موفق می‌شود، چه در جمهوری اسلامی، چه در خارج آن و چه در هر دو با هم. صنف دیگر، برحسب آنکه تن یا ذهن را ملاک بگیریم، آن است که زور بدنی‌اش بر زور ذهنی‌اش می‌چربد. از این صنف‌ اند، در سطح بالاتر، ورزشکاران به معنای اعم آن، از ورزش دو، شنا، فوتبال، دیسک‌پرانی گرفته تا کشتی، وزنه‌برداری، دوچرخه سواری، اتومبیل‌رانی و… از داپینگ که بگذریم، در ورزش نمی‌توان تقلب کرد. اما در نوعی از زورآزمایی‌ها پا از حد و حدود خود بیرون گذاشتن خطر جانی هم دارد. مثلاً در بُکس‌بازی. اما خوشبختانه نه بکسور سنگین‌وزن ما دیوانگی می‌کند پا در رینگ بکس حریفی فرضاً چون روسلان چاگایف اُزبک یا رقیبش نیکلای والویف روس بگذارد، نه مسئولان امر به یک دیوانه‌ی احتمالی چنین اجازه‌ای می‌دادند. بنابراین، کسی که نتواند جان سالم از این میدان به در برد، خودبه‌خود پا در آن نمی‌گذارد. صنف سوم آن است که چون نیروی بدنی به‌اندازه‌ی کافی ندارد، گمان می‌کند از نظر ذهنی بیش از اندازه‌ی لازم نیرومند است. دیگران نیز همین تصور را از او دارند. کار این صنف سوم و آخر در فرهنگ به معنای اخصش که کلیت ساخته‌های روحانی و معنوی یا ادبی و هنری باشد نه تنها نزد ما آسان و بی‌دردسر است، بلکه شأن و شهرت نیز می‌آورد. چنین صنفی همواره تاج افتخار بر سر معنویات فرهنگ ماست.

    کمابیش با حد نصابی از معلومات آسان‌یاب و هنرپیشگی فکری، همه کس می‌تواند عضو این صنف باشد یا بشود و در بازار آن جنسش را به خریدار بُنجل‌پسند قالب نماید. این حوزه‌ی بی‌صاحب، این حوزه‌ی بی‌در و پیکر همه کس را به خود راه و در خود جا می‌دهد. هیچ ملاک و معیاری برای ورود به آن و عرضه‌ی متاع خود جز پیرذهنیِ زودرس، نوخواستی کورزاد، بی‌چشم‌ و رویی و شیادی معنوی، با یا بدون عنوان دکترا، وجود ندارد. هر کسی می‌تواند کالایش را با انگ خودش بسته‌بندی و عرضه کند. منتها در این بازار سه نوع کالا بیشتر طالب ندارند. یکی عرفانی‌ست، دیگری غربی و سومی مخلوطی از هردو. هرچه این سه نوع کالا بیشتر با برچسب‌های رنگارنگ، اُملی و دهاتی‌پسند پیچیده شده باشند، بیشتر خواهان دارند. همچنانکه شهرها برخلاف ظاهر در جمهوری اسلامی شکلاً و جنساً هیولاهایی روستایی شده‌اند، این بازار را نیز تولیدکنندگان و فروشندگان دهاتی و دهاتی‌منش قبضه کرده‌اند. به این ترتیب از اجامر که بگذریم، دهاتی و دهاتی‌منشِ انتلکتوئل پدیده و تحفه‌ی جدیدی‌ست آفریده شده در جمهوری اسلامی و قهراً برای نخستین بار در تاریخ ما. سنایی که در نقش مداح از دربار غزنویان خیری نمی‌بیند و به عرفان پناه می‌برد، هشت‌سد سال پیش گفته‌است: مرغ، دم او رو به شهر، سر او رو به ده/ دم این مرغ از سر او به! اما منظور من از دهاتی و دهاتی‌منش چیز دیگری‌ست: دهاتی آن است که نتواند به‌موقع در شهر از تنگناها، قالب‌ها و قیدهای زیستِ محیطی و بومی، و تصورات ساده‌دلانه‌ی روستایی مخل به پرورش و بالش شهری برهد و به‌درآید و بیش و پیش از هرچیز نتواند به وضع خود وقوف یابد و گمان کند می‌توان موانع شهری‌شدن را صرفاً با خواندن کتاب و تحصیل این یا آن رشته از میان برداشت. مختصر، دهاتی آن کسی‌ست که ده را با خودش به شهر بیاورد و به اینصورت لعاب شهری به خودش بدهد. دهاتی‌منش آن است که شهری باشد و به صرف شهری‌بودنش دچار این خواب و خیال شود که با «راه یافتن به چشمه‌های فرهنگی» غرب و غوطه زدن در آنها و احیاناً به هدایت این یا آن استاد، رشد ذهنی‌اش به حدی رسیده که دیگر می‌تواند آن را متوقف سازد، میان مشکلات، دیدها و دریافت‌های غربی از امور بلمد، یا جست و خیزکنان آنها را به چشم و گوش هموطنانش عرضه نماید، تا آنان و خودش از تماشای این بی‌حرکتی و جاخوش‌کردن یا تکاپوی نمایشی لذت برند. صرف کتاب‌خواندن و تحصیلات عالی نه دهاتی را شهری می‌کند و نه دهاتی‌منشیِ شهری را زایل می‌سازد. در پس این دو چهره‌ی انتلکتوئل نوپدید باید بتوان خویشاوندی با گردانندگان سیاسی‌ ـ فرهنگی کشور و جامعه‌ی اسلامی‌شده‌اش را دید. با وجود این‌گونه خویشاوندی‌های زیرزمینی، خیال صاحبان و مالکان کشور از جانب این نخبه‌های دوقلو تخت نیست؟ تصادفی‌ست که جوائز ادبی میان «رمان‌نویسها» پخش می‌کنند؟ بنیاد به نام آنان تأسیس می‌کنند؟

    همین کارگزاران سیاسی‌ ـ فرهنگی دهاتی‌الاصل و دهاتی‌منش و گاه حتا در خارج و احیاناً در آلمان درس‌‌خوانده و متخصص‌شده در امور شرق و غرب نیستند که شخصاً و رأساً با فرهنگ‌ها «گفت‌وگو» می‌کنند و هوای انتلکتوئل‌ترها را نیز دارند که از غافله‌ی موآنست با فرهنگ غربی عقب نمانند؟ به این منظور نیست که این گردانندگان در جامعه‌ای ملوث به فلاکت‌ها و نکبت‌های اسلامی و سیه‌روزی‌هایی که ببار آورده کنفرانس کانت و نیچه برگزار می‌کنند؟ یا فیلسوفان بزرگ غربی را به کشور دعوت می‌نمایند، اینان نیز دعوت را می‌پذیرند و می‌آیند با همکاران ایرانی‌شان داد و ستد فلسفی می‌کنند و متوجه می‌شوند که نتیجه‌ی این دیدار، چنانکه سپس توضیح خواهد شد، برای آنها سودمند بوده‌است!؟ در حالیکه معلوم نیست چه دردی این مهمانان می‌توانند از ما خواص نوساخته و نوساز در «مدرنیته‌ی اسلامی» دوا کنند. «تبادل نظر» با آنان چه سودی برای ما دُن‌کیشوت‌های فلسفی دارد، جز آنکه با حضور به هم رساندن توریستی‌شان در جمع ما فیلسوفان جدیدالتأسیس که مفهوماً دهاتی و دهاتی‌منش را در برمی‌گیرد، ما بیشتر در پوست خودمان شیر شویم؟ بعداً به معنای این اصلاح خواهیم پرداخت. جدیدالتأسیس البته منحصر به فیلسوفان نیست. بد نیست اندکی در این مورد توضیح بدهم. اینکه من «روشنفکران»، اعم از «فیلسوفان» ، «جامعه‌شناسان»، «روان‌کاوان»، «روان‌شناسان» و «فرویدیستها»، «لاکانیستها» و سرانجام «جامعه‌شناسان و همه‌چیز نویسان» را جدیدالتأسیس می‌نامم، شوخی و جدی با هم است. چون اینگونه «اهل فکر» را من تا اندک زمانی پیش از انقلاب اسلامی ندیده بودم و نمی‌شناختم، نام با مسمای دیگری برای مشخص ساختن این نوپدیده‌ی فرهنگی نیافتم. عموماً کسانی که موتور فرهنگی یک جامعه هستند، به مسائلی می‌پردازند که از آنِ جامعه‌ی خودشان است و این کار را با معیارها و میزان‌هایی می‌کنند که بتوانند راهی به فرهنگ آن جامعه باز نمایند و در صورت لزوم از آن به خارج بگشایند. جز این هم نباید کرد، چون حاصلی ندارد. اما اندیشمندان «جدیدالتأسیس» که شب و روز کارشان پرواربندی فرهنگ و جامعه‌ی ما با خوراک‌های روحی و ذهنی غربی و مغذی کردن هر چه بیشتر چنین معجونی برای پاسخ دادن به نیازهای کاذبی است که خودشان با این شیوه به وجود می‌آورند ـ مثلاً شناساندن «عقل ابزاری» به جامعه‌ای که اگر عقلی داشته، سی سال است آن را بر باد داده‌اند و خودش شریک جرم عاملان بوده‌است ـ با مصالح و ابزاری کار می‌کنند که آنان را مفتون و مجذوب خود کرده، اما از آنِ فرهنگ ایران اسلامی ما نیستند تا در آن به‌کار آیند. انگار این سرزمین برای آنان آزمایشگاهی‌ست برای تمرین آموخته‌های «متاـ‌ فیزیکی»، یعنی فراوجودی‌شان که از غرب با خود آورده‌اند، و نه زادگاه، جایگاه و پرورشگاه فیزیکی یعنی وجودی‌شان. در سخنانشان چنان اظهار وجود می‌کنند که گویی تبارشان به میشل دومونتنی ، مونتسکیو و ولتر یا ژان ژاک روسو می‌رسد، نه به فرخی، جامی، خاقانی، خیام، عطار، عبید زاکانی، سعدی و حافظ.

    احتیاجی نیست نامهای نویسندگان معاصر غربی را که بدون ذکرنامشان نویسندگان جدیدالتأسیس ما یک مقاله‌ی ده‌ صفحه‌ای نمی‌توانند حتا درباره‌ی صادق هدایت بنویسند در اینجا بیاوریم، تا سترونی و دریوزگی ما در «آفرینندگی‌های آنان» آشکار گردد. لزومی هم ندارد خواننده از آنان بپرسد چرا اینهمه لاف و گزاف در لباس مبدل نخبگان غربی که نه‌تنها از ما و فرهنگ ما نیستند، بلکه هیچگاه برای ما و به خاطر ما ننوشته‌اند. خواننده می‌تواند بسیار آسانتر و ساده‌تر آنان را با پرسش‌هایی از این نوع مواجه نماید و مطمئن باشد که در جوابش درمی‌مانند: ژول ورن از کدام فرهنگ است؟ معنایش چیست که او نه از فرهنگ ما بلکه از فرهنگ اروپایی‌ست، بویژه وقتی در فضای رمان‌های او مانند رمان‌های هربرت‌جرج ولز موازی‌هایی می‌توان یافت که بازشناختن آنها در پیش‌بینی‌های اختراعاتی و اختراعات لئوناردو داوینچی نباید دشوار باشد؟ چرا دکتر جکیل و مِستر هاید، مخلوق رابرت‌ لویی استیونسن نویسنده‌ی اسکاتلندی شخص را به یاد بیماری اسکیزوفرنی، کشف گوستاو بلویر، پزشک سوئیسی می‌اندازد؟ تازه تکلیف نویسندگانی چون موریس لبلان و مخلوقش آرسِن لوپن از یکسو و آرتور کانن ‌دُیل و مخلوقش شرلوک هلمس از سوی دیگر چه می‌شود، که از نویسنده‌ی اولی خطی به دکارت و از نویسنده‌ی دومی خطی به فرانسیس بیکن می‌توان رسم نمود؟ موریس لبلان مانند دکارت فرانسوی است و آرتور کانن دُیل مانند فرانسیس بیکن انگلیسی. این ارتباط و مشابهت فرهنگی تصادفی نیست. خواننده کافی‌ست به خصوصیات آرسن لوپن و شرلوک هلمس توجه کند. آرسن‌لوپن دزدی‌ست با مهارت‌های گوناگون و نه به‌ندرت با اغراض شرافت‌مندانه که تمام نقشه‌کشی‌هایش، از جمله برای دستبرد یا یافتن راه فرار از چنگ پلیس، همواره مبتنی بر تعقل است. چنین روش و شیوه‌ای فقط در فرهنگ دکارتی میسر می‌گردد. شرلوک هلمس کارآگاهی خصوصی‌ست که از سرکنجکاوی شخصی دزدی‌ها و جنایت‌ها را با روش تجربه و آزمایش کشف می‌کند. دستیارش پزشکی‌ست به نام دکتر واتسون . به‌خصوص در همکاری این دو می‌توان نموداری دید از کاربرد آزمون و تشخیص در جنایت شناسی. روش آزمون در پی‌ریزی علم از آن فرانسیس بیکن است. اینکه موریس لبلان تعقل را از دکارت یاد گرفته یا اساساً او را می‌شناخته، یا چنین رابطه‌ای میان آرتور کانن دُیل و فرانسیس بیکن وجود داشته، نه مورد نظر من است و نه بعنوان واقعیت در بررسی ما اهمیت دارد. اهمیت این دارد که خصوصیات درونی فرهنگ‌ها تا چه حد می‌توانند همریشه باشند و به‌صورتهای گوناگون بروز نمایند. شاهدش را به آسانی می‌توانیم در فرهنگ خودمان بیابیم: در تسلط بینش عرفانی و نگرش خیامی نسبت به امور، خیامی که مطلقاً عارف نبوده‌است. همسانیِ این دو در تفاوتی که با هم دارند رسیدن به مراد خویش است: خیام به‌سبب وقوفش به گذرا بودن جهان و اطمینان نداشتن به آنچه سپس خواهد آمد یا به اینکه اصلاً سپسی خواهد بود، می‌خواهد دَمها را غنیمت شمرد، و عرفان از این جهان گذرا رویگردان است، چون حقیقت و پایداری را در پس آن پنهان می‌بیند و می‌پندارد برای رسیدن به این آخری باید از آن اولی برید.

    اندیشمندان جدیدالتأسیس ما که خودبه‌خود نمی‌توانند از متفکران غربی و تئوری‌های آنان دل بکنند، طبیعی‌ست که از دیدار توریستی سه چهار تنی از فیلسوفان غربی نزد خود مشعوف می‌شوند، بویژه که اینطور می‌نماید که این فیلسوفان ما را در ردیف خودشان به‌حساب می‌آورند، چون به هرسان یکی از دیگری دموکرات‌تراند و آمدن کسانی چون یورگن هابرماس و ریچارد رورتی را دال بر همسخنی آنها با خودشان می‌کنند. بنابراین زبان حالشان که گاهی به زبان قال نیز تبدیل می‌گردد این است: بیخود می‌گویند، تهمت می‌زنند ـ و طبیعتاً منظورشان من هستم ـ که خبری و اثری از فلسفه و فلسفه‌دان، از اندیشه و اندیشنده نزد ما نیست. اگر چنین حرفی صحت داشت، اینقدر مقالات فلسفی در مجلات ما نوشته نمی‌شدند، اینقدر ما مسائل فلسفی را مطرح نمی‌کردیم. اینقدر راه‌حلهای فلسفی برای مسائل غیرفلسفی نمی‌یافتیم، اینقدر مباحثات فلسفی‌مان در نشریه‌هامان درنمی‌گرفت تا بتوانیم در چهارچوب آنها برخی بر ضد برخی دیگر به هم نزدیک شویم، همدیگر را تأیید نماییم، نان به هم قرض دهیم، ضمناً این را نیز به همدیگر بفهمانیم که دست کمی از هم نداریم. بسیاری از تأییدها و همگویی‌ها از این نظر لودهنده‌اند. مثلاً وقتی می‌نویسیم: من با فلانی هم‌عقیده هستم؛ یا فلانی این دو مسئله را به درستی پی در پی آورده؛ یا در ضمن گذرا متذکر شویم: که کاش فلانی به ارتباط دو امر a وb نیز می‌پرداخت و جای خالی آن را در نوشته‌اش پر می‌کرد. به هرسان چه آرامش دوستدار بپسندد چه نپسندد ما همیشه در صحنه‌ایم. و این موجب و فرصت را نیز برای شناساندن خودمان و ارزشهامان از دست نمی‌دهیم. این موجب و فرصت کدام‌ها هستند؟ حکومت جمهوری اسلامی و جامعه‌اش که در آن سگ صاحبش را نمی‌شناسد. حکومتی که به دعوتش فیلسوفان بزرگ و «دلسوز» غربی به پایتخت فرمانروایی‌اش آمده‌اند. و نتیجه‌اش هم کاملاً مثبت بوده‌است، هم برای ما که بر اعتماد به ‌نفس فلسفی‌مان افزوده شده، و هم برای آنان که به اذعان خودشان کشفیات بسیار ارزنده‌ای نزد ما کرده‌اند. مدرکش را همینجا می‌توان نشان داد:

    در شناخت متقابل، آنچنانکه یورگن هابرماس به‌فراست دریافته، آنان از ما عقب‌ترند: از جمله‌ی ارمغان‌هایی که یورگن هابرماس در بازگشت از ایران به آلمان آورده یکی این کشف بوده که ایرانی‌ها درباره‌ی «ما» اروپایی‌ها بیشتر می‌دانند تا برعکس! اگر او به جای «ما» گفته بود «من»، هم سخنش درست بود و هم وضع نزار ما ایرانی‌ها آشکار می‌شد. لیکن چون او نه «من» بلکه «ما» به‌کار برده، با اینکه خود ما لااقل جسته و گریخته شنیده‌ایم که نخست اروپاییان فرهنگ ما را به خودمان شناسانده‌اند، قضیه، به گونه‌ای که یورگن هابرماس دیده، برعکس می‌شود و ما با خیال راحت به صدای بلند می‌توانیم بگوییم: ببینید ما دیگر چقدر درباره‌ی دستاورهای اروپایی می‌دانیم که یورگن هابرماس نیز فهمیده ‌است! یکی از نشانه‌های صحت تشخیص یورگن هابرماس روابط نزدیک و صمیمانه‌ای‌ست که ما، از جمله با فلسفه‌ی خود او نیز داریم و نه تنها با او و فلسفه‌اش، بلکه تقریباً با همه‌ی فیلسوفان و متفکران جدید غربی از حاضر و غایب. مثلاً با «هستی‌شناسی!»مان پابه‌پای مارتین هایدگر پیش می‌رویم ـ با او که حتا لاتینی‌زبانها را نیز در فلسفه به بازی نمی‌گرفت ـ تا به پیشوایی‌اش هرچه زودتر Dasein را از این سرگردانی دیرپا نجات دهیم، بویژه که چنین موجودی میان ما نیز دیده شده‌است! بجای نوشتن کتابی جمع و جور اما اساسی به منظور «خواندن و فهمیدن یورگن هابرماس» مثلاً با یک‌چنین عنوانی، در ششسد هفت‌سد صفحه یورگن هابرماس را «بازخوانی!» می‌کنیم و همراه او و ماکس وبر، در جست و جوی ابعاد دیگری از «عقلانیت»، به جز آنچه آن دو یافته‌اند، بر می‌آییم و با آنان «گفتمان» جدی و طبعاً یکطرفه برقرار می‌سازیم! ضمناً از بردن نام سدها اروپایی و آمریکایی مهم و کم‌تر مهم نیز لحظه‌ای غافل نمی‌مانیم. یا روح ژان‌پل سارتر را در کتابی ششسد صفحه‌‌یی دائماً احضار می‌کنیم، همه‌ی مراجع را در زبان اصلی به‌دست می‌دهیم ـ یعنی ما فرانسه‌دان هستیم ـ بی‌آنکه حتا یکبار جرأت کنیم ترجمه‌ی چند عبارت از او را با نشان دادن مأخذ و موضع دقیق آن در گیومه بیاوریم، مبادا گیر بیفتیم. در سایه‌ی نیچه و نیهیلیسمش لنگان و عصا به‌دست می‌تازیم تا اروپاییان گمان نکنند نیچه هنر کرده گفته «خدا مرده است». هشت‌سدسال پیش از او حسین‌بن‌منصور حلاج خودمان ناگهان شخصاً خدا و بیدرنگ کشته شد؛ و سرانجام با هانس بلومن‌برگ، یکی از اریژینال‌ترین فیلسوفان آلمانی قرن بیستم ـ درباره‌اش گفته‌اند: کسی که می‌خواهد او را ببیند باید او را بخواند ـ در می‌افتیم، با او که اگر زنده هم بود، برای ما نامرئی می‌ماند و روحش هم از شمشیربازی فلسفی ما با خودش خبردار نمی‌شد.

    مسلم است که این حرفها را من به استهزا می‌زنم و نه از سر «خیرخواهی». این شیوه‌ی «ناپسند» را من به‌کار می‌برم تا کاریکاتورهایی که ما از غربی‌مآبیِ خودمان ساخته‌ایم چشم‌گیرتر و مضحکه‌شان آشکارتر گردد. تعداد آدم‌های بسیار باملاحظه و پر از حسن‌نیت میان ما آنقدر زیاد است که دل آدم بهم می‌خورد. اما غالبشان دو دوزه‌بازند و آب‌زیرکاه. تازه این‌که چیزی نیست. در پس همه‌ی این تصویرهای ناجور اما جورواجور که من از روابط «تنگاتنگ» خودمان با متفکران غربی ترسیم و برجسته کردم آشکارا ناجنسیِ من نیز نهفته است، چیزی که ذره‌‌ای از حقیقت آنها نمی‌کاهد. کاملاً روشن است و حرف ندارد: آنهایی که خود را در مظان اینگونه اتهامات می‌بینند و خویش‌نمایی خود را بصورتی که من برملأ ساخته‌ام نمی‌پسندند، با وجدانِ راحت در برابر این نسبت‌های «ناروایی» که من به آنها داده‌ام بایستند و با من معامله‌ به‌ مثل کنند. منتها با آوردن دلیل و برهان بطلان سخنان من را نشان دهند، نشان دهند که آنچه می‌نویسند محتوایی جز آن دارد که پنهان و آشکار از روی دست غربی‌ها نگاه کرده‌اند. شیوه‌ی من حمله‌ی مستقیم و آشتی‌ناپذیر است، چون هیچگونه زمینه‌ای برای نزدیک شدن به «رقیبان» به‌منظور یافتن مخرجی مشترک که مبنای گفتگو شود، مطلقاً وجود ندارد. هر چشمِ بازی می‌تواند آن را ببیند. با این وصف تمام این کولاژها در کل و جزءشان بازگردانی از واقعیت محض در فرهنگ ما هستند. واقعیت محض را در این باید دید که ما در آثار «بی‌نظیرمان» خود را همسر و همدم متفکران غربی می‌دانیم و معرفی می‌کنیم، معلوم نیست به چه اجازه‌ای! به همین جهت نیز پروا نداریم با آنان که در میدان عمل خودشان روسلان چاگایف و نیکلای والویف هستند اما زورشان بدنی نیست دراُفتیم، مانند پهلوان‌پنبه‌هایی که خارج از رینگ در برابر اشباح این دو غول بکسور به این سو و آنسو بجهند و به فضایی خالی از این دو ضربات فنی وارد آورند. خوشبختانه بکسورهای ما عقل و شعور دارند، چنین اداهایی از خودشان در نمی‌آورند تا مردم آنان را ریشخند کنند. در بخش زندگی روحی و ذهنی وضع کاملاً طور دیگری‌ست. فکر و فلسفه و علوم انسانی و علوم طبیعی، کُشتی و بُکس نیستند که وارد شدن در «رینگ» آنها خطر جانی داشته‌ باشد. هر کسی می‌تواند در خانه‌ی خود با آنها نجوی کند یا به آنها «هل من مبارز» بگوید. اما مرکز علم و اندیشه فقط همچنان غرب است. خارج از این خطه‌ی غربی‌زی و غربی‌نگر که از نظر تمدنی و فرهنگی همتا و نظیری ندارد، نمی‌توان در دانشوری و اندیشیدن پرورش دید و سهیم گشت. به این ترتیب «اندیشمندان و دانشوران» ما مجازند در چهار دیواری امن و امان میهن خود هرچه می‌خواهند بیندیشند، هر دانشی می‌خواهند از خودشان درآورند و آن را هرجا که می‌خواهند به‌کار برند، و اجر و پاداششان را در جمهوری اسلامی ببینند، و می‌بینند. بی‌جهت نیست و حقیقت دارد که «ما اندیشمندان و دانشوران» آنچنان در وطن مألوف شهره‌ی آفاق می‌شویم و شده‌ایم که بِئس‌البدل‌های غربی می‌توانند حسرتش را بخورند. هم موفقیت ما در این زمینه و هم علل و نتایج آن که به تخریب ذهنی و روحی جوانان منجر می‌گردد، همه لودهنده‌ی خویشاوندی عمیق و پنهان ما در بافت جامعه‌ی اسلامی‌مان هستند. گواه آن این است که ما عملاً در هر زمینه‌ای، از جمله در زمینه‌ی فرهنگ به معنای اخص آن، جایی «گفتمان» می‌کنیم که سازندگان و عاملانش ما را از هر نظر سراپا بی‌سیرت کرده‌اند. به چنین حکومت و جامعه‌ای خیلی آشکار نان قرض می‌دهیم تا جلوی عرض اندام فکری ما را نگیرد! این نان قرض دادن یعنی کور و کر و لال ماندن در برابر فاجعه‌ای که اُلگوی اصیلش اسلام دو سده‌ی نخستین است. آنهایی که اکنون ماتادور گاوبازی‌های فرهنگی شده‌اند خشنود باشند که بر نعش جامعه‌ای پا می‌کوبند که تازه پنجاه سال از عمر متمدن شدنش می‌گذشت و داشت کم‌کم جان می‌گرفت.

  50. BiBiJon says:

    For antidote to the crap in _http://www.lobelog.com/an-iranian-conservatives-guide-to-making-viral-happyiranians-youtube-videos/



  51. Smith says:

    fyi says:
    May 23, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Wonderful article. In it we read: “… the children who were told they were intelligent rather than hard-working learned to measure their own intelligence from the praise. In fact, they seemed to take low performance as an indicator that they simply weren’t up to the task. The children praised for their effort seemed to learn that intelligence was “malleable” and defined it in terms of “motivation and knowledge.””

    In fact whenever I have tried to explain the pathetic performance of Iranians to Iranians, the one typical answer that one hears is that Iranians are the most intelligent people on earth (and history) and it is the fault of akhonds of IRI that are holding the people back. Another typical answer heard from pro-IRI people is that “every thing is fine and the rest is the fault of the Jews”.

    After much deliberation, I also have come to conclusion that these people have had their brains damaged in early childhood. They have become incapable of rational thought processes required for scientific endeavor. They feel entitled to have all kinds of modern amenities but without the curiosity and diligence required to bring those amenities about. Typical cargo cult behavior.

  52. Jay says:

    BiBiJon says:
    May 23, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Thank you for the link that summarizes Iranian achievements.

    There is always room for improvement, and criticism that is accompanied by practical and workable solutions can help.

    So, what are these practical and workable solutions along the economic dimension?

    I wish to focus on the economic dimension in order to avoid value judgements to the extent possible.

    I also would like the conversation to be forward looking – as hindsight can be 20/20.

    Here is an opportunity to engage in constructive criticism. Given the current state of the world in relation to Iran, what workable and practical solutions should be explored that Iran is not exploring?

  53. Jay says:

    Incidentally, the post above was an open invitation to all!

  54. BiBiJon says:

    Explaining the pathetic performance of Iranians to Iranians


  55. BiBiJon says:

    Jay says:
    May 23, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    IMF’s view


  56. kooshy says:

    Why is it that any time US miscalculates and makes mistakes on her foreign policy initiatives with possible consequential reduction on US’s global and ME particular hegemony, the shit head gets nervous and blames the Iranians and their well understood, deserved scientific integrity through out the history of planet’ civilization. If US can’t secure Israel and you want to blame Iran because she had a revolution that’s ok, but one needs not to dirty his own pants.

  57. Karl.. says:


    Exactly why are you keep the sanctions coming on Russia west?

    I mean have no no plan at all?!

  58. Karl.. says:

    must proof read the posts, should be:
    I mean have THEY no plan at all?!

  59. BiBiJon says:

    kooshy says:
    May 23, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    By Shit heads I guess you mean Cyi and Zmith. You are right though the timing of their spewing nonsense cannot be a coincidence. Set your watch by it; Every time there’s grounds for optimism, anytime the worst of Netanyahu’s slanders fail to gain traction, when there’s predictable blowback from misguided policies of Iran’s adversaries, these two start their Islam, Iran, and Iranian bashing with such visceral hatred that you wonder what lives have they lived.

  60. Rehmat says:

    fyi….. Talking of “achievements”…….

    In secular Israel and the West, you can curse God, Jesus, all Prophets, your parents, religious leaders, politicians; but you not dare even mildly criticize anything “Jewish” or “Israel” lest you be branded for life as an “Anti-Semite”, or even still “murdered” in “self-defense”. Most of the world is ignorant of the Rabbinic teaching in the Babylonian Talmud deliberately mis-translated into English or purposefully unavailable. Yet scholars such as Dr. Israel Shahak, an Israeli, in his book Jewish History, Jewish Religion offers some interesting quotes from Jewish Holy Talmud.


  61. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 23, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Israel is not a secular country or state; it is quite religious and the Rabbinate hold unconstitutional power in that country.

    But, coming back to your point, 800 years of being asleep is not to be overcome during 34 years of the nationalistic rule of the Islamic Republic.

  62. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 23, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    In regards to Mr. Brooks; the way it is done is that Israelis send a note to Jewish organization in US, and like good little soldiers, they in turn send emails or announce in the Shul that Israel is in danger and their help is needed.

    Next talking-points, Youtube videos, PowerPoint slides etc. are furnished to American Jews who would then disseminate that among their friends and acquaintances.

    All of it propaganda that points to an internal weakness; reminiscent of similar material extolling India or Iran (those that I am familiar with.)

    As wrote before, I pity all these people who think that they are engaged in something noble and heroic – which they are not; just stealing other people’s lands and property and killing them in the process.

  63. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 23, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Sample Propaganda – forwarded email

    Subject: Fwd: The Most Revealing Video About The Middle East You Will Ever See | Israel Video Network

    The Most Revealing Video About The Middle East You Will Ever See | Israel Video Network

    Check out this eye opener on the reality that is the Middle East and come away with a greater appreciation for the only democracy that offers those who reside within it the benefits of free expression, religious freedom, and freedom of the press; Israel.


  64. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 23, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    And Reality is this:


    Basically, Israeli soldiers, a poorly disciplined army of drafted soldiers – shoot Palestinians on a whim – including Palestinian medics.

    A competent court must try IDF officers and others responsible….

  65. Rehmat says:

    fyi – Were Muslim asleep when they liberated your Jewish ancestors from Christian slavery in Spain, Sicily, Greece and even france? Those Muslim never called their countries “Islamic States”. You can learn some Jewish history even from such Arab-hating Jewish scholars like Bernard Lewis.

    Canadian-born anti-imperialist Jewish journalist, author and blogger, Eric Walberg, in his new book, ‘From Postmodernism to Postsecularism: Re-emerging Islamic Civilization’ has claimed that “Islam is the Road to Peace”.


  66. Jay says:

    BiBiJon says:
    May 23, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Thank you. I am familiar with the IMF’s report. My post was intended to solicit comments beyond raw criticism that we hear here and elsewhere regarding Iran’s xxxxx (fill in the blank).

    I read this morning the post by Smith in which he was trying to point out some shortcomings of Iran’s scientific accomplishments. One can heavily criticize the US scientific accomplishments retrospectively by pointing out all that was not achieved and in some respect was important. However, although historically interesting, its future value can only be realized if practical lessons are learned from it.

    So, rather than raw criticism, I ask, given where Iran is today, sanctions and all, and, focusing on economic development, what concrete and practicable steps should Iran take that she is not taking right now?

  67. kooshy says:

    Jay says:
    May 23, 2014 at 11:51 pm


    What I can envision and think of a road map of more rapid and secure advancement of economic and scientific development of Iran is in 2 parts and I am not sure if currently Iran is doing what they can or they can do more. Economically I wouldn’t sell Iran’s Gas to outside of my region I even give first priority to shieh and allied communities and countries and to immediate neighbors of Iran, I will try to increase their GDP by selling them and making them a reliable energy source that in turn will make them consumers of Iran manufactured goods if the reduced gas price is in form of credit toward non energy Iranian goods. Once they are reliant on Iranian energy supplies they will become more interested in a mutual regional security, on scientific development again I will share with neighbors and specially allies and shieh community first.
    Since Iran is the most advance industrial and scientific country in her neighborhood I would provide higher education at Iranian universities to neighboring country’s students at subsidized rates ( provided they pass certain level test like SAT), on other front like Japan of 1950’s I would encourage taking, copying, re-engineering everything and all goods and manufactured products to sure up a solid industrial base that can support academic research on higher level (just like what the Iranian military did in last 25 years).

    All I say, is that my focus would be on developing and advancing us along with our neighbors, but I also agree that Iran meanwhile needs to reduce the tension with her adversaries as much as possible without giving up any significant, meaningful ground, one can achieve and advance a lot more and a lot faster if there is no road block or nuisances.

    I am not sure if Iran is not doing all that, but think Iran should and can sell and trade her energy with neighbors at more favorable rates. Iran now has the capacity to invite more Tajik, Afghan, Iraqi, etc. students to Iran’s academic institutions and even give them research grants, over all I hope Iranian do away with looking to far west and far east and can see what the jewel their region is and that’s where Iran’s power has been and is throughout all her history.

  68. Richard Steven Hack says:

    IAEA Confirms: Iran Sharply Reducing Uranium Stockpile
    20 Percent Enriched Uranium Almost Used Up

  69. BiBiJon says:

    Jay says:
    May 23, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    I like Kooshy’s suggestions. And, add: a system of tariffs that disadvantages predatory economies of the ‘developed’ world, and encourages trade with developing countries, particularly neighbors.

    Also, I would add significant financial incentives for higher education graduates not to emigrate. E.g. a system of expensive (at real cost) tuition fees paid for by government student loans which a student pays back within 15 years by installments, or by work credits, i.e. if you live and work in Iran then you don’t pay.

  70. Richard Steven Hack says:

    Another David Sanger propaganda piece relying on the thoroughly debunked “Laptop of Death”…

    Iran Is Providing Information on Its Detonators, Atomic Agency Says

  71. BiBiJon says:

    David (livid) Sanger (anger) has been relegated to Saturday’s edition

    But, but, but there are many other laptop issues to answer ….


  72. BiBiJon says:


    Eric Edelman, Dennis Ross and Ray Takeyh insist on “congressional authorization for the use of force to respond to violations of the P5+1-Iran agreement.”

    They cite precedents for congressional involvement in the executive branch’s deals/treaties in times past. But of course there are no precedents where an agreement with a country you are not at war with gets to be put on war footing upon signing such an agreement. I mean who would sign an agreement with US, if that signature then meant without further ado the US can bomb you.

    Of course nobody would sign such an agreement and that is entirely the point of this piece in WaPo yesterday.

    The single most important thing that Obama did to convince Iran he is serious about trying to achieve a deal with Iran was to jettison Dennis Ross out of the White House.

  73. Rehmat says:

    According the Newsweek, Chinese community learns from Jewish Talmud how to make more money.

    On December 29, 2010, Isaac Stone Fish wrote that his Chinese friend believes that Jews are “Very smart, very clever, and very good at business”. Now, who could challenge that considering how the Jews at Wall Street sucked US$11.6 trillion from US taxpayers as bail-outs. Not to mention US$3 trillion USAID to Israel since 1970s.


  74. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    Iran Hangs Billionaire Over $2.6bn Bank Fraud


    Unfortunately when your government is by and for bankers- you know, like in the US and Europe- it’s unthinkable that you might have to occasionally execute one.


    Imagine for a moment the whole “Great Recession” fiasco and events since 2008 if “execution of bank fraudsters” was a possibility.

    Lovely thought, isn’t it?

    Thank God for Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran where billionaire fraudster have to consider the option of “execution” in their “risk assessment”- if you know what I mean.

    Yes I know, there are many big fish that have gotten away in Iran- hey, some of them currently serving in this administration (oops, did I say that out loud?)- but, hey at least we try.

    The so-called civilized nations don’t even try anymore.

  75. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    When you REALLY need a positive economic report…

    Italy to add drug trafficking, prostitution to GDP figures


  76. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    Jay, kooshy,

    Better to first define what we want to analyze, right?

    Like I said, if we include the “grey economy” in calculating Iranian GDP- and I don’t mean drug trafficking and prostitution, I mean “normal” economic activity not related to vice but which is un- and undereported- Iran’s GDP is around $2-2,5 trillion.

    That would make Iran the 8-10th largest economy in the world per GDP PPP.

    Not bad.

    Now if you wanna add the boozing, drugs and prostitutes…well it’s all estimates isn’t it?

  77. Jay says:

    Thanks Kooshy and BiBiJon for sharing the ideas. I like all of the ideas mentioned.

    Two easily accessible reports (and readable) related to Iran’s mid-term planning can help guide discussions of future.

    http://muftah.org/irans-economic-crisis-a-failure-of-planning/ and the broader view

    In these reports, two issues related to your suggestions. First, the sanctions regime has created a real impediment, for example, to expanding energy and trade ties even with neighboring countries. While Iran has intensified efforts to find bypass options, a robust solution remains to found and implemented. This solution seems to be a pre-requisite to rapidly creating a local economic energy bloc – although slow progress continues to be made.

    The second issues relates to management. This is both a structural and a human resource issue. For example, the success of “resistance economy”, a concept proposed to partially deal with western sanctions, will be very much dependent on an quantifiably accountable infrastructure and management systems and personnel.

    Iran’s investment in R&D infrastructure has not lived up to her commitments in the 4th and 5th plan. This investment is important with respect to long term advancement of Iran’s goals. Although scientific achievements and military hardware construction have been impressive, industrial and production R&D has not lived up to expectations. However, these shortfalls seems to be also attributable to sanctions plus poor management. So, in my view, the detailing, implementation, and improved management of the “resistance economy” must take precedence. While there are many devotees in the government that believe in the ideals and concepts of Iran’s path of independence, there appears to be a lack of sufficient infrastructure and expertise. So, the question would be: Should the building of competent management infrastructure take center stage?

  78. Jay says:

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 24, 2014 at 10:20 am

    yes, good point!

    One of the challenges of including “grey” economy is its transient (locale and time) nature. This would make planning and evaluating long term contributions to economic advancement difficult. Iran’s development plans do not include these figures as far as I can tell.

  79. Jay says:

    Jay says:
    May 24, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Too quick with the “submit button”!

    …two issues related to your suggestions [are mentioned]

  80. masoud says:

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 24, 2014 at 9:53 am

    I think this was a disaster. The man wasn’t executed because of his crimes, but because of his perceived political loyalties(or lack thereof). At least two out of every three Iranian businessesmen is guilty of forging documents to misstate the value of something or other, and every super rich Iranian got that way because of coonections to people in political power that either enabled them to get government contracts or credit, or both, to do what they did. We have no Iranian Warrren Buffets, or Billl Gates.Never mind the unmitigated hipocrisy of the reigns of the judicial system being handed over to a family as corrupt as the worst of them and using that power to extract bribes from the very same people they are so hung ho about hanging. At the very least Mr Aria hasn’t stowed his money away in foreign bank accounts, or sheltered himself in Oxford university to pursue anotjer one of these fake phd’s, unlike Saif-al-Islam, or “Junior”.

    I don’t think Iran needs to bend over backwards to attract to attract foreign capital and incentivize investment in Iran, but actively scarrimg away anybody that would consider it is a disastrous policy.

  81. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 23, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    The “Peace” in Islam is the inner peace of the believer who does not know where his volition ends and that of God’s begin.

    Islam is not a religion of Peace in the external world that human beings inhabit; in that world, Islam is a religion of both Peace and War.

    As I stated before, 800 years of being asleep and refusing to think cannot be overcome in a few decades.

  82. fyi says:

    masoud says:

    May 24, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Fundamentally, crimes against property should not be punishable by death.

  83. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    Whatever the political affiliation- and remember guys like this have “political affiliations” with whomever it is necessary- I’m in favor of executing fraudsters on this level.

    It changes the “incentive structure” if you know what I mean.

    Like I wrote, many have gotten off but still this a good example. Gives us hope that Junior will see his day as well.

    And for the record, some Larijanis are corrupt, others aren’t.

    Also I don’t buy this whole entrepreneurial meritocracy bullshit in the US that would supposedly “be good” for Iran (whoever might argue that).

    Bill Gates is a case in point. Stole the original OS that started the whole thing and his largest client is the US government and within that its the Pentagon.

    It got so bad that Janet Reno started going after him- which prompted him to spend heavily on Republican candidates in the next elections.

    And all of this with Windows actually and in reality sucking.

    Microsoft is basically a big printing press that sells to the US government.


    Warren Buffet- who is a very charming human being- has himself said many times that his case is total historical freak accident. He says it himself. He says that its statistically very unlikely that anyone would find similar global and personal circumstances that have led to his financial success.

    1 out of 200-300 million in the US, 1 out 5-7 billion globally.

    So as a myth/legend to get the wage slaves not to think about their “exploitation” its heart-warming. As a model for creating wealth and welfare for a nation it sucks.

    Anyway I don’t believe the whole entrepreneurial/meritocracy bullshit of the American dream. Empirical facts don’t support the thesis.

    The only thing that has ever lead to sustainable “development” and prosperity in the history of humanity is a family unit investing their hard-earned/saved/inherited money into a factory/service and working their asses off for a few generations.

    And yes, here protective tariffs against cheap imports over many decades is vital for industrial growth- like the US, Germany and Japan did for many decades against UK to build their industries. Like Iran has been trying since the revolution- when Hashemi and his cronies with exclusive agencies from western companies are not in power.

    Foreign direct investment does not lead to sustained long-term development because it is risk-averse and pulls out in periods of crisis.

    The problem in Iran is that many Iranian capitalists behave like foreign investors in their own country. This masoud-jan in my humble opinion is much more a cultural problem than a simple rational decision-making issue. Capitalists in many other countries- with similar or worse conditions as in Iran- don’t behave like this.

    The reason is that Iranian capitalists are used to cronyism- during Pahlavi and post-revolution- and any administration that doesn’t comply is punished.

    In Iran, getting rich quick by selling western products is “a way of life” that many are addicted to. Of course they will tell you that this is “good” for Iran and the Iranian consumer, but you know what, it’s a big fuckin lie. It’s not good for Iran.

    So we have middle-men and cronyism as the quick and easy road to wealth. In this climate, which young person would go through the headache of starting a factory to produce useful things- of course honestly and without paying bribes etc.?

    Thus: execute the bastards.

  84. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    Go and enjoy yourself with your friends from the Cato Institute in your theoretical phantasy libertarian paradise while we try to industrialize Iran.

    You know the greatest threat to Iran is not shitty little Israel or Pakistan requiring a nuclear deterrent on the Iranian side.

    The greatest threat to Iran are egoistic traitors who put personal and individual interests over and above national interests- who know the kinda of people “don’t want to waste [their] life” defending the country when its attacked by Saddam and not returning to help rebuild and…

    The biggest threat to Iran are the wealthy elites of north Tehran who spend 1 billion toman on a Porsche as a second or third car for their toole-sag in a country where the average wage is 700,000 tomans per month for a laborer.

    And when an administration comes long that wants to do something for normal people, they join hands with exiles and traitors who left many years ago and the historical enemies of Iran to hound, libel, slander, defame and destroy that government at any price- just so they can continue their arrogant blasphemy and enjoying privileges that come with being “property” owners.

    No fyi-jan, you’ve been gone far too long to even understand what I’m talking about. Enjoy your libertarian phantasy world and we’ll pray that more of these leaches sucking our blood are executed.

  85. fyi says:


    Mr. Rouhani:

    “You cannot take people into Heaven through force and through lashing.”

    “وی با تاکید بر اینکه مردم را سر مسائل جزیی و بیخودی و بی‌جهت و با بهانه‌های واهی اذیت نکنیم و بگذاریم مردم راحت بوده و در سلامت روحی باشند، گفت: اینقدر در زندگی مردم مداخله نکنید، ولو به خاطر دلسوزی؛ بگذاریم مردم خودشان راه بهشت را انتخاب کنند، نمی‌توان با زور و شلاق مردم را به بهشت برد! پیامبر (ص) شلاق در دست نداشت، پیامبر (ص) بشیر و نذیر بود و ما نیز باید بشیر و نذیر باشیم.همه باید کاری کنیم که آرامش در جامعه حاکم باشد. ”

    This is a start….

  86. nico says:

    fyi says:
    May 24, 2014 at 1:53 pm
    “Fundamentally, crimes against property should not be punishable by death.”

    And you are fundamentally wrong as usual when the discussion needs morality.

    One definition of money is debt
    Another definition is work.
    Meaning fundamentally when money is spent it buys work. You know work to to grow food. Work to manufacturing things, etc…
    So money equates work.

    Now when a fraudester take by immoral means take money from illegally by the billions…
    Well such scumbag is just robbing millions or billions of work hours.

    And what is billions of work hours other than thounsands or millions of people life ?

    As a conslusion such fraudester is just sucking the life out of society.

    That is highly punishable crime. As much or more than drug trafficking or a single murder.

    But one should expect from an amoral nihilist and individualist.

  87. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    Unfortunately for you and Jenabe “Rohani”(aka “Mr. Fereidoun”) this is what Ayatullah Khamenei (may Allah protect him) said just last week:

    سرفصل چهارم، آن هدفى است که امیرالمؤمنین نسبت به مردم، در دوران حکومت داشته است که نکته‌ى بسیار مهمّ و اساسى است. بنده میخواهم اندکى روى این نکته تکیه کنم. امیرالمؤمنین فرمود: اگر از من اطاعت کنید، من شما را به بهشت میرسانم. عبارت امیرالمؤمنین در خطبه‌ى نهج‌البلاغه این است؛ میفرماید: فَاِن اَطَعتُمونى فَاِنّى حامِلُکُم اِن شاءَ اللهُ عَلى‌ سَبیلِ الجَنَّة؛ فرمود اگر آنچه من میگویم، گوش کنید و عمل کنید، من شما را به بهشت خواهم رساند، ان‌شاءالله؛ وَ اِن کانَ ذا مَشَقَّةٍ شَدیدَةٍ وَ مَذاقَةٍ مَریرة؛ (۷) اگرچه این کار، بسیار دشوار است، بسیار سخت است، تلخ است. این حرکت، حرکت کوچکى نیست، حرکت آسانى نیست؛ این هدف امیرالمؤمنین [است‌]. رساندن انسانها به بهشت، هم در زمینه‌ى فکرى مردم، [هم] در زمینه‌ى روحى و قلبى مردم، [هم‌] در حیات اجتماعى مردم، نقش مى‌آفریند. من از این جهت روى این تکیه میکنم که گاهى شنیده میشود کسانى در گوشه‌وکنار وقتى صحبت از هدایت و راهنمایى و بیان حقایق دینى و مانند اینها میشود، میگویند آقا، مگر ما موظّفیم مردم را به بهشت برسانیم؟ خب بله؛ بله، همین است. فرق حاکم اسلامى با حکّام دیگر در همین است: حاکم اسلامى میخواهد کارى کند که مردم به بهشت برسند؛ به سعادت حقیقى و اُخروى و عقبائى برسند؛ [لذا] راه‌ها را باید هموار کند. اینجا بحثِ زور و فشار و تحمیل نیست؛ بحثِ کمک کردن است. فطرت انسانها متمایل به سعادت است، ما باید راه را باز کنیم؛ ما باید کار را تسهیل کنیم براى مردم تا بتوانند خودشان را به بهشت برسانند؛ این وظیفه‌ى ما است، این کارى است که امیرالمؤمنین بار آن را بر دوش خود گرفته است و احساس وظیفه میکند که مردم را به بهشت برساند

    Apparently Mr. Fereidoun is contradicting what Agha said just last week.

    I’m with Imam Ali (a.s.) and Agha on this one, not Mr. Fereidoun. What about you?

    You see his blatant contradiction of Agha would be a very interesting development and he would be entering Khatami territory, but don’t get too excited because Jenabe Fereidoun says whatever he needs to say- he doesn’t really mean it.

    Also him and his wife unfortunately have spent a little too much time with ahaliye Zafarniye over the last 35 years in their mosadere villa rather with, well, “Rohanis” and are repeating the chertiat rayej among the kofar of north Tehran.

    Unfortunately Imam Ali (a.s.) says otherwise. The Prophet (sawas) didn’t carry a whip but Ali (a.s.) certainly did. And he carried a sword. And he cut off the hands of thievfes with it, you know the ones that committed “crimes against property”.

    Wouldn’t be nice if one of his monafeq ministers would say these kufriat, instead of him with the turban of Prophet (sawas)?

    Unfortunately he spent the last 35 years a little too involved in secret negotiations at various junctures and thus had less time to spend on Quranic studies.

    If he had done that he would know that flogging is related to certain offenses against the law (yes I know, please don’t repeat your nonsense about religion and law for nth time)- not going to heaven or not.

    But even flogging per se is more civilized than certain jail terms. As the late great Shahid Sadr argued what’s more inhumane: flogging a person for five minutes where only he and maybe his wife know about it or sending the poor fellow to prison for 6 months for a relatively minor offense and the guy looses his house, insurance, his family gets into all sorts of problems, the kids loose their father.

    Come on smart-ass which one is more inhumane? You know this is not theoretical, just ask the poor lorry drivers smuggling cigarettes from Calais to Dover if they deserved to be sent to jail for 2 years for smuggling 100 cartons because he had problems paying his fuckin mortgage to these fuckin banks and feeding his kids as a lorry driver.

    What do you think, smart-ass?

  88. nico says:

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 24, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    He is a brainwashed freemason like individualist.
    He has lost all common decency.
    Money is the heart of the economy and a pillar of social relations.
    But for him that surely only is some theoritical abstraction.
    And Bernake QE and all other High Frequency trading is surely something moral for him.
    What a joke.

  89. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    Alas, a turban and a name change alone, do not an alim make.


  90. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    “Now when a fraudester take by immoral means take money from illegally by the billions…
    Well such scumbag is just robbing millions or billions of work hours.

    And what is billions of work hours other than thounsands or millions of people life ?

    As a conslusion such fraudester is just sucking the life out of society.

    That is highly punishable crime. As much or more than drug trafficking or a single murder.”

    Your excellent explanation is “right on the money”.

  91. Rehmat says:


    “You can take even a dog into Heaven through force and through stonning,” Israeli Rabbinical court.

    Israel daily YNet reported on June 16, 2011 reported that a Jerusalem rabbinical court recently sentenced a wandering dog (considered an impure animal by Halacha) to death by stoning. The cruel sentence stemmed from the suspicion that the spirit of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court’s judges 20 years ago, had been transferred into the dog’s body.


  92. fyi says:


    A communist was in Times Square (New York) saying:

    “Come to the Revolution, and we will all eat strawberry and cream!”

    A man responded:

    “But I do not like strawberry and cream.”

    and the communist thundered:

    “Come to the Revolution, and we will make you like strawberry and cream!”

  93. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    May 24, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Mr. Samore’s views are a trial ballon that is already rejected! It also contains inaccuracies and falsehoods. Iran’s political system has (correctly) rejected the (laughable) proposal by the West.

  94. nico says:

    fyi says:
    May 24, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    “Come to the Revolution, and we will make you like strawberry and cream!”


    Does your previous morally outrageous post makes you lose ground ?

    Your are lost in the same rotten libetal thinking you condamn yourself as degenarate !

    Not that liberal thinking is bad.

    But the kind of extremism, intolerance and morally rooten idelogy of the perfect neocon liberal like ideolog.

    You should keep posting about geopolitics and avoid economics and social matters the latters do not serve you well.

  95. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 24, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    Rabbinical Judaism suffers from the same malaise that Sharia Islam suffers; namely inflexibly codified and ossified regulations – all the while claiming to be Universal Divine Law.

    And it is for this similar reason that many modern Jews have broken with it and have elected to be living their lives outside of Israel and away from the virulent religiosity of legalistic (Pharisee) Judaism.

    The conceptual and practical problems of the Rabbinical Judaism as well as the resistance of un-observant Jews in Israel forced that country to remain what it is – in a half-way house between a Judaic Republic and a Secular Republic.

    You see, they lacked someone like the late Mr. Khomeini who could break with 2000 years of Tradition (in case of the late Mr. Khomeini it was more like a 1000 years) and amalgamate the principles of republicanism with those of Judaism.

    The result of tat failure is what you see, an unconstitutional system of governance with a hodge-podge of various legal schema – with a semi-independent state-within-state called the Rabbinate.

    I think the fundamental issue that anyone who wishes to construct a polity whose politics is inspired by and informed with Revelation is the articulation of a credible vision of sacramental politics.

    I will try to explain:

    In Islam, there a few religious sacraments: daily prayers, fasting, religious taxes/alms giving, the Hajj. To this may be added Shahada and as well as circumcision (for men). This later item is not in the Quran, curiously.

    These are sacrament performed by the individual.

    [Note that in Christianity, marriage is also a sacrament but not in Islam or in Judaism.]

    But when it comes to religious-based politics, I cannot think of any political sacraments – one could perhaps say that Hajj could be a political occasion, as the late Mr. Khomeini argued but I do not recall anyone designating it as a sacrament of politics in Islamic Milieu.

    One could argue that the Lesser Jihad is a political sacrament at times of war when Islam is in danger; but then we only have a single sacrament of politics in Islam.

    Does that mean that sacramental politics is not supported in Islam – for the most part?

    Or in Judaism?

    Can a sacramental politics be constructed in Islam? Or in Christianity? or in Judaism?

    If so, what could constitute the sacramental political life of a Muslim community, for example?

    Or Islamic Politics is to be public enforcement of a brick-layer’s idea of Islamic/Christian/Judaic Piety by the various enforcement organs of the state through different kinds of violence against the believers?

    Put another way, is sacramental politics – that is the existence of political acts that are sacraments of that religion – possible even?

    Or is like today the choice is between the Iranian Model (amalgamation of the Principles of Republicanism with those of Islam) and the Jihadi/Taliban Model of violent enforcement of the Medieval Islamic Piety as understood by lower social classes?

    I confess that I do not know the answers to any of these questions that have lately occupied my mind.

  96. nico says:

    fyi says:
    May 24, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    “Or Islamic Politics is to be public enforcement of a brick-layer’s idea of Islamic/Christian/Judaic Piety by the various enforcement organs of the state through different kinds of violence against the believers?”

    Again mocking the brick layer…
    You are an oligarchic troll mocking and direspecting people for their social status.
    That is social racism.

    Just like the liberal necocons you would like to impse your dorld views to the stupid populace.

    This is the kind of disrespect that FUNDAMENTALLY lead to war for humanitarian reasons.
    You know the kind of war propagandized to save exactely the same brick layer from some sort of autocratic regime.
    Ironically by masse killing of brick layers…

    Maybe you would rather suggest economic sanction to punish such regime by depriving the stupid populace of medecine ?

    Anyway according to you that is only the populace fault because such country was “asleep” much to long.
    Because of the stupid brick layer.


  97. Rehmat says:

    fyi – When was the last time you read your Talmud or Halaka?

    While Islamic Shari’ah commands tolerance toward Jews, Christians and Hindus – your Talmud calls for enslavement of every non-Jew.

    “If he is incapacitated, if he is abusive, if he committed adultery, it really doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t say yes, you’re stuck,” Susan Weiss, of the Center for Women’s Justice in Jerusalem.

    Unlike Syria, there is no separation between Jewish religion and State in Israel. This detrimental status quo has significant legal ramification for Israeli Jewish citizens especially for women. Under Jewish religious law, only husband has the right to give divorce to his wife (wives).

    A Civil Court in the Zionist entity cannot issue divorce certificate. Only a rabbinic court (batei din in Hebrew) has the power to issue a divorce certificate.

    On May 6, 2014, Israeli media (J Post, JTA, etc.) reported the story of an Israeli Jewish woman who decided to split from her husband. She went to a rabbinic court and, after two perfunctory hearings and little discussion, received a religious writ of divorce.

    However, the story did not end there. After a few months later when she received the divorce papers by mail, she was shocked to find out that the court had declared her an adulteress and put her on the “blacklist”, which forbids such woman to remarry her ex husband or her alleged new lover (boyfriend), according to the Jewish law. The said “blacklist” contains the names of women whose husbands refused to sign the divorce papers.

    The woman, who has petitioned the Supreme Court to have her name removed from the list, is one of more than 5,000 Israeli included on a list of women restricted from marrying based on prohibitions in traditional Jewish law.

    The list also includes children of mothers with non-Orthodox conversions and those who fall into the Jewish legal category known as Mamzer (bastard in English), defined as the offspring of certain forbidden sexual relationships, including children of married women who conceive extramarital and their descendants.

    In Islam, both husband and wife have equal rights to demand and get divorce. The only children who are considered “bastard” are those who were born outside marriage. The adulteress is the one who was involved in sexual act outside marriage with her free consent. Listen to Indian Muslim Sunni scholar Dr. Zakir Naik’s interpretation of women’s rights in Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic traditions. Dr. Naik has been banned to enter Britain and Canada for his support for Islamic resistance groups, Hamas and Hizbullah, fighting against the Zionist regime.


  98. Rehmat says:

    John Ibbitson, an Israeli poodle, is the chief political writer for the pro-Israel Toronto newspaper, The Globe and Mail. He is still chasing Justin Trudeau for criticizing the ruling Zionist government of Stephen Harper’s foreign policy in April, 2014.

    Not because the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau 41, praised the Islamic Republic or President Rouhani – but he gave an interview over a glass of vodka to Salam Toronto, a secularist Persian-language news outlet during the Persian New Year (Nowruz) celebration.

    During the interview, Justin mostly talked about his family, Iranian community, Nowruz and Canadian politics. He said though he disagrees with Harper’s foreign policy, every political party has to follow the local political trend when it comes to United States and Israel. Justin never said about Stephen Harper or John Baird’s knee-jerk support for Israel or that both of them suffer from Iranophobia.

    Joyce Bateman, Conservative Jewish MP from Winnipeg South attacked Justin claiming that he wants to “shift away from support for Israel – undermine Israel’s place in the world by opposing our (Harper’s) efforts to defend their rights to exist – by proclaiming his desire to befriend a radical regime (Iran) that is determined to destroy the state of Israel.”

    Marc Garneau, Liberal Jewish MP, caught Joyce’s lying tongue (The Canadian Jewish News, April 22, 2014). He challenged her to watch the un-edited video (below) without her Made-in-Israel eye-glasses to find out Justin did not say what he is being accused. Garneau also claimed that Justin (and his father) is a steadfast supporter and friend of Israel who has long stood against threat to its security and prosperity including the dangerous potential posed by a nuclear-armed Iran.

    Garneau’s response supports my earlier claim that Canadian political process has been Israelized.

    So what Justin Trudeau really told that group of secular ‘moderate” Iranians? According to Garneau, Justin said: “Whether it’s positioning around Israel or working closely with United States, Harper is very, very focused on what is going to play well at the ballot box.”

    Canada’s Jewish Lobby doesn’t like Justin for several other reasons. For example, one his personal friends and campaign adviser is Omar Alghabra, a Syrian-Canadian young politician from Liberal Party. The great majority of one million Muslims in Canada including this writer had voted for Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau (died in 2000), the most popular and long-running prime minister of Canada.

    Ibrahim Daniel, a board member of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, has this to say about Justin: “His values seem to embody the values of Canada from the 1960s. He is humble, open to new ideas, welcoming people from around the world, a more positive perspective – rather than the Conservatives where it seems that every person fends for himself, is suspicious of change, or of new Canadians. Trudeau is the opposite of Harper in so many ways.”

    Justin Trudeau visited the Zionist entity on tour organized by the Canada-Israel Committee. He told Rhonda Spivak with Winnipeg Jewish Review in November 2010: “It’s amazing to see how small the country is, when you get around it and just how extra-ordinary life is there. It was a real pleasure for me to be there.”

    However, Justin pissed off Spivak when he told her that American Muslims have every right to build a mosque near the so-called “Ground Zero”. He said that they were building community center and a prayer hall – not an Al-Qaeda training camp.

    Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Gregoire was born in France to a Turkish family of Sephardic Jewish descent (Huffington Post, May 17, 2012).


  99. fyi says:

    Rehmat says:

    May 24, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    You are not telling me anything that I did not already know.

    My point was something else however, which you seem not to have grasped.

    Let me draw your attention to 4 personages; the King, the Rebel, the (Religious) Scholar, and the (Tribal) Chieftain at the late Safavid period – specifically during the Siege of Esfahan during which thousands of souls starved to death.

    Now, during that period of time, the King was conforming to all the piteous actions of Islam, he was, in fact, spending most of his time with the equally piteous – per Muslim Orthopraxy – Scholar.

    The Rebel and his tribesmen an affiliated soldiers, were also praying 5 times a day, fasting etc. Per the Jihadists and Taliban and others of their ilk, they were Muslims in good-standing – even when they were helping themselves to the nubile Christian Armenian boys and girls for sexual pleasure.

    The (Tribal) Chieftain, equally an outwardly pious Muslim, with Muslim soldiers and tribesmen under his command, was residing 150 miles away from Isfahan. He knew what was going on there but he (and other Qizilbash Chieftains) wanted to see the Safavids destroyed because they felt they were more entitled to the throne – like so many barons during long stretches of the English history.

    These 4 men, through their actions as well as inactions, destroyed the Safavid states and plunged millions of people – Muslim and Christain – into 3 generations of chaos and warfare during which hundreds of thousands were killed, or died of disease or starvation.

    Yet, from a Muslim perspective, they had committed no sins against Islam or Muslims; their political actions was devoid of religious merit or de-merit.

    Now, pay attention here.

    If one claims – as the late Ibn Khaldun – that in Islam Religion and Politics cannot be separated like in Christianity (due to the absence of anything approaching the guidance of Jesus, the Blessed Son of Mary, in this matter) then it follows that there must exist a category of sins in Islam that are political in nature.

    Well, such categorization does not exist, to my knowledge.

    From the point of view of Muslim Orthopraxy, the late Shah Sultan Hussein – a pious Muslim man – ought to be somewhere in Heaven.

    On the other hand, I would personally think that the man deserves to be in a special place in Hell; reserved for those who did not perform their Duty as a Leader to the Muslim people.

    And I would hope that those Qizilbash leaders as well as the late Mullah Baqer Majlisi would be there with him to keep him company.

    For what purpose does it serve if one prays5 times a day and gives alms when his actions (or inactions) causes death and destruction to befall millions of Muslims as well as protected People of the Book?

    Again, those who propose Islamic Governance must be prepared to discuss and articulate categories of political sins in Islam.

  100. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    The same brick-layer that went and defended Iran while Master fyi fled to the US because he didn’t want to “waste his life”.

    Ironically he understands the historical significance of Imam, but not to the extent of fighting under his command in a defensive war to save his own homeland.

    Ego through and through.

    For those interested, Ayatollah Shahabadi (r) explains Islam and politics a generation before Imam (r). Unlike our friend who has confused many things in his mind in the few decades he has lived in darul kofr and as usual resorts to false historical analogies and tales with no relevance to the matter being discussed- Ayatollah Shahabadi explains that all “personal sacraments” are “inclusive” of politics.

    He specifically mentions the examples of ritual purity, fasting, prayer before mentioning zakat, haj and jihad.

    Yes, the old personal/political false dichotomy- the incurable deathly disease of modern liberal man.

    دین اسلام دین سیاسی است
    اغلب احکام واقیه نیز مشتمل است بر سیاست مثل طهارت و صوم وصلوه و زکوه و حج و جهاد و لزا متوان علی التحقیق گفت که دین اسلام دین سیاسی است.
    شزرات المعارف ص14


  101. Bussed-in Basiji says:

    Iranian officials obliged to announce assets value


    All the top Iranian officials have been obliged to announce the value of their assets to the Judiciary.

    The Expediency Council approved general outlines of a proposed plan, according to which all the top officials of the Islamic Republic will be obliged to announce their own assets, as well as assets of their wives and children, before and after their terms of service to the Judiciary, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on May 25.

    The supreme leader, the president, ministers, MPs, members of the Expediency Council and the Guardian Council, heads of judiciary departments, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, governor of the Central Bank, directors of all banks and insurance companies, governor generals and mayors, ambassadors and consul generals, and all their deputies are included in the plan.

  102. nico says:

    fyi says:
    May 24, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    “Again, those who propose Islamic Governance must be prepared to discuss and articulate categories of political sins in Islam.”

    What are you talking about ?
    You do not even wanna speak about robbing billions through fraud.
    For you that is benign.
    What is YOUR degenerate articulation and categories in the first place ?

    In truth I am not interested in yoir point I perfectly already know your degenerate liberal solid BS.

    You should maybe start by the US absolute total penitentiary population (in millions) and relative population (in percentage).
    Compare that to other so called autogratic regime, say like China.
    You will find that the US penitentiary population is not only far above relatively but also absolutely !
    Amazing, isn’t it ?

    Now you should try to articulate that with your degenerate liberal philosophy and explain it here.
    For everyone here to see how wise and “moral” you are…

    Surely would the US ban the death penalty. Then at such very moment your kind of degenerate liberal ideolog will call all other countries still practicing it as barbarian…
    And will push for war to liberate the oppressed populace.

    Just tell us why the death penalty still in effect in the US ?
    Maybe because of the stupid red necks ?
    The kind of red necks you maybe would like to punish for their stupidity ?

    You are the living example of the DEGENERATE liberal.

  103. nico says:

    Maybe one eats strawberry and cream in US prisons ?
    Who knows ?


  104. nico says:

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 25, 2014 at 2:35 am

    “Ego through and through.”

    His thinking is enclosed in the enlightment secular, liberal, individualist and egotistig philosophy.
    He has lost all notion of common decency, common good and what makes a society.

    He condamns western degenerate polities but have the exact same contempt, hubris and degenerate morality.

    The same that leaves western leaders in power when their popularity is record low.
    What is the issue anyway the populace is stupid and needs to be leaded by their betters !

    That is fundamentally oligachic and liberal degenerate views.
    He he has the nerve to criticize other forms of governance which have much more legitimacy.
    See leaders or systems elsewhere. Their popularity or high poll turnout ?

    In truth he does not care about legitimacy. He is above that !

  105. Sammy says:

    BiBiJon says:
    May 23, 2014 at 12:04 pm
    don’t miss http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2014/05/23/u-s-may-use-secret-team-to-cinch-iran-nuclear-deal/

    “””It makes sense that a deal that was as good as done before Rouhani got into office is getting derailed by overconscientious bureaucrats negotiating the details. This is very much the case of the fine print does not matter at all to either side. Recognition of Iran’s rights under NPT, and lifting of sanctions coupled to implementation of transparency measures, caps in level of enrichment and inventory will be sellable for both parties to their hardline factions.

    Recent news about “gaps” is only to make the nearly ready agreement sound like an achievement, while in reality it is pre-agreed, otherwise it would not have made any sense for either party to engage in negotiating details in the first place.

    Obama/US needs this agreement to balance off the lopsided ledger of friends-enemies in the region. Iran needs this for a more rapid development to satisfy a burgeoning highly-educated young population. Everything else is just theatrics.””””

    BiBiJon, kindly clarify, is above your assessment or is it in WSJ article, as I could find nothing…..

  106. Fiorangela says:

    Former US ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst on C Span Washington Journal this morning: “Russia’s deal with China reflect Putin’s weakness and desperation.” http://www.c-span.org/video/?319347-5/washington-journal-elections-ukraine

    I suspect Obama would kill to ink a deal that reflected similar “weakness” and “desperation.” Come to think of it, he has.

  107. fyi says:

    BiBiJon says:

    May 25, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Iranians need to open a center and study United Kingdom, since the birth of Britain in 1046.

    They need another center to study Western Intellectual history – say from the late Origen to the present.

    That is what is fundamentally lacking among non-Western people – the desire to learn for learning’s sake.

    That is why, like Japan – the best emulator of the Western Civilization among non-Western people – these non-Western countries reach a certain stage and stop.

  108. Rehmat says:

    Today, addressing the 7th General Assembly meeting of Islamic Radio and Television Union in Tehran, President Sheikh Rouhani underlined the importance of reinforcing media and news corporations in the Muslim states in a bid to display the true face of Islam to the world.

    “We can introduce a real face of Islam to the world, and by our production and solidarity, we shouldn’t allow the West to pioneer in news and images and interpret the events (in way of Israel wants); we should be the flag bearer in such moves,” said Rouhani.

    Rouhani stressed that the Muslim states can foil the (Zionist-controlled) West’s plots to distract the younger generation from the right path, and said: “We should display Islam’s real face and push away all those have chosen the incorrect path of following (blindly) the West and its reactionary behavior and those who have introduced Islam as religion of violence.”


  109. James Canning says:


    John Herbst surely knows Russia was negotiating price for the gas China would buy, for almost the past decade.

    Notion of “desperation” is ludicrous.

  110. James Canning says:

    The New York times today has an interesting piece on tourism in Crimea this season. Crusie ships have taken Yalta off the itinerary, probably for this year. Last year, 200 cruise ships called at Yalta.

  111. James Canning says:


    The huge numbers of people in US prisons has much to do with idiotic “war on drugs”.

  112. James Canning says:


    There is nothing “liberal” about neocons. You may have meant to say that some liberals work with the neocons to promote American interventionism.

  113. James Canning says:

    NYT reports the Pope has invited Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres to Rome next month, to work toward a deal on Israel/Palestine.

  114. nico says:

    James Canning says:
    May 25, 2014 at 1:17 pm
    “The huge numbers of people in US prisons has much to do with idiotic “war on drugs”.

    Sources ?
    So what ? Even if true it does not lessen the US system demerit.

    James Canning says:
    May 25, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    “There is nothing “liberal” about neocons. You may have meant to say that some liberals work with the neocons to promote American interventionism.”

    You are simply wrong.
    Neocons are liberal.
    They are from trostkist roots and cultural with internationalist worldviews and social liberal turned ultra-liberal in the 70ies and the 80ies.

    They are liberal, but the kind of degenerate liberalism when it only fits their whim, exeptionalism and worldviews.

    Just like fyi they have comptent for the populace.

  115. Richard Steven Hack says:

    Yes, it’s about oil/gas…

    Did a Neoliberal Energy Grab Backfire?
    Crimea: an EU-US-Exxon Screwup

  116. Richard Steven Hack says:

    War Crimes of the Insurgents
    The ‘Revolutionary’ Face of the Syrian Conflict

    As usual, the reality is one hundred percent opposite what the gov/media tell you…

  117. Richard Steven Hack says:

    For those who think Obama has given up in Syria…

    US Aids Syrian Rebels

  118. Richard Steven Hack says:

    New Kaveh Afrasiabi…

    Iran Viewpoint: What Brought The West To The Table – OpEd

  119. James Canning says:


    The sheer idiocy of American prisons full of minor drug users is obvious.

    Trotskyites were not “liberals”. Many of the original neocons were Trotskyites.

    Part of the programme is simply a giant scam, intended to benefit Israel by manipulating the levers of American power.

  120. Smith says:

    “Learning for learning’s sake” (and beyond): http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-27425224

    Corrupt cargo cult mofos should take note.

  121. Smith says:

    fyi says:
    May 24, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    Such sophistication, you can not expect to appear and progress in the internal environment of Iran. For this kind of progress, you need academic freedom that is non-existent in Iran’s very hostile anti-thinking society. In fact if you try to bring up such questions in Iran, you will be tortured and probably even killed. The power structure in Iran has become so corrupt that it has even surpassed the level of corruption before the revolution. They just hanged a corrupt businessman not for corruption but in order to hide the extent of corruption inside the power structure and to protect the super-corrupts running the gigantic corruption show in Iran.

    The questions that you raise have directly implications for these super-corrupts. Say, if we assume (and starting from basics), a holder of political position lying to the public for personal gain, is considered a “political sin”, with the kaffareh of hanging, then almost everyone in Iranian government will have to be hanged. No, no, no. That is not possible. Let’s go and baton fourteen years old girls on the streets for the “corruption” of “bad-hijabi”, all the while high officials who used to pimp Iranian girls into brothels of Dubai are roaming free.

  122. nico says:

    James Canning says:
    May 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    “The sheer idiocy of American prisons full of minor drug users is obvious.”

    Sources ?
    In your view does it lessen the US responsibilty in such (somz liberal would call) immoral and inhuman policy to “manage” its own population?
    Does it give the US legitimacy to lecture other countries about the so called human rights ?

    “Trotskyites were not “liberals”. Many of the original neocons were Trotskyites.”

    Well I stated just the same.
    It depends on what is your definition of liberal currents.
    Do you deny the neocons are internationalist and support ultra-liberal economics ? I mean nowadays not 30 years ago or more.
    Do you deny the neocons as trostkyites wher fully involved in the so called social liberation of the sixties ?
    It is well known fact that the trostkyites (at least in France and I very much supsect elsewher as well) were behind or at least supportive of that trend. That is the destruction of the traditional society.

  123. Rehmat says:

    On Saturday, Iran carried out the 2012 death sentence of Mahafrid Amir Khosravi, a banker who along with his four brothers was accused of a bank scam involving $2.6 billion in 2011. According to the prosecutor, in space of two years, Amir Mansour Aria Development Co. bought 40 companies including a major steel mill, with forged letters of credit obtained from several banks whose managers they had bribed.

    No wonders, Iranian Islamists are hated by the western capitalist elites. There is nothing wrong in defrauding other people or bribing influential officials. For example, Jewish Casino billionaire Sheldon Gary Adelson 84 (worth $41 billion), who has most Republican leaders in his back-pocket.


  124. Kooshy says:

    Iran needs to emulate nothing from the west and she shouldn’t. End of the current road to western civilization is whee we are now, which is justification of material gains by destroying human and all our environmental values and valuables. That’s crazy and dumb, martial advancement is not the only and a just way to become prominent. Focusing on Farhang which supposedly encompasses a lot of those moral, cultural and earthly values is, and should be, more necessary to solidify Iran’s base to enter a new age and world reality in exchange to a rapid economic advancement without a cultural base of knowing what and where we are and what and where we want to go to. We must stay thinking Iranian values and valuables not the Brits or anybody else, or we become lost.

  125. Sammy says:

    @ All

    Gold price will jump over $1.350,– / ounce this week !

  126. Sammy says:


    U.S. Retail Economic Death Rattle Grows Louder
    Economics / US Economy May 26, 2014 – 06:47 AM GMT
    By: James_Quinn
    The definition of death rattle is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest. The person can’t swallow and emits a deepening wheezing sound as they gasp for breath. This can go on for two or three days before death relieves them of their misery. The American retail industry is emitting an unmistakable wheezing sound as a long slow painful death approaches….

    …Wal-Mart Profit Plunges By $220 Million as US Store Traffic Declines by 1.4%

    Target Profit Plunges by $80 Million, 16% Lower Than 2013, as Store Traffic Declines by 2.3%

    Sears Loses $358 Million in First Quarter as Comparable Store Sales at Sears Plunge by 7.8% and Sales at Kmart Plunge by 5.1%

    JC Penney Thrilled With Loss of Only $358 Million For the Quarter

    Kohl’s Operating Income Plunges by 17% as Comparable Sales Decline by 3.4%

    Costco Profit Declines by $84 Million as Comp Store Sales Only Increase by 2%

    Staples Profit Plunges by 44% as Sales Collapse and Closing Hundreds of Stores

    Gap Income Drops 22% as Same Store Sales Fall

    American Eagle Profits Tumble 86%, Will Close 150 Stores

    Aeropostale Losses $77 Million as Sales Collapse by 12%

    Best Buy Sales Decline by $300 Million as Margins Decline and Comparable Store Sales Decline by 1.3%

    Macy’s Profit Flat as Comparable Store Sales decline by 1.4%

    Dollar General Profit Plummets by 40% as Comp Store Sales Decline by 3.8%

    Urban Outfitters Earnings Collapse by 20% as Sales Stagnate

    McDonalds Earnings Fall by $66 Million as US Comp Sales Fall by 1.7%

    Darden Profit Collapses by 30% as Same Restaurant Sales Plunge by 5.6% and Company Selling Red Lobster

    TJX Misses Earnings Expectations as Sales & Earnings Flat

    Dick’s Misses Earnings Expectations as Golf Store Sales Plummet

    Home Depot Misses Earnings Expectations as Customer Traffic Only Rises by 2.2%

    Lowes Misses Earnings Expectations as Customer Traffic was Flat …

  127. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    May 25, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Re: Learn for learning’s sake

    Learning for the sake of learning is an admirable quality of an individual with the potential for being translated into societal gains.

    I take it that you are talking about traits of western individuals when you referenced this topic. Certainly, at the level of the US government support, data suggests that funding for “learning’s sake” is meager in comparison to funding aimed at technological development.

    In this light, it would be worthwhile for you to expand further. Is there any data that supports the contention regarding western individuals and learning? Is this correlated (and to what extent) with economic development? Social development? Western phenotype? Western genotype?

    I think you understand why I raise these questions.

  128. Smith says:

    Rehmat says:
    May 25, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    Stop lying. He was not a banker. The corrupt bankers, the politicians and high officials are safe. In fact the execution was done to safeguard them. They are safe and sound and the business as usual with the banks of Iran completely immersed in tarakom foroshi and Iranian law makers making sure the rents surviving into the 22nd century: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt5kagBlVV4

  129. Smith says:

    Sammy says:
    May 26, 2014 at 2:59 am

    Say tomorrow the US and EU economies go belly up, say even US and EU die completely with all their companies in ruin, will this make Iran’s problems go away? Will it make easier for Iranian patients get the treatment they want? Will it make easier for Iranian airlines to get airplanes?

    Cargo cult thinks so.

    Meanwhile let’s hear what Iranian economists are saying about Iran’s economy: http://www.nasimjonoub.com/fa/posts/14976

    What is being done to solve these problem? Any serious work? (Aside from cargo cult behavior and the exhibition of jealousy for the more successful others)?

  130. James Canning says:


    Surely you are aware a very large percentage of prisoners in the US is imprisoned due to minor drug offences.

    Regarding the neocons, to me the most important aspect is simply their programme of manipulating power levers in the US and other countries, to “benefit” Israel.

  131. fyi says:

    Kooshy says:

    May 26, 2014 at 1:45 am

    And pray tell me what new and effective medical treatments for atherosclerosis, diabetes, and cancer is Iran offering?

    And for the treatment of such common conditions as tooth loss or damaged teeth, what do Iranian dentists offer that is more efficacious than current treatments from Western World?

  132. Sammy says:

    Smith says:
    May 26, 2014 at 12:46 pm
    Sammy says:
    May 26, 2014 at 2:59 am

    Say tomorrow the US and EU economies go belly up, say even US and EU die completely with all their companies in ruin, will this make Iran’s problems go away? Will it make easier for Iranian patients get the treatment they want? Will it make easier for Iranian airlines to get airplanes?

    No Iran ‘ s probmlems will not go away of course and I agree with you….

  133. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    May 26, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    I do not know why you raise these questions.

    I suggest you do your own research and try to invalidate my assertions.

    You will fail.

    But do not take my word for it; go ahead and find out if there is any text in Persian over the last 250 years that deals with Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism with the same level of scholarship as the works of say, Les Philosophes did with respect to Islam.

    Search for a text in Persian that deals with Aesthetics at the level of late George Santayana or with politics at the level of the late Vico.

    And these are just human sciences.

  134. Smith says:

    As I had said, a while ago to an anti-science individual on this blog, Iranian cardiologists wait imaptiently for the next release of guidelines of American Heart Association. Without western medicine, Iranians would not live even half the years that they live now. And talking about dentists, already Iran has one of the highest DALY rates for oral diseases in the world (WHO report): http://www.who.int/entity/healthinfo/global_burden_disease/gbddeathdalycountryestimates2004.xls

    Without western sciences life would be one big misery.

  135. Sammy says:

    Amazing guy this J.W.Dean….


    ..The world has been watching the Neocon dream going up in smoke…their New World Order rendering the planet one large plantation to be shared among various political interest elites, banksters and gangsters, with the US leading the way. What the Nuremberg trials hanged Nazis leaders for, “waging an offensive war”, America shamelessly made the cornerstone of its foreign policy via the self serving reasoning that any other arrangement would be a threat to its security.

    This would be like a large city’s criminal gangs stating that because the police threaten their domination, they have to be eliminated as a “security threat” and the micro-nukes they have in their possession might have be used pre-emptively in “their defense”. Don’t laugh or think this is silly. This circular, self-justifying reasoning is common among criminals, including the political kind.

    Putin refuses to bite NATO’s Ukraine bait…..

    Is it about money? Of course.

    The evolution of one or more reserve currencies is a simple given one. It is only a threat to the party that seeks domination to have only… theirs. The West has completely undermined any support they would have had by so flagrantly using the dollar as a surreptitious financial weapon. No emerging economies without Western puppet governments could surrender their countries to such foreign domination without committing treason really. That is a big reason why Putin is the most respected world figure at this time, while Obama is jumping off a cliff.

    The West’s use of sanctions as a financial terror weapon is going down in history as hard to believe that such a self-destroying strategy could have been pursued by a government, even with minimal competency. But Gordon Duff has been getting Cold War era Intel drops that show leftover deep-cover penetrations during the Cold War by the Mossad and the Jewish Lobby fronts have played key roles in all of these 21rst century financial upheavals.

    The long term goal was the destruction of the American economy, and we find both the Bush and Obama administrations riddled with their operatives in many key financial policy positions. The State Department and its sanctions branch is just filled with the dual nationality you know who people…

  136. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    May 26, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Your reply maintains the ambiguity of the original question.

    Let me rephrase…

    There is no data to support the assertion that western governments have had a long term influence on “learn for learning’s sake”. There is ample data to support this in the case of US.

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt, you must be asserting that as an individual trait. Given that every human being is the amalgamation of a complex and competing set of traits, the question is: to what extent the expression of “learn for learning” trait has been influenced by economics of society?

    The level of scholarship has been lacking. Yes! However, there is no clear causal link to West/East Islam/Christianity…. My question is: where is your data that asserts that this is the trait of the individual and not the product of economic security?

  137. Jay says:


    There is ample data to support this in the case of US.

    should read:

    There is ample data to support the absence of a link in the case of US.

  138. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    May 26, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Yes, you are actually not arguing against my theses rather supplying support for it.

    The Western Civilization, from at least the 7-th century AD, has been one that has consistently and over centuries supported knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

    The Christian Brethren – between the 9-th to 14-th centuries – were engaged in a scientific research programme to understand the world according to the Revelations of Jesus and the commentaries thereto.

    This programme was not financially supported by the Church, it was a consensus.

    Significantly, the Brethren never invoked a Doctrine of Consensus – ijma’a – and continued on their questioning.

    This prorgamme failed in explaining the world and European thinkers then switched to describing the world.

    The desire to describe the world, in all its aspects, has been a constant thread in Euro-American intellectual history applied to all sciences.

    You can see that in texts published on all aspects of Sharia in German or English or French over the last 300 years – you can see it in the journal of Assyriology for example, and of course you can see it in Applied Sciences such as Engineering and Medicine and Dentistry.

    My school-mates who were studying Pali Buddhist texts or Arabic Philology were not motivated by the profit motive or desire to be spies for US Government. They genuinely cared to learn about these alien ideas and peoples and knew that at best they could have a modest living in an obscure college in US.

    The Israeli girl who was studying Hittites, the German one who was studying Islam – no one had induced them to do so.

    Is there anyone in Iran – male or female – who would study Judaism? Could she?

    Is there a journal of Ancient Iran published regularly in Iran?

    Are there any students of contemporary US or EU in Iran or in Turkey?

    Any such scholars?

    No my friend, Scholarship and Knowledge for the sake of Scholarship and Knowledge is not possible in Iran – that tradition has not existed for centuries.

  139. Sammy says:

    “”Sammy says:
    May 26, 2014 at 2:20 am
    @ All
    Gold price will jump over $1.350,– / ounce this week”‘

    When I wrote this 2:20 am , the gold price was exactly @ $ 1.291,–/ounce.
    In the evening it went up by incredible $ 30,- / ounce to $ 1.320,-/ounce and in a unbelievable sharp decline just dropped back to $1.290,–/ounce .
    Strange things are happening , if I have more clue , I will share it with the forum.

  140. fyi says:


    Not everyone in US is a jingoistic fool – or a courtier of the Mad King


  141. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    May 26, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    All right, now we are making progress!

    Let me assert that the essence of human trait, on the average, is independent of geographic location.

    Now, what essential factor, in your opinion, caused divergent paths with strength to persist over centuries?

  142. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    May 26, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    I have discussed this before; you can do your own research by starting from Pirenne’s Thesis.

  143. Smith says:

    Sammy says:
    May 26, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    You wont find any meaning in those numbers. Price of gold just like the price of any other commodity is a market compromise between the forces of want, speculation, resource scarcity and energy. Want is pretty much clear in the case of the gold. There is a finite amount of it on the market, therefore the speculation. There is a finite amount of it on the planet earth, therefore the scarcity and it takes a lot of energy to concentrate the gold from the crust of the earth, therefore its dependency on energy markets.

    If you are interested in non-fiat monetary value of the gold, then do not be. There is not enough gold on earth to sustain a growing world economy (because of its finite nature and not much usefulness in economic terms). The modern economy can only be run on fiat currency or at least theoretically on a currency based on energy (say one rial equals to one kilowatt).

  144. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    May 26, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    I am interested in what you have said before and I do not recall these posts.

    Thank you for the scholarly reference to Pirenne. I am less interested in Pirenne’s Thesis, however. Although insightful in its construction, the theory of Pirenne has a varying number of overstated claims – for example, related to trade and basis of economies of the time. Much of these overstatements have been refuted by now; significantly weakening the basis of his conclusions.

    I am hoping that you have something to add beyond Pirenne, but if the basis of your thesis is Pirenne, then I suspect that my rejection of Pirenne’s broadly overstated claims leaves little common ground.

  145. kooshy says:

    fyi says:
    May 26, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    If Iranians aren’t producing, developing all their scientific, and manufactured goods and needs it don’t equate to what you try to make your audience believe, which is “they don t have the mental capability to make and achieve what they need”. World history is based and made of commercial and inter nation (International) relations. To do trade, commercial and international exchange in between nation’s base on mutual benefit don’t mean and is not necessary for one to emulate someone else, like is your western idols.
    You know enough not to make a stupid statement like the one you made responding to my statement, but you and your AH warm up act constantly make this ridicules statements for the same old imperialist purpose of lowering and downing the historical and national Iranian sense of self-reliance and national pride. Unfortunately for you, since the time of Mr. Khomeini (and the sacred war) making Iranians feel incapable of achieving and advancing where they want and when they feel is necessary to be there no longer works (case and point the nuclear achievement), I suspect you left Iran because you felt useless since you no longer could make Iranians feel like second class non achievers, in this respect you haven’t achieved much for your beloved western masters. Developing and making everything one’s need and want not only don’t work, never worked is profoundly stupid thing to do.

  146. Richard Steven Hack says:

    Washington Post Seeks US-Patrolled ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria

    Still trying to get that war started…

  147. Richard Steven Hack says:

    Israel uses photo of Korean missiles in scare tweet about Hezbollah threat

    Still trying to get that war started…

    Also, note that the figure for Hizballah missiles is now up to 100,000, about a 100% increase over the usual figure…Nothing like shameless lies for an Israeli…

  148. fyi says:

    kooshy says:

    May 26, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    Look, outside of Tehran, you cannot do philosophy; who is responsible for creating the intellectual climate in which the study of ideas and knowledge cannot tolerated?

    The Americans are not responsible for that.

  149. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    May 26, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    His Thesis has not been significantly weakened; Axis Powers remain the source of almost all knew knowledge – both practical and theoretical – as well as new businesses, new machines, and new processes; i.e. the essential uniqueness of Europe – which was the essential consequence of his thesis – persists to this day.

    Look no further than the late Saint Thomas of Aquinas who dispensed with the entire emanationist doctrines of Islamic Philosophy while those doctrines lasted centuries longer among Muslims for ill.

    Or the germ theory of disease that was alluded to in the works of Ibn Sina but there was no one who built on that since the light of intellect became extinguished among vast tracts of Islamic Lands.

    Who was responsible?

  150. Smith says:

    Who is responsible for all the people driven out of their Iman and religion in an Islamic government: http://khabaronline.ir/detail/278038/weblog/jafarian

  151. Smith says:

    More batons will not work (it will only make more people under the rule of an Islamic governemnt to leave Islam altogether): http://www.khabaronline.ir/detail/303719/weblog/jafarian

  152. Smith says:

    When the flag of religion is used to attack scientific progress: http://www.khabaronline.ir/detail/327886/weblog/jafarian

  153. Smith says:

    ” این ضابطه در سطح دانشگاه‌های ما قرار داده شد بر این اساس که دانشجویانی که به خارج کشور می‌روند حق ندارند در آنجا پایان‌نامه‌ای راجع به ایران تدوین کنند با این نگاه که چنین کاری جاسوسی است این در حالی است که به دلیل آنکه دانشگاه‌های آنجا مرکز علم است و بسیاری از دانشجویان نخبه ما که عمدتا در چند مورد محدود دانشگاه‌های ما تحصیل می‌کنند به آنجا می‌روند، تدوین چنین پایان‌نامه‌هایی می‌تواند برای ما مفید باشد. ”

    Forget about doing research on Iran inside Iran. The cargo cult had legislated to stop Iranians doing research outside Iran as well: http://khabaronline.ir/detail/327775/culture/4940

    So much so for scholarship.

  154. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    When fyi makes statements like “you can’t do philosophy outside of Tehran” it shows his total ignorance of the state of higher education in Iran after the revolution.

    Maybe it also shows his bad intentions and stupidity.

    His “data” is an amalgamation of what was 30 plus years ago in Iran and his illusions currently.

    He says things like “Is there anyone in Iran – male or female – who would study Judaism? Could she?” without acknowledging what I once upon a time responded to him about how there are research centers in the Holy City of Qom- yes the mullahs- specializing in the study of religions- ALL OF THEM- including the necessary language instructions- Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic etc.

    The fact the he chooses not to remember my various responses or the fact he doesn’t know doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist shows his “irrationality”.

    Or maybe he’s just getting senile.

    In terms of bitch who stopped taking his pills and has returned after being bitch slapped on Goedel and mathematics- well I think the “data” clearly shows that Iran and Iranians are the nation with most scientific growth in the whole world.

    So I don’t really know what the fuck he keeps going on about.

    Maybe he’s bi-polar, has an inferiority complex or his a just a dick- or all these together.

    In the US he would be considered prime serial killer material.

    Yes if Iranians can be accused of anything historically it is “learning for learning’s sake”- which as a person who has spent most of his life doing this- I can tell you is highly overrated.

    I’ve advised young bitch go out and explore the world and work and gain some experience- maybe even get laid with a hot chick. It seemed he had done that, but it looks like he’s back behind the computer jerking off.

    In terms of old, retired fyi, he refuses to visit Iran- I even invited him and told him I would pay for his ticket- to actually see for himself his object of obsession and then make grand judgment and statements. In refusing to do this he well again, “irrationally”, refuses to consider data that might contradict his hypothesis.

    So much for scientific rigor and learning for learning’s sake.

  155. Jay says:

    fyi says:
    May 26, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 27, 2014 at 12:09 am

    The notion that governing structures dissuaded the learn for learning drive, or that “other” people are less capable, is unconvincing to me. First and foremost, the drive for learn for learning cannot be directly measured. The indirect measurements are often based on dissemination, publication, commercialization, etc. Being indirect measures, they are often confounded by many other influencers. That is why I opened my comments in an earlier post by asking for reasons that could explain the apparent discrepancies FYI was raising.

    When measuring an affect through indirect means, and without knowledge of the direct causal mechanism, it is important, in my opinion, to be extremely careful about the conclusion we reach. For example, based on anecdotal knowledge, I tend to believe that a great deal of learn for learning takes place in physical sciences in Iran -some of it remaining unpublished for various reasons. Bussed-in-Basiji suggests another example above – that a good deal of religious research is performed in the city of Qom.

    I would tend to think that a great deal more of learning is done in the non-western world, yet it remains undiscovered and underutilized because of the lack of infrastructure. The absence of the necessary infrastructure can be traced to many causes – economic underdevelopment, corruption aided by (neo)colonial powers, absence of an industrial base, … I find it difficult to see how these factors can reflect on a people or a culture as intrinsic factors.

  156. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    It is exactly as you say in terms the “invisibility” of much research outside the western world.

    This has to do more with issues related to publication and mass, global media dissemination than whether “learning” is happening or not.

    In this case, yes, western countries have a near monopoly.

    It’s interesting, PressTV has a show called “Land of Elites” where it shows Iranians- doctors, scientists- who are the GLOBAL leaders in their fields.

    Now when PressTV is taken off satellites and is not carried on cable in the US, fyi in the US and bitch in Tel Aviv can’t watch it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that even Iranian media don’t report it.

    Of course the solution is for Iran to build its own communication satellites- which- you guessed it- it is doing in a great display of “rational teamwork” between government orgs, research universities and private tech companies.

    But apparently we are genetically incapable of this, right? The way we were genetically incapable of building other advanced technologies- all of which we mastered without an iota of support from anyone.

    If we adopt fyi’s take on this it becomes clear that it is in fact the western elites who show a profound disregard for what is actually being studied, “learned”, researched and built by peoples around the world. He seems to consider obscure historical studies as the standard by which a researcher is to be judged- and his constant use of false historical analogies is evidence of this.

    As the SL said recently:

    “The enmity of our enemies is rooted in the resistance of the Islamic Republic against global arrogance and against the hideous habit of dividing the world into the oppressor and the oppressed. Other issues are excuses. Today, their excuse is the nuclear issue. One day, their excuse is human rights and another day, their excuse is something else.

    They want to discourage the Islamic Republic from showing resistance against bullies, thugs, blackmailers and global oppressors. Of course, this will not happen. The people of Iran have proven their capabilities in different arenas. The people of Iran have proven that one can make scientific and social progress and achieve international influence and political dignity in the world even without relying on America.

    The Islamic Republic has proven this and they are unhappy about it. The reason why they are angry is that a people have managed to solve their problems, challenge others and impose their presence and influence on them despite their opposition and enmity, without relying on global bullies, blackmailers and extortionists and by showing indifference towards them. They have become angry. Well, let them be angry. As our dear martyr Shahid Beheshti once said: “Let them die of their anger”.

    The people of Iran have chosen the right path. They have identified the right path. We have understood that we can move forward, become strong, open unknown and undiscovered arenas of human thought and knowledge and attract the hearts of nations throughout the world without relying on bullies and blackmailers. We have understood this and we have put it into practice. We will move forward and the enemy will fail.

    The majority of people throughout the world are with the Islamic Republic. Even those peoples whose governments are arrogant – those people who know the truth – believe in the Islamic Republic. They praise and hold the Islamic Republic in respect. The news empire of arrogance wants to prevent nations from knowing about the people of Iran. But today despite this, the eyes, heart and tongue of an important part of the world is thankfully filled with the signs of peoples’ belief and trust in and praise of the people of Iran.”


  157. nico says:

    Smith says:
    May 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    “You wont find any meaning in those numbers. Price of gold just like the price of any other commodity is a market compromise between the forces of want, speculation, resource scarcity and energy. Want is pretty much clear in the case of the gold. There is a finite amount of it on the market, therefore the speculation. There is a finite amount of it on the planet earth, therefore the scarcity and it takes a lot of energy to concentrate the gold from the crust of the earth, therefore its dependency on energy markets.If you are interested in non-fiat monetary value of the gold, then do not be.”

    Not true.
    The numbers show that the market is rigged.
    As explained in a previous post here, gold has a specific significance as it has been used as a currency for thousands of years all accross the world.
    Thus if the gold price in USD sharply rise, says ten fold in less than a year, it will break the USD credibility and generates a bank run.
    It is that simple.
    You know now why Gold market is rigged and why central bankers keep gold in theur coffers. To manage the value ane credibility of their currency.

    “There is not enough gold on earth to sustain a growing world economy (because of its finite nature and not much usefulness in economic terms). The modern economy can only be run on fiat currency or at least theoretically on a currency based on energy (say one rial equals to one kilowatt).”

    Who is stating that gold should become a currency again here ?
    That assumuption of yours comes directly out of your imagination.

  158. Richard Steven Hack says:

    The Great Western Gas Fiasco

    Directly relevant to the Leveretts’ post.

  159. Sammy says:

    “”nico says:
    May 27, 2014 at 3:19 am
    Smith says:
    May 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm”‘

    Very true nico and I was naïve in my assessment to see the gold price by $ 1.350,–/ounce this week as I had forgotten the satanic power of the Illuminati in NY and London , however as mentioned in my earlier posts , the whole world is virtually buying gold 24/7 , especially China , Russia , India , Iran and many others.
    Once the delivery of physical gold is halted for any reason , the gold price will explode and this will be the end of the USD , unless some ‘Aliens’ are catering endless supply gold to the vaults of the Illuminati :-)

  160. fyi says:

    Jay says:

    May 27, 2014 at 1:02 am

    Please produce that great deal of knowledge in the Western World; let us all be enlightened.

  161. fyi says:

    fyi says:

    May 27, 2014 at 8:21 am

    Please produce that great deal of knowledge & learning produced in the non-Western World; let us all be enlightened.

    Iran and Turkey both have excellent infrastructure – yet their scholarly production remains meager in comparison with Holland (let us say).

    A certain poster here, a Mr. Unknowm-Unknowns, once posted a .pdf here on Christianity from a library in Qum; 45 pages of shallow diatribe was the sum-total of the learning produced in Qum on Christianity.

  162. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    What this or that posted is not the “sum total” of what is being produced!

    Are that full of it that you don’t get it?

    Apparently you are “too smart” to understand this basic flaw in your reasoning.

    Not to mention the “hard science” and “applied engineering” being produced in Iran which you choose to ignore or downplay.

    If you dared to come to Iran, you could see for yourself if the “data” matches your grand hypotheses.

    You don’t have the balls to subjugate your illusions to empirical tests.

  163. Karl.. says:


    YEs Russia going to China I bet Russia tried to reach out to Iran too but got rejected.
    I might be wrong but if Iran thinks west will become Iran’s friend they are badly wrong and naive.

  164. Bussed-in Basiji says:


    Apparently the whole “indirect measures” thing went over his super-genius head.

  165. James Canning says:


    Many hundreds of companies in “the West” are keen to get stuck into the Iranian marketplace. They employ huge numbers of people, in “the West”. Those people will have a vested interest in promoting better relations between their countries and Iran.

  166. BiBiJon says:

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 27, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Perhaps some empirical evidence can be air-dropped if one had his GPS location.


    h/t WideAsleepInAmerica

  167. Jay says:

    Bussed-in Basiji says:
    May 27, 2014 at 10:56 am

    I did not see this earlier. Sorry! In the new thread posted by our host FYI stated that he is not interested in debating this topic. So, we dropped it.