13+ Top Tourist Attractions in Iran, Memorable Destination

By | April 5, 2020

Tourist Attractions in Iran – As one of the developed countries in the Middle East region, Iran is still less prestigious than other countries such as Arab, UAE, Dubai. But, it turns out the calibration of a country that was once known as “Persia” holds a variety of natural beauty, and tourist attractions in Iran that are no less amazing you know. Nothing wrong if this year’s holiday season, you enter Iran as the next tourist destination. Want to know the list of locations to be visited?

Beautiful parks in tehran city

best Tourist place in Iran

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As one of the cities that is perfectly arranged, Tehran which is the capital of Iran is called the City of Thousand Parks, because there are so many beautiful parks that have their own characteristics. Starting from the Sa’ee park which is the oldest park in the city. Filled with lush trees of various varieties, there are also several species of animals that are given cages and are very well maintained, as well as a number of comfortable seats that are ready to be a place to unwind when you walk along it. Then Iranian Garden is full of beautiful flowers, Laleh and Mellat Park which are no less natural and will make you feel comfortable for long there

Carpet Museum of Iran (Tehran)

top Tourist Attractions in Iran

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Created in 1976, the museum is equipped with around 7000 book reviews on carpets. Many researchers have come to conduct research and utilize these books. You will also be spoiled by hundreds of carpets in all rooms, with original designs from the Middle East.

Culinary tour of vakil bazaar shiraz

top Tourist place in Iran

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Besides being known as the center of literary civilization, the city of Shiraz is also very famous for its diverse culinary tourism in the Vakil Bazaar region. For those of you who like to eat, certainly will not miss a variety of appetizing foods. Starting from kebab, which is indeed a typical Iranian food, but in Shiraz, the combination is very complete and makes your tongue dance. Then there is a food called faloodeh that must be tried, made from frozen vermicelli that is given Shiraz’s special syrup. In this area there are also instagramable selfie locations, one of which is the hallway that connects Vakil Bath and Vakil Mosque, with the feel of a tall, ancient building with beautiful lighting.

Golestan Palace – World Heritage Site

10 Tourist Attractions in Iran

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Still in the city of Tehran, for those of you who like history, it will be very important to visit the palace during the heyday of the Qajar dynasty. The palace which was built in 1524 is surrounded by a fort, equipped with beautiful swimming pools, as well as a very magnificent architectural building in the style of the middle east of the 19th century, has been renovated several times, with a blend of European Victorian decorations, while still maintaining the historical value of the Islamic caliphate of antiquity. Nothing wrong if in 2012 UNESCO established it as one of the world heritages.

Isfahan Music Museum

recommended Tourist Attractions in Iran

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One more tourist attraction in Iran that is very worldwide is the music museum in Sifahan City. Built in 2015, the museum consists of seven sections, each with its own characteristics. Starting from the special room of Iran’s national musical instruments, there are also special rooms of musical instruments from every city in Iran, there are also musical instrument instruments, to cafes with distinctive music.

Isfahan Waterfall (best destination)

best Tourist Attractions in Iran

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The natural wealth of the City of Isfahan is also accepted by the world, it is not wrong if this city is referred to as Iran. Some of the beautiful natural attractions are the Niasar and Semirom waterfalls, with their unique shapes.

Muharram & Ashura Festival in Yazd City

Tourist Attractions in Iran


Every year, in the city of Yazd there will be an Ashura festival to commemorate the death of Imam Husain. Today’s glory because it is complemented by the tradition of patting his chest while singing the story of how the priest killed. In addition there is a special red fountain at Ashura celebrations in this area. Almost everyone is involved in this annual annual festival, supporting you one of the things that happened at a special moment in the city of Yazd.

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque

It can be 150 years old, but its charm is still irreplaceable, so that’s the first impression you will get when you visit the Shiraz City Icon Mosque, which is also referred to as the “Pink Mosque”. Colorful mosaics produced from the walls and glass of buildings outside the mosque, resulting in a very beautiful pink reflection in various corners of the mosque. Difficult details on this ornamental building, certainly makes you wide-eyed in amazement. Plus a number of niches inside the mosque make it very distinctive. As a result there was never a single day the mosque was empty of visitors.

Old City of Yazd, top Tourist Attractions in Iran

top Tourist destination in Iran

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One more typical tourist sites of Iran are some old cities that save a lot of history without having to be told. Yazd City’s Old City is one of them. Here, almost all buildings are made of red earth, with ancient architecture with many alleys and mazes that are simple but rich in meaning. Residents are still implementing old habits, ranging from how to move, to eating. If you are a lover of photography, interesting places are very easy to get here. So be prepared with the best camera when going there.

Saadatmand Crafts (Qom Technique)

Tourist place in Iran

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Hunting for souvenirs from Iran, it doesn’t hurt if you visit the City of Qom, discussing Saadatmand Craft, which presents typical Iranian souvenirs, most of the unique stones that you can order to produce rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Actually there are still many tourist attractions in Iran that are interesting to explore, but more than 13 destinations above can be a reason why you should come to Iran, right? Now all you have to do is set your departure date, and get ready to leave for Persia Middle East, for meaningful travel memories.

Shemshak Ski Resort

best Tourist destination in Iran

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For those of you who like to ski, do not forget to stop by the Shemshak Ski Resort located in the Alborz Mountains in Tehran City. Its location is the third widest in Iran, still very natural, with beautiful stretches of snow and unique ski routes.

Tomb of Saadi in shiraz

Tourist destination in Iran

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In Shiraz City which is the sixth most populous city in Iran, you can visit a number of spectacular and unforgettable tourist attractions in Iran. One of them is the tomb of the most famous writer in Iran, Abu Muhammad Muslih Al Din Bin Abdullah Shirazi or known as Saadi. This domed building is in the form of a pavilion, where the walls and roof are filled with literary poetry by the maestro, one of which is titled Golestan, which is worldwide. This building also has a typical Middle Eastern architecture with a beautiful dome, and certainly will not make you satisfied to continue to look at it.

Zoroastrian tower of silence yazd

Tourist Attractions in Iran

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The next destination that must be included in your list of visits when exploring tourist attractions in Iran, located in the City of Yazd or about six hours drive from the center of Tehran City, you will find a desert tourist attraction equipped with a dome and tower of sand on the hill. In ancient times, this location was a burial place for zoroastrian worshipers. Their bodies, will be placed on the top of the hill, and left until the meat-eating birds devour them until they run out. The view of the sunset at this location is also very beautiful, and not to be missed.

Tourist Attractions in Iran

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