Iranian Food: 10 Best Street Food in Tehran

Iranian Food – Street food culture in Iran is not exactly the same as complete food that you might find in other countries, but there are some very healthy choices to taste. What you try, however, depends on the time of your visit, because every season brings something new. This is the best local street food and snacks… Read More »

Two Weeks Backpacking in Iran is only $300

Backpacking in Iran – So Iran is not so much sightseeing, every city with other cities more or less the same. Only when it comes to people, is Iranian extraordinarily friendly. If they look so curious, don’t hesitate to say “greetings” they will reply to our words. We start Backpacking in Iran from 1. VOA is very easy,… Read More »

How Much of a Game Changer is the Iran Nuclear Deal? Flynt Leverett and Seyed Mohammad Marandi on RT’s CrossTalk

The University of Tehran’s Seyed Mohammad Marandi, on RT’s CrossTalk—click on the above video or see here and (YouTube) here—made an important point not widely recognized in American discussions of the Iran nuclear deal:  For the Islamic Republic, the main payoff from the nuclear deal was not, first and foremost, sanctions relief.  Rather, “For Iran, what was important was to have a peaceful… Read More »

What Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen and Iran’s Regional Strategy Are Really About

The World Financial Review has published our latest piece, “Saudi Arabia’s Yemen Offensive, Iran’s ‘Proxy’ Strategy, and the Middle East’s New ‘Cold War.’”  To read the article, click here; we’ve also appended the text (with links) below: Saudi Arabia’s Yemen Offensive, Iran’s ‘Proxy’ Strategy, and the Middle East’s New ‘Cold War’       Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett  Riyadh’s war… Read More »

The Book

An eye-opening argument for a new approach to Iran, from two of America’s most informed and influential Middle East experts Less than a decade after Washington endorsed a fraudulent case for invading Iraq, similarly misinformed and politically motivated claims are pushing America toward war with Iran. Today the stakes are even higher: such a war could break the… Read More »

Suppressing Reality-Based Analysis: Chomsky, the Leveretts, and America’s Iran Debate

Mainstream reaction to our new book, Going to Tehran:  Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, underscores some important realities about America’s Iran debate—and about the political and cultural obstacles to truly constructive change in American foreign policy.  Flynt addressed this point last week on “The Monitor,” a news analysis program… Read More »

Rohani’s Inauguration, Iran’s Political System, and America’s Strategic Suicide in the Middle East

Hassan Rohani will become the Islamic Republic’s new president this weekend.  In anticipation of his inauguration, Al Jazeera published our article, “Rouhani’s Inauguration and the West’s Strategic Suicide,” see here; we also append the text below.  As always, we encourage readers to leave comments on the Al Jazeera site as well as here.        Rouhani’s Inauguration and the West’s… Read More »

The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gasses & Matter

Exactly what is kinetic molecular theory definition ? kinetic theory, A theory of the thermodynamic behavior of issue, specifically the relationships amongst stress, quantity, and temperature in gases, based upon the dependence of temperature level on the kinetic energy of the quickly moving bits of a material. The theory makes use of statistical auto mechanics under the assumption… Read More »