70+ Unique Coffee Tables Styling Ideas For Your Living Room

By | December 20, 2017

Unique Coffee Tables – We deal with coffee tables as a point of need. It’s something you place in front of the sofa to be able to place your coffee, television remote or book on and that’s the end of the story.
Nevertheless, we sometimes fail to remember that a coffee table can in fact bring the whole space with each other, it could add some flare, highlight the colors you desire and also general surprise you with its performance.

There are lots of one-of-a-kind coffee tables to choose from, Whether you are searching for uncommon coffee tables, rustic, classy, modern and even old-fashioned ones, we’ve obtained you covered.

Distinct Coffee Tables You Could Buy:
Below we have actually assembled our impressive listing of our favourite trendy and unique coffee tables that you will quickly wish to put into your living room.

The concern is which one you will choose?


1. Golden Branches Unique Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables

This coffee table is so stunning it kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Yet in all seriousness, the golden minimalist branches stacked together and also boosting the glass table top just make it look so sophisticated and also pure. It would certainly look specifically excellent in a well-lit light space. Or in any type of area for that issue.

2. Creation – Creative Coffee Tables

unique wood coffee tables

Whatever your stance is on the film Creation, you need to confess that it was and also still is one of one of the most visually spectacular motion pictures around. The city-bending scene was currently sufficient to take your breath away. So when it involves unique wood coffee tables you can not fail with the Creation one.

3. Twisted Iron Tree Root – Rustic Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

When searching for unique coffee tables you can not go wrong with the one similar to this. The complex layout of a tree origin combined with the toughness of iron offers it a nearly wonderful picture. You wouldn’t even be stunned to this table on the set of Video game of Thrones.

4. Seraphina White Lift-Top Coffee Table

white coffee table

This is a most incredible mix of allure as well as feature. Using white makes it an instant eye catcher and also enhances its contemporary appearance. The large storage area is topping on a currently yummy cake.

5. Woodsman Axe – Wood Coffee Table

wood coffee tables

This is one of those odd coffee tables that is performed in such a beautiful and accurate way that it kinda begins to make sense. Why not replace the table’s legs with axes? It definitely makes this coffee table a celebrity of any type of guy cavern living space. It would certainly look wonderful in a out-of-town cabin too or even a modern apartment.

6. Hemisphere Soho – Round Coffee Table

round coffee table

Now this is definitely a great instance of just what enters your mind when you consider distinct round coffee tables. This handmade table is shaped like fifty percent of a round as well as looks extremely rustic and also modern-day at the exact same time. It will certainly add a particular charm to any type of space.

7. Midcentury Angular Table

wood coffee tables

With some great coffee tables you never recognize whether they belong on a collection of a s drama or in the newest IKEA directory and that’s terrific. This coffee table incorporates both retro and also contemporary feelings as well as its gorgeous angular shape will look excellent in any kind of minimal room.

8. Madilyn White Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

This ultra-modern coffee table utilizes a superb job of contrasts– white and also brown, wood as well as glass– to stimulate great deals of aesthetic passion. It is simply the excellent size and adds the convenience of visible as well as hidden storage compartments.

9. Crates Unique Wood Coffee Table

unique wood coffee tables

This is for those of you that are searching for imaginative coffee tables that incorporate the appearances with a pinch of resourcefulness and also a dash of organizing area. This rustic coffee table looks very one-of-a-kind and also provides you every advantage in the space-saving division.

10. Transparent Side Trays – Glass Coffee Table

glass coffee table

Why stress over around what color will look great in your room while browsing countless remarkable coffee tables? Simply go with this transparent one. It looks exceptionally awesome and smooth, has side trays for keeping light analysis there and will make you ignore the color concept policies.

11. Parametric Crawler Table

rustic coffee table

This is just one of one of the most distinct coffee tables for sale around. Just look at its gorgeous flowing shape that still continues to be geometric in the best methods of parametric design. If you desire something more than a generic coffee table than this set will certainly also serve you as a piece of art worthy of displaying.

12. Wellington Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

The superior streamlined style of this contemporary piece is highlighted by the generous use geometric allure. The glass top permits an excellent screen and the material option guarantees remarkable top quality and also durability.

13. Lord Of The Bands Map Table

unique coffee tables

This cool coffee table will make any kind of Lord Of The Rings follower squeal in joy and excitement as it features a map of Middle-Earth sculpted right into it. It looks exceptionally awesome and also beautiful. Now you could invest hrs simply examining this artistic map or clearing up geographical conflicts with various other fans of the franchise.

14. Unique Coffee Table Fish Tank

glass coffee table

Unique coffee table concepts usually entail combining a coffee table principle with something unanticipated, like an aquarium, and also it works out remarkably. This coffee table has all the filters your fish could need as well as it will certainly not even be disrupted that they’re living in a coffee table. Fish resemble that.

15. Africa Shaped Coffee Table

rustic coffee table

This stunning three-legged coffee table is formed like the continent of Africa as well as has been handcrafted with utmost accuracy and treatment. As a matter of fact, if you need any persuading that it’s more of a masterpiece than a table, just check out just how incredible it looks when placed on a wall surface.

16. Scotch Barrel Coffee Table With Storage

wood coffee tables

If you’re searching for distinct coffee table, s after that this is the appropriate one for you. This coffee table is made out of a genuine recovered oak barrel as well as it will certainly look exceptionally awesome in a cabin or lodge before a fireplace. For colder evenings you could save a couple of coverings in it too.

17. Starlight Creative Coffee Table

round coffee table

Simplicity is nitty-gritty on this very imaginative and enticing coffee table. The star-inspired pattern creates a sense of elegance as well as will certainly offer an instantaneous facelift to your space of choice.

18. Unique Coffee Table With Pocket Drawers

unique coffee tables

This lovely coffee table has pocket side drawers that enable you to keep whatever stuff you could need nearby. But even if it really did not have those, you still need to confess that this coffee table itself looks very stunning, specifically the combination of light brown and also chrome shades.

19. Touchscreen – Glass Coffee Table


If you’re continuously having problem with those tiny electronic keyboards on many mobile phone and tablets, after that I feel you. However what would you claim, if the solution to your problem was an electronic coffee table? This is bound to have the buttons huge sufficient!.

20. Actual Tree Origin Round Coffee Table

unique wood coffee tables

Speaking of tree origins, it’s been a leading pattern in the one-of-a-kind coffee tables style and it truly is easy to understand. There’s something captivating in such raw a rustic piece of inside that really feels solid and also strong. Incorporate it with a living-room that predominantly features white and also gray colors and also you could easily be looking at a photo in a catalog.

21. Jeddo Round Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

Contours will never ever head out of design and also their use on this coffee table creates a stunning result. This combined with the innate beauty of chrome will certainly illuminate your area as well as easily support you up.

22. Batman – Unique Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables

You really assumed we would certainly be talking about outstanding coffee tables without discussing Batman? Yeah, you would think that. However the moment this coffee table emerged it was evident it had to be on the list. Do you assume Batman has the very same one in his Batcave?.

23. The Red Balloons Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

As far as unique glass coffee tables go, this one is the coolest and most adorable you have ever before seen. The glass table leading seem it’s being pushed off the ground by red balloons as well as it makes you immediately consider “Up!”, doesn’t it. Or you might simply start humming Red Balloons, whichever you like.

24. Amboise Dual Lift-top – Unique Wood Coffee Table

wood coffee tables

As if this strong timber table is not outstanding enough through its excellent appearances, it features an astounding quantity of storage room. The lift top alternative offers unlimited possibilities for setting up multi-course dinners.

25. LED Lighting Dice Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

If you’re seeking stylish coffee tables that will not also look fantastic but will certainly additionally have included performance, after that below it is. The style of this coffee table complies with the recent pattern of easy layout integrated with raw wood engraved with resin. However it additionally features LED setup that can load your area with beautiful colors any time.

26. Lockheed Metal Wood Coffee Table

wood coffee tables


This special coffee table has been influenced by the same aircraft that Amelia Earhart was flying on her last flight. However even if you really did not know that, you could generate your very own interpretation of this table’s layout. It’s attractive smooth form as well as symmetry certainly make your creativity run wild.

27. Beavin Round Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

This is the utmost declaration piece for your living room. It is constructed of hammered aluminum and polished to a mistake to guarantee instantaneous eye appeal, making it an outstanding focal point regardless of the area’s motif.

28. Modern Swivel Unique Coffee Tables

glass coffee table


If you’re seeking one-of-a-kind coffee tables that look streamlined as well as modern and have some hidden functionality in them, then consider this one. This easy as well as classy table contains three degrees as well as you could turn the leading one to suit your needs.

29. Koi Fish Mosaic Creative Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

Imaginative coffee tables that showcase mosaics are definitely bound to brighten up your room, no question there. This attractive coffee table could be used both inside as well as outdoors as well as can be tailored to match your requirements. It will absolutely look fantastic in a yard.

30. Selma White Coffee Table

white coffee table

This modernized appearance blends perfectly with your contemporary set up as well as is an instant magnet thanks to the X-bases. It showcases lots of area under the table top and also makes use of a mix of timber and steel for top-tier aesthetics.

31. Nintendo Controller Unique Coffee Tables

unique coffee tablesSeeking outstanding coffee tables? Ow about this great coffee table that is made to look like the famous Nintendo NES controller? So if you do not want your coffee table to be dull as well as “just there” take the one that actually makes you happy and flaunts your character.

32. Transforming Creative Coffee Table

unique wood coffee tables

Now this is just one of those distinct coffee tables that will be a true lifesaver in a small apartment. Apart from being a coffee table, it could also serve you as a workdesk or a dining table. Just change it right into one in two straightforward activities.

33. Comic Book Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

If you’re a comic book follower you will absolutely not be opposed to having a coffee table that showcases all your favorite scenes and also occasions from your beloved concerns. Uncommon coffee tables are the ones you can review, right?.

34. Mccool Round Coffee Table

round coffee table

The most effective component regarding antique pieces is that they never head out of design thanks to their rustic attraction. Inspired by a cabin charm, the impressive piece arrests interest instantly as well as blends with any kind of offered history completely.

35. Delicious Chocolate Mosaic Old-fashioned Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

Special rustic coffee tables do not typically come furnished with lovely mosaics but this does. The table itself is constructed out of reclaimed that has marks as well as scratches for the antique appearance. The ceramic tiles made use of in the table have lovely brownish shade mixed with gold streaks that quickly makes you consider delicious chocolate.

36. Audun Glass Coffee Table

glass coffee table

The toughened up glass top along with the elegant bent bottom makes it a sparkling addition to any kind of room. It is both attractive as well as practical with a lower shelf that can create an outstanding display screen phase.

37. Vintage Trunk Rustic Coffee Table

rustic coffee table

This is among those trendy coffee tables that will certainly look incredible despite where you put it. It’s shaped like a vintage trunk and supplies you storage space underneath the cover. No doubt, Amphibian Scamander would have liked this coffee table and maintained some of his monsters in it.

38. Cassette Wood Coffee Table

wood coffee tables

You most likely did not anticipate funny coffee tables bring you a wave of nostalgia. However if you still remember what a cassette is and also miss fiddling with it to rewind it, after that you are mosting likely to enjoy this coffee table.

39. The Waffle Unique Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables

There’s no better food compared to morning meal food also when it serves as an ideas for uncommon coffee tables. Yes, practically this coffee table is motivated by a building idea of “waffle slab”, yet we, plain people, are simply mosting likely to imagine regarding warm tasty waffles while considering this table.

40. Stone Wood Coffee Tables

creative coffee tables

These unique coffee tables look both cute as well as stylish if that’s even possible. Shaped like a stone this coffee table offers you with a great deal of storage area underneath the table top. Such coffee table would look especially trendy positioned outdoors, which you can do many thanks to its weather condition resistance.

41. Belafonte Round Coffee Table

white coffee table

This natural style on the walnut table top and chrome legs produce a sense of continuity that will enhance any type of living space. And also with the distinct space underneath you never again need to lose the remote control.

42. Kidney Formed Driftwood Coffee Table

rustic coffee table

If you’re searching for lovely coffee tables, after that exactly what can be more luring than a raw twisted shape of driftwood integrated with vulnerable glass? The sleek dark timber of the base of this coffee table also adds some style to this piece and the kidney-shaped glass makes it stick out among generally rounded and square coffee tables.

43. Polygonal Glass Coffee Table

glass coffee table

You most likely really did not expect one item of glass to act as a coffee table. However in this case, the glass has been shaped into a polygonal that strongly depends on a ground and also looks definitely splendid as a coffee table.

44. Steampunk Unique Coffee Tables

round coffee table

Steampunk design can make every little thing special, even straightforward coffee tables could suddenly end up being outstanding coffee tables when made according to ideal practices of steampunk. This coffee table combines steel and glass. Lit up together with an Edison light bulb they produce a spectacular picture worth admiring.

45. Raccoon Unique Wood Coffee Tables

unique coffee table

Currently, whatever your stance on raccoons is, you have to admit that this adorable coffee table definitely benefits from looking like one. It just looks so charming and fun that it will certainly look wonderful in any type of baby room and even living space. And also, you get added storage room and that’s constantly good.

46. The Azure Void Table

creative coffee tables

This table is somewhat bigger compared to various other special coffee tables that get on this list yet it looks so incredibly lovely that we couldn’t not include it. It looks as a person has managed to merge water and sand together into one coffee table developing a spectacular piece of interior.

47. Unbalanced Tree Origin Wood Coffee Table

unique wood coffee tables

What separates this gorgeous coffee table from various other comparable tree origin one is its unequal shape. It’s the Rorschach test of coffee tables and it’s definitely spectacular start with its shape as well as finishing with its amazing shades.

48. Masuda Nesting Round Coffee Tables

round coffee table

Trying to find space-saving furnishings suggestions with a classic appeal? The Masuda nesting tables are merely perfect mixing feature and eye charm in one remarkably simple design that can fit essentially any kind of area.

49. Black And White Nintendo Pad Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

If you’re not a follower of coffee tables that look wood, but still wish to have an incredible coffee table in your room, after that right here you go. This coffee table certainly generates some color and also will absolutely place you in a video gaming state of mind every single time you walk past it.

50. The Hammock Creative Coffee Tables

unique wood coffee tables

Yeah, it’s here just as a result of the pet cat. Kidding, joking. The table itself is a straightforward and stylish furniture that has a wicker hammock below the glass top. It could offer you as a rack or as a new home for your pet cat.

51. Contemporary Oval Glass Coffee Table

glass coffee table

If you’re looking for unusual coffee tables up for sale aka practical cost, after that have a look at this. It certainly does look distinct as well as modern-day with its oblong form as well as fascinating base. It will look incredibly awesome in a roomy living-room.

52. Football Betting Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

This cool coffee table gives you a chance to position some bets on the game you’re watching with your friends on the TV. The style of this table is similar to the standard craps table as well as it likewise comes with chips that make putting bets a lot more compared to easy words.

53. Rustic Modern Storage Space Coffee Table

rustic coffee table

If you want a coffee table that looks both modern-day as well as rustic, after that exactly how around this light wooden table. It looks innovative and straightforward yet it likewise supplies you with added storage room when you raise the top of the table.

54. Driftwood Unique Coffee Tables Base

wood coffee tables

There’s something so captivating and impressive about this driftwood table that you can not even take your eyes off of it. The linking shapes provide it a distinct as well as natural feel and also will certainly look terrific in any kind of space. You can count that this coffee table base will definitely be a conversation starter.

55. Equine Coffee Table

If you desire an unusual coffee table that has even more material to it and also less minimalism then possibly this steed coffee table will match your preferences. Simply check out this mighty stallion. It will definitely add some course to your living-room.

56. The River Wood Coffee Table With Pebbles

wood coffee tables

It’s seldom that you stumble upon one-of-a-kind coffee tables that can also be treated as a piece of art. Yet this set certainly looks extremely creative and intriguing as it incorporates numerous items of wood that together appear a river has actually been going through it leaving behind stones and one-of-a-kind patterns.

57. Square Rotating Oak Rustic Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

At an initial glimpse, this is a simple square coffee table that will certainly look fantastic in any type of living room. But it’s in fact constructed of layers that you could revolve as well as make use of for maintaining your tea or publication close by. It resembles having tables in one.

58. Rock Base Glass Coffee Table

glass coffee table

When you were searching for uncommon coffee tables you possibly did not anticipate something similar to this one. The boldness of this table sort of smacks you in the face. It’s a harsh rock that has been somehow incorporated right into a coffee table as well as remarkably it looks enchanting.

59. Windy Branches Coffee Table

white coffee table

Despite the fact that it’s still this is one of those unique coffee tables that somehow look vibrant and also packed with activity. The solid forms that the steel has actually been created into make this coffee table seem it’s constructed out of branches that battle non-stop strong wind.

60. The Kate Unique Coffee Tables

creative coffee tables

Rose gold is the brand-new black as well as the Kate coffee table pushes this concept for all its well worth. The special abstract form appears like a web page out of nature and the selection of chrome makes it an outstanding conversation piece.

61. Recycled Oil Drum Coffee Table

creative coffee tables

In a million years you wouldn’t have guessed that of the most unusual coffee tables below is in fact a recycled oil drum. It contains stunning imperfections and it looks absolutely sensational. Do not stress, it’s additionally covered with food safe finish, so it will offer you well as a coffee table.

62. Ford Flathead Engine Coffee Table

glass coffee table

If you love autos, then you’ll possibly love one of one of the most special coffee tables such as this one. It features a Ford engine that has actually required tons of job to look as it does. The combination of metal as well as glass only adds even more appeal to this table.

63. Belafonte by Wade Logan Round Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

The moderate mannered design on this table disguises an entire world of functionality below. Rotate the swivel top to take a peek right into the comfortably compartmentalized areas that allow you to maintain the room clutter-free with excellent simplicity.

64. Circuit Board Coffee Table (Unique)

creative coffee tables

The style of among the most uncommon coffee tables has actually been motivated by a circuit board, but the true magic of this coffee table is in its capability. It’s equipped with a container owner, an area for hanging wine glasses or even a flower holder and also candle light holder. So amazing!.

65. Ayden Round Coffee Table

round coffee table

Do not be tricked by the tiny size of this minimalistic coffee table; its rotating layered design offers even more area compared to you would anticipate while at the same time giving it an unique allure that makes quite a statement.

66. Weapon Cupboard Unique Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables

Unique coffee tables are the ones that can surprise you and also this set absolutely has the ability to do just that. Intend to feel like a secret spy? Stash your weapons in this coffee table and you will definitely feel both much safer and cooler.

67. Pink Cypress Tree Trunk Coffee Table

wood coffee tables

You could consider such uncommon coffee tables constructed out of a tree trunk as strange or gorgeous. It refers taste. However this one stands out many thanks to the pinkish color of the timber used in it and also will absolutely be an interesting enhancement to any individual’s living room.

68. Sound Pong Chalkboard Coffee Table (Creative )

unique coffee tables

This coffee table doesn’t just serve you as a, well, coffee table. The chalkboard surface area enables you to make use of it with chalk. When you’re tired of attracting you can turn it right into a ping pong table and also isn’t really that cool?.

69. Burled River Coffee Table – Unique

creative coffee tables

This unbelievable coffee table is designed by enthusiastic furniture manufacturer Greg Klassen, it showcases a slab of solid mable with hand cut blue glass inlaid to represent a streaming river as well as polished off with a silky smooth coating, Stunning!

70. Sumo Wrestler Coffee Table


Ok, so we needed to include this sumo wrestler coffee table in our list of trendy coffee tables due to the fact that we feel that this is absolutely unique.
So Exactly what do you believe?

I wager you cannot choose which one-of-a-kind coffee table you would certainly choose for your very own living-room now, either way, I’m sure you could value the cool and innovative coffee table makes showcased below and also the work that has actually entered into producing them.

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