20+ Gaming Room Ideas To Highlight Your Hobby

By | January 6, 2020

Gaming Room Ideas | Creating an exclusive room for your hobby is pretty much every gamer’s dream. Showcasing your love of the game can be in many different approaches.

From displaying all your beloved games characters, creating a man cave, to designing your room as if a spaceship full of high-end tech.

From simple to the most grandeurs genius designs, your options are almost endless. Put your love for games, and get some inspiration from these 20+ gaming room ideas.

Game Rooms Design Ideas To Show Your Gaming Passion

1. Showcase your consoles

Showcase your consoles

Showcasing your love of gaming is never wrong with this idea. It uses a very simple and traditional approach where you put all the consoles and get them around your room.

2. Bed and game! Choose one!

If you cannot separate your sleep and game time, then jam-pack your gaming setup in your already existing bedroom. It is not only for gaming but also comes with extra comfort.

3. gaming and office fuse

gaming and office fuse

Another room fuse that is worth is this office and gaming room. Get the little corner for your office, but spare half of the room for your game console and comfortable sofa.

4. Simple gaming corner

Simple gaming corner

The gaming room doesn’t have to be full of colorful LED and high tech computers. This little gaming corner will be perfect for the minimalistic monochrome aesthetic lover with a small space.

5. fancy wire

fancy wire

Consoles cables can be headache-inducing at some point. But this idea will create a certain appeal to your gaming wall room and make it look futuristic.

6. Living gaming corner

Living gaming corner

Gaming room ideas can fit and match your existing room. Just like this idea that fuses the living room with a simple corner 3-monitor gaming setup. It also uses LED light to add ambiance.

7. Simply a Tetris

Simply a Tetris

When you love a game but decide to make it atmospherically, then adopting the game aesthetic can be fun. Just like this room that uses the colorful Tetris block to add fun in the area.

8. Ultimate gaming room

Ultimate gaming room

This gaming room is for those who are dedicated gamers. All the aspects from the atmosphere, design, techs, furniture, decoration, and the lighting shout out Game!

9. classic game lovers’ room

classic game lovers’ room

Showcasing old pinball games and some Star Wars characters make this idea appear like a museum. But it also shows how the owner maximizes the room and its function.

10. street art game cave

street art game cave

Street art adds colors and displays the fun of gaming activities. Just like other gaming room ideas, this design is completed with game consoles and some chairs for a fun multiplayer session.

11. basement is the best

basement is the best

The basement is the best location for the gaming area. It is vast and isolated. Adding a massive LED screen with a projector and a billiard table, make this idea appear expensive and regal.

12. All gen gaming room

All gen gaming room

You can display your long love of gaming with this quirky idea. It is not only the console and the games, but this room also displays the older generation of TVs to play the older games.

13. décor to the fittest

décor to the fittest

When you have decided on the designated color for the room, you can create this amazing idea. It comes with some decorative pieces that accentuate your love of gaming and PC setup.

14. dedicated room

dedicated room

With some creativity, you can transform a small room like this into a dedicated game room. Not only with the gaming setup, but you can decorate it with a matching futuristic spaceship aesthetic.

15. underneath your bed

underneath your bed

If many gaming room ideas need a dedicated area, this room design is pretty simple with the gaming set up right under the upper bunk bed. Match the color fixture to make it look epic.

16. Corner gaming master

Corner gaming master

Limited room is not a hindrance. In this case, optimizing the use of corner space can appear as epic as this picture. Match the color, add décor such as pictures or figures to make the corner alive.

17. playing with color

playing with color

LED fixtures play a massive part in this idea. You can match the color with your dual monitor, keyboard, and your room design to turn this small area into a pro setup.

18. Epic massive Nintendo Switch

Epic massive Nintendo Switch

Adding a bit of fun in the dedicated area will make your room stand out. Just like this massive DIY switch design that matches well with the colorful collection of action figures in the room.

19. girlie girl gaming setup

girlie girl gaming setup

Admit it that many girls love playing games. For you girls, use a pink color pallet for your room and furniture. Add a pro console, and it won’t lose with other gaming room ideas.

20. Gaming tech

Gaming tech

Most boys will love a darker set of tones. Just like this room that comes with a black main hue and a striking white to add an accent. It appears professional and also cool at the same time.

21. epic man cave

epic man cave

This man cave is perfect for all the entertainment. The pool table, the widescreen LED screen, and the old pinball machine are perfect for adult gamers that enjoy some me-time.

22. extensive gaming area

extensive gaming area

It’s extensive- it’s expensive. This picture has all the high-end gaming technologies. From the setup to the racing chair, this room is perfect for the “game, sleep, repeat” type of player.

23. green blue and stone

green blue and stone

The green and blue hues make this design appear light and fun. Along with the white and black furniture, you can tell that the owner did the best at creating an appealing gaming area.

24. massive collection

massive collection

When you have uncountable collections, you can choose gaming room ideas that have tons of storage. Like this picture that arranges all its treasure on the shelves to hang on the wall.

Those are some of the ideas that you can choose. The main idea of those designs is to create space and showcase your hobby in gaming.

Most of the ideas are flexible. It means you can decide whatever your preference is and match with the existing room you already have. Interested? You should try it at home.

All images are taken from many sources. If one of these images are yours, feel free to contact us and claim your image. Thank you very much.

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