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By | December 10, 2017

Paper Bag Floors – Is your old flooring carpeted in style or in dust, grime, and various other antiques of time? Improve it by removing any fraying, obsolete carpeting heap and also changing it with simple craft paper! This fascinating floor covering job has swept the blog writing world off of its feet with its abundant color and also marble-textured results– and also its economical, economical cost of only $100 products to equip a single space and then some.

Yet be warned: Without correct planning and also implementation, your paper bag floor experiment could wander off far from expectation. There’s no reducing corners on this week-long, hands-on project. From planning as well as preparation to completing touches, here’s the complete scoop on ways to attain lustrous, lasting paper bag floor covering.

Floor Preparation

Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors

The secret to success with a paper bag floor is to start with the appropriate subfloor. Brownish craft paper adheres ideal to– and also lasts lengthiest on– a plywood subfloor. (Home owners with concrete or vinyl floors could wish to reassess.) While good for dressing up most locations of the home, you could be much better off skipping this sort of coating in areas with excess wetness like the bathroom, at the very least for your initial floor covering job.

Before making waves in your repurposing task, exercise your paper application technique. A test run could conserve the time (and also the migraine) of later on discovering defective paper bond, irregular discoloration, or clouded polyurethane. Making use of scrap timber, your paper bag supply, discolor, as well as polyurethane, run through the floor covering technique described in the next section.

Once you feel emotionally ready, obtain your floor literally prepared by eliminating any type of existing carpet, pad, and staples to get to the surface under. Sand out the whole subfloor to remove aberrations, hammer in any sticking out nails, and fill and also sand openings. (It’s a good idea to vacuum up the remaining dust from this prep job prior to you bring in your adhesive.).

Paper Application

Paper Bag Floors


After the floor is prepped, tear and also crumple 6- to 8-inch paper heaps from a roll of brown craft paper (the material utilized in brownish paper lunch bags). Stay clear of extremely little pieces that could develop a chintzy, pebbled look rather than a sophisticated, faux-marble appearance.

Draw on a set of handwear covers and prepare a set of adhesive combination: 3 parts water to one component white school adhesive in a pail. Dip a paintbrush right into the adhesive combination, and brush it over a tiny area of the floor each time.

After that grab 5 paper wads to deal with each time, dipping each into the glue combination and also ejecting the extra. As when you repaint a floor, begin in the edge contrary as well as across the method from your departure to avoid papering on your own right into a corner.

Flatten as well as stick each paper heap to the floor, overlapping the pieces a few inches for an organic look. Use your paintbrush to smooth creases. Repeat this procedure till the floor is covered in paper, as well as completely dry the floor overnight. The next day, you can fix any elevated edges using a paintbrush and the adhesive mix.

Add A Little Shade

Paper Bag Floors


A glued-down paper bag floor looks much like you ‘d visualize– like lunch bags torn and also spread throughout the floor. The real faux-marbling magic happens when you generate an abundant shade and glossy coating. Prior to you unleash the fumes from your coulds of discolor as well as polyurethane, finest to open up any kind of home windows in the space for a little additional air flow.

First, load a paint tray with the oil-based discolor of your option to get to function. Take on the edge nearest the trim and baseboard first, “cutting in” utilizing a chip brush. To stain the rest of the floor without streaks, reserved the brush for a lambswool floor applicator pad.

Best are those attached to a wipe block at the end of an universal expansion post. Dip the pad right into the stain, blot out the extra, and apply the stain in large, sweeping strokes. After that allow the discolor dry totally at a moderate temperature level for at the very least Two Days.

After drying the stain, you’ll secure with numerous layers of a water-based, floor-grade polyurethane. Put the product into a paint tray and affix foam floor applicator pad (better for water-based surfaces) to your extension post.

Dip the foam pad into the polyurethane, blot out the unwanted, and also apply it with similar motions. After drying, use as several added coats as suggested by your brand of polyurethane. To offer your paper bag floor a show-room ready look, sand the surface after the very first and prior to the last coat.

Floor Care And Also Longevity

Paper Bag Floors

Sturdy paper bag flooring holds up rather well to normal quantities of foot traffic. Adventurous DIYers like Rachael of The Charming Crafty Home and also Ashley of Domestic Imperfection both share impressive success, confirming that this flooring task lasts anywhere from a few to a number of years if correct application and also upkeep are complied with. Dirt can discolor and also deteriorate it, making regular cleansing essential.

– Vacuum cleaner or mop your floor at least when a week. A homemade cleaner like a 50-50 service of vinegar and also water will certainly get rid of gunk.

– Guard the floor from dings by attaching really felt feet onto the legs of all your furnishings. Conversely, experiment with putting down carpets or floor coverings tactically to secure your floors from the ground up.

By shielding your brand-new floor from everyday damage, you could expand its life-span as well as appreciate it for years ahead!

How to Make Paper Bag Floors?

Paper Bag Floors

Peculiar Momma

Develop the appearance of a custom floor in no time at all with almost no expenditure! I did not create this method, you could find lots of references to it by means of a fast net search. Nevertheless, never ever, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think the end outcome would look like it does.

There are tons of variants you could do.

  1. You could discolor (or color) specific pieces of paper.
  2. You could make use of various TYPE OF paper (publication pages, photocopied pictures, the only limit is your imagination).
  3. You could utilize various other materials; fabric, tiles, whatever.
  4. By regulating the size and shape of your paper pieces, you can produce just about any type of look you want. Tile, rock, cork, et cetera.

Given that this is a standard découpage technique, you can utilize this on floors, furnishings, nearly anywhere. If you’re looking for a super-flush surface, you can omit the polyurethane and also use polymer material. (But, that would certainly be a different Instructable.).

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

You will certainly require:.

  • Paper Bags (If you desire a more uniform appearance, you can purchase rolls of craft paper. Directly, I suched as the look of collecting lots of various bags from different shops. It provided different variations to the final task.).
  • Polyurethane.
  • White Glue.
  • Water.
  • Tape.
  • Paintbrushes (The less expensive the much better, we do not require fine brushes for this task.).
  • ( Once more, the cat is optional, be prepared to sacrifice several of your paper balls to offer yourself some peace if you opt to make use of one.).

Step 2: Prepare Your Surface area

Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

I did 2 bathroom floors. Fortunately, these are both more along the lines of “water wardrobes” so the room was relatively small.

On the “taupe” floor, I eliminated the peel as well as stick floor tiles completely.

On the checkerboard floor (additionally peel and also stick) I could not get the ceramic tiles to come loose, so I reviewed the top of them. Luckily, they were not “textured” tiles as well as the process worked well.

So, either eliminate the floor tiles or not, after that tidy your surface. When all is completely dry, cover the floor in a layer of polyurethane. Now you are ready to start the laborious component.

( Pro Tip: DO NOT polyurethane the paper, it turns the paper “crispy” and also clear, and you don’t want that, simply trust me.).

Step 3: Preparation Your Paper

Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

If you have Tendinitis or Repetitive Strain Injury, enlist help. (I’m not kidding.).

  • Slit your paper into little items. I tried to make use of the items that didn’t have any print or had light print. (Make certain to place the print side down on your floor, unless you want it encountering up.).
  • Separate your items with straight sides from the items that are non-edged.
  • Place on a program, or a film, or better yet hit that entire period on Netflix you have actually been meaning to capture up on. (You’ll be below awhile, unless you could sucker in some minions. If you have youngsters, even better. I have actually found the cats and also the dog actually do not coordinate well when given jobs.).
  • Crumple every piece.
  • Straighten every item out and afterwards collapse it once again.
  • Align every piece out then collapse it again, just for excellent step.
  • Massage your hands, you deserve it!

Step 4: Remember Ways To Découpage?

How to Make Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

This is where the enjoyable starts!

  • Tape off your floorboards, counters, anywhere you DON’T intend to get messy.
  • Take your white adhesive and blend it 50/50 with water (right stuff from the faucet is fine) and also blend it well.
  • Utilizing a paintbrush, “paint” the rear of your initial notepad with the adhesive (découpage) mix. (Do not begin with the edge items, begin with the “floating stones” first.).
  • Position your paper where you want it on the floor as well as paint over the top of it with the découpage mixture.
  • Repeat till you have actually covered the floor, yet don’t have any kind of overlapping “rocks” on the floor.
  • Wait for it to dry.
  • When dry, offer it a coat of polyurethane.

( Notice the “structure” the crumpling gives the “stones.”).

( Once Again … Pro Tip: DO NOT polyurethane the paper, it transforms the paper “crunchy” and clear, as well as you do not want that.).

Step 5: Allow’s Do the moment Warp Again

How to Make Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

So, that thing you did in the last step, without overlapping? Now that it’s completely dry, overlap it!

  • Do not be shy with your adhesive mix!
  • Allow it completely dry.

Step 6: Make That Floor “shine Like the Top of the Chrysler Structure!

How to Make Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

Practically there …

  • Polyurethane your (now completely dry) paper floor.
  • When that layer is dry, do it again.
  • Then … When that layer is completely dry, do it once again.
  • As well as, maybe, simply for great step … When that layer is dry, do it again.
  • Maybe even again, particularly if you’re doing this in a kitchen or shower room.
  • Also, just ONE extra layer; well, believe me when I claim, it really wouldn’t hurt anything.

Yes, I understand I have more than one GREATLY straight-edged item right at the front of this photo. (Do not follow my lead, say thanks to goodness the floor mat covers it!).

Step 7: Step Back as well as Enjoy Your New Floors.

How to Make Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors via

Just some prior to and also after shots to offer you a better idea of the modification.

How Long Does Paper Bag Flooring Last?

Paper Bag Floors


First of all, I would love to state, I laid nearly 1000 sq.’ of paper bag floor in my residence, with success! PRIOR TO I also considered this task I researched like a crazy woman to discover any kind of helpful details I could. I searched for the common denominators that seemed to create a long-term, stunning, paper bag floor.

I was stunned when I came across this flooring suggestion. Exactly how could something so affordable turn out so lovely … and to be durable also …? I was encourage to see that some people had actually mounted their paper bag floor years prior …

there was also one lady that had her floors in for 17 years! Grace … since was serving the examination of time and also she also had her canines shuffling over them. There were lots of people that had them in for a couple of years and were really singing concerning how amazed they were with the outcomes.

I did review, in a few places, the recommendation to use a coat of Varathane on an annual basis to keep the sturdiness as well as conceal any type of scrapes that have been inflicted on the floor. I was impressed that I can simply slap a coat of Varathane on my floors to give them a remodeling.

For many flooring options, as soon as they are down … they are down. Unless naturally, take hardwood … you could sand, tarnish as well as secure; but I child you not, that is a dusty, unpleasant, huge job. Or consider circumstances laminate flooring. Several of that stuff swells with as high as a tear making contact with the grooves where the planks fulfill. There is no fast fix … that piece has to be replaced.

Certain … simply dissemble the floating floor to replace a couple pieces that your canine peed on or your young child cried on … grace. That is of course, if it isn’t glued with each other. Can you tell I’m not extremely satisfied with that said flooring choice? And afterwards there is carpet … yikes. It holds dust, dirt as well as who understands exactly what! You can obtain specialist cleaners ahead in to clean it once carpeting is put on … the pile just obtains flattened and starts to look outdated as well as used.

I need to say, my floors have been down for 2.5 years and they look great. It remains in a high traffic location where it is revealed to water and abuse of numerous feet. I’m amazed with how my paper bag floor is lasting … I think it has years left yet!

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