Two Weeks Backpacking in Iran is only $300

By | April 3, 2020

Backpacking in Iran – So Iran is not so much sightseeing, every city with other cities more or less the same. Only when it comes to people, is Iranian extraordinarily friendly.

If they look so curious, don’t hesitate to say “greetings” they will reply to our words.

We start Backpacking in Iran from

1. VOA is very easy, just bring your passport. Later we are asked to buy insurance, insurance prices are adjusted to the duration of stay in Iran. For 1 month it’s $ 16.
Whereas VOA costs $ 51 / £ 45.

2. Exchange money at Imam Khomaeni Airport is better, located on the 2nd floor at the departure gate. $ 1 = 35,700 rials.

3. From the airport I did not find the cheapest way to get to the city center. Taxi 750,000 rial or 75,000 tomans. If you read Wikitravel Tehran, there are applications like Uber. Can check the name on wikitravel. While from the center of Tehran to the airport the price is 45,000-50,000 cheaper.

4. In some places there are lots of cold drinking water containers, so don’t forget to bring bottled water!

5. The price of mineral water is 1,000 tomans or Rp 4,000

6. The price of junk food in a normal store starting from 3,000 can already get food called nutmeg, a kind of dish at Subway. In addition there are burgers and pizza.

7. Food in restaurants is average, if I do, it runs out of 15,000 tons -20,000 tons. Iranian bread is delicious, for me who doesn’t like bread, eating Iranian bread is amazingly delicious. The menu that is easily found is Kebab. Iranian kebabs are different, aren’t they rich in Turkey? But Iranians also learn kebabs from Turkish people.

8. Iranians also like to make tents, in some areas pairs of tents are allowed. During the day too many people sleep in the park. It could be an inexpensive alternative.

9. I use an Irancell simcard, the price of the sim card is 10,000 tomans. There are packages that are specifically tailored for travelers as needed. So it will be deactivated after reaching a certain duration. There is a more reliable simcard owned by the government, the signal is better. Irancell has a lot of breaks, even catering is difficult. Purchase of refills can be stored in the daily needs

10. The best time is May, but I think October is the best. The air does not make me greasy, not even bathing, it looks OK. Don’t forget to bring a lip moisturizer. I feel how chapped until when the lips form a letter O or when I want to smile, the pain is tolerable.

11. Because I am traveling to coincide with Ashura, it must be noted that on 11-12 Muharram many shops are closed. But the hotel is still ok. Ashura itself occurs in the month of Muharram, the month of the Islamic calendar.

12. Chouchurfing, just try who knows success. For the most part, most people are successful. But the good thing is now that this CS application has an update facility to find friends to hang out. It’s also good to use it, especially if you want to find or feel something really local. Until I was invited to a place to eat which is a favorite of Iranians outside the city.

13. Most Iranians do not like the government, they don’t even hide their dislikes, especially since the previous president was called …

14. Iranian is also a stylist and modern, beautiful and handsome. The girl is clear, the guy is hairy. Ha ha ha ha

15. Bus terminals in Iran are good, bus companies are ok. They look professional. The price is cheap again. There are normal and VIP buses. The difference is in the comfort of the chair.

16. The road in Iran is really smooth, if you buy a car easily, it looks like a really exciting roadtrip. Oh yeah they drive on the left. So if you are taking a tour or something, sit on the right side.

17. The toilet is also spacious and mostly squats. Lots of free restrooms. If you want to squeeze, you can take a bath in the toilet.

18. When eating, they like to hold a small plasticizer to store food on it. So most of the food is on the floor while sitting.

19. Air Asia x from Kuala lumpur to Iran that round trip will be given free food. Rice plus meat with drinking water. Then before landing also given meal in the form of pizza and water.

Ok lets talk about route

1. Tehran – Esfahan

From the Airport directly to the bus station. Shared taxi with friends is cheaper. At the bus station directly buy a ticket to Esfahan for 20,000 tomans. The distance is only 5 hours. In Esfahan my friend can be hosted so stay 2 nights free. lets Backpacking in Iran

2 days 1 night is really quite at Esfahan. Some tour tickets are required to buy a ticket. Usually not much different between 20,000 tomans. Want it good, just ordinary, really good price is not much different.

Eating in front of the Imam square mosque there is a very handsome restaurant, I pay around 20,000 tomans.

don’t forget to try breyani, there are some restaurants that only sell this food. Very good, especially enjoyed with friends and family in the park.

Esfahan looks like a modern city. The pedestri is really nice, wide and shady with trees. So cute. This is also a cool government, the water is usually just distributed along the roadside ditches to water the plants, so be careful if stepping on the ground because it can be slippery.

Just look at the houses in Iran, in their yard they like to provide a box for the trees to grow, even though it is like a desert country, but instead I am comfortable with the weather, huh. Hahahahahaha but I don’t know if it’s hot in the extreme.

2. Esfahan – Shiraz

The price of the VIP bus is 30,000 tomans, normal is 20,000 tomans. The trip takes approximately 5-6 hours. Can take a bus at 11 pm. At that time I left 8 pm, arrived 4 am. Enter the terminal again looking for shelter a few hours.

I stayed at Nehyae Boutique Hostel. Wow, the breakfast is amazing. If I’m not mistaken that night’s dorm was $ 10, it’s better to pay using profit even more.

Shiraz is a big city too. I went to eram garden 20,000 toman.

Go to Persepolis using cheaper local buses.
From the local terminal there is a bus to Marvdast city for 2,500 toman. Continue to taxi 10,000 tomans for both of them. I met a Chinese girl who when asked where she came from, she would say from other space, to anyone. He also doesn’t want to say his name. The person was quite supple, until finally because of him we also met with other travelers and joined the tax returns back to Shiraz. I just found someone who really dare to bargain, anything you want cheap, do not have a response and social media.

We ate at Vakil Restaurant, the kebabs are really delicious and the prices are cheap. Besides that, in my hostel there is also a restaurant, but it is rather expensive.

My hostel is unique, so it has several parts in one area. So if you want to go to the part of the room I have to go in the alley first.

Then there is a fortress, if you go inside pay 20,000 tomans. I entered but regretted that not much could be seen.

The rest I went around in the bazzar …
In Shiraz 2 days 1 night is enough.

3. Shiraz – Kerman

The bus ticket is around 20,000 and the distance is 7 hours. Kerman is famous for his pistacio, now don’t forget to buy and go for a walk while chewing on these delicious beans, I really like the salty ones. 250 grams costs 10,000 tomans. Cumin is also famous in this city.

I visited during the peak Ashura ceremony. So don’t say celebration, but ceremony. The city is very quiet. Rich city is dead. Some people dressed in black were seen struggling at the door, apparently they were queuing up to get free food.

I tried to approach the interesting places, it was a long way to meet Swiss women, we walked together and often communicated with residents, until we also managed to get delicious free food, the intention to ask where the restaurant was open, but instead got food.

10 days in the month of Muharaam before Ashura, many sudden saung2 provide free tea, sometimes dates and cakes. Do not hesitate to hang out with young people there or say hello. They are very enthusiastic.

We go to Mahan City, outside Shiraz to see a beautiful garden and a mosque. It turned out that the garden was closed, but the mosque was not. Lots of people in the mosque. In the afternoon we return. Initially, we denied that if we set a 60,000 rate for return. This woman forbids me from paying, but I don’t want to. I pay half. When the hotel arrived, the taxi driver asked for a double, around 120,000 tomans. We were so annoyed. This is a chaotic language.

this switzerland woman also finally took me on a tour that she had paid for from her country. I joined because there were no more ideas in a lonely city. We left the next day at 9 paginke Kalut Dessert 185 km from the city. Yes, the dessert is good. We also visited the old water reservoirs, the unique area that was recognized by Unesco a few months ago, and the flow of old underground water.

I will pay about 50,000 tomans for lunch. Because yes, I don’t feel good at all and am also entertained.

I stayed at Milad Guesthouse, for my room there are 2 mattresses without an en suite bathroom. So it’s a bit difficult, the price is 30,000 tonnes per night. For the three and a bathroom in 60,000 tomans. The owner is very friendly but yes the guest house is pathetic. Hahahha lets Backpacking in Iran

From the inn to the bus terminal it’s only 5,000 tomans.

The terminal in Shiraz at night is cold, there is fast food upstairs. Pretty cheap, only 4,000 tomans. A child keeps following me, asking for a photo.

4. Kerman – Yadz

Yadz is a tourist city, I don’t really like it. It turns out that lodging is also expensive, on the travel wiki the info is cheap but not so. I stayed at the Silkroad hotel, for a dormitory of 500,000 rials. Heh stabs his dorm. The bathroom is outside and also a bit far. But the mattress is comfortable even though it’s already drenched.

In Yadz, I no longer wanted to visit tourist sites. Just arrived at the inn in the morning. I chatted with other Spanish people who had wonderful experiences in Indonesia. We talked a lot. He will take a one day tour. After that, the guide offered me, okay? So I took a tour that I didn’t know was what tour.

The tour is 50,000 tomans. Quite far indeed, we go to another city. I was in the car together with Singaporeans whose faces were very Indonesian-like. We went to various interesting places, saw the old city of the people in the silk road, then we went to the place of fire worshipers on the mountain, then to the water catchment area again. Only the top Kerman.

I bought 2 beautiful scrafts for 40,000 tomans.

It turns out that we make free lunches, even though rice is a vegetarian dish.

After that I walked 2 unclear wrote. Eat ice cream, play with kids.

5. Yadz – tehran

It takes 10 hours to use the bus. Vip buses are 39,000 tomans, whereas normal buses are 29,000 tomans. Reminds at 8 and arrives at 6 in the morning. I was looking for a hostel, crazy all the way. Even though there are buses like the busway, the route is just straight. In addition there is a metro and pay one way 1,000 tomans, if you buy a return that is cheaper, do not reach 2,000 tomans. At 10 I just found a hostel. It’s called Persian Hostel.

I’m surprised there are many cheap lodgings, not including the name of the lodger. 4 places were visited and all were zero or full. This hostel is very close to the metro. I rested for a while and when I was going to hang out, I asked someone. Initially asked the receptionist, uh finally he made me realize that his flight was the same as hers. I almost lost my ticket. Because my ticket had to fly on 17 at 12.45 am … So 45 minutes after the 16th. I even thought the next day … So I only had half a day left to go to some interesting places on Tehran. What the hell

I whined asking for a discount on lodging fees because I checked in, we agreed with 50% discount. For dorm, the price is $ 15. Then I pay 27,000 tomans.

Then I went with a hongkong girl to enjoy the city, to azadi square where the icon of Tehran was found, to a wall with many anti-American murals, then to the bazzar and closed by eating kebabs in the restaurant. I paid 51,500 tomans.

Return to the inn, take a shower and wait for a taxi. We met 3 Indonesian people who wanted to go home too. Finally we chatted.

I was also entertained by the Hong Kong woman, she was confident, funny and fun. He tried a lot of communication with local people, learning a little local language with a pronounce that made him laugh. Because of him, I am not missing flight.

After that we go to the airport and it is his turn to pay a 50,000 toman taxi. At the airport more exciting again, meet another traveler with a Chinese face. I also talked a lot with Iranian women who studied aquaculture in Penang. Ahk he exclaimed.

Now that’s more or less like that, later my writing will be fixed again, hhehehe
Not perfect, because many are asking about Iran. So I wrote improvised.
Be thankful we are still free to visit other people’s countries, even with many conditions. It is really difficult for Iranians to see other countries.


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